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Too much unhealthy exposure of female singers these days?


Female singers have been seen becoming more bold and lascivious in their dressing on the stage lately.

From suggestive and provocative fashion designs worn on stage till fashion malfunction and undesirable exposure during the course of the choreography, all these have gone up to the top of news page of late.


Most recently, we have member HyunA of 4Minute was spotted wearing a minidress too short for her comfort on stage. The dress kept going up during her performance and she was seen constantly pulling it down.

There was even a video uploaded on Youtube on 19th September showing all the different clips showing such exposure of HyunA during various performances.

HyunA’s representative came out to say after the incident, “Underneath the skirt, she did wear safety shorts.” But netizens don’t buy it, “The problem is the shortness of the dress, underwear or safety shorts they are supposed to be worn underneath”, “This is really too much for a young minor to have her under shorts exposed and wear such clothes.”

And then previously, WonderGirls SoHee was also criticised for wearing sleeveless and short hot pants during the group’s Bangkok concert. Netizens have voiced then, “This is too wild for a high school girl” etc. There was also this instance where SoHee had worn a minidress and done a sexy dance performance, and netizens voiced again, “We hope that singers of such tender age do not undergo too much exposure.”


Last month, on Mnet ‘2NE1 TV’, 2NE1 youngest member Gong MinJi (15) was seen wearing a pair of leggings with prints of CareBears in provocative position. This caused an outrage amongst TV viewers to see such a young singer like MinJi wear such a fashion. Fellow member Sandara Park was also seen wearing the same prints.


And last February, member ChaeRin (21) of Brand New Day experienced a nipslip from the tube dress she was wearing while performing on KBS Music Bank. Her company then came out to say, “There was no nipslip. She wore underwear underneath, it only looked like she exposed her chest.” Netizens have voiced out then, “Recently there has been no end to exposure cases”, “Is this just noise marketing?” etc

There was also this incident where member DaHam of group Foxy also experienced exposure of her chest when her bra strap came off during the performance. After that, the incident was the #1 searched on Korean portal sites.

Member Nam GyuRi of group SeeYa also experienced the same incident during ‘Big4 Concert’ in 2006, and also singer solo Ayoomi during her performance on one of the music shows.

64 Responses

  1. yes, I really don’t agree with this too much exposure of their body parts. SM is the only one who’se aware of this type of rules. Though you see SNSD going sexy but there is no such scandal , even Fx, they have the best fashion among the rookie girl groups this year. If you talkabout T-ara, they have the worst fashion…

  2. I’m younger than Hyuna, but not by much.
    This has nothing to do with the artists but the stylists and their pick of concepts.
    I will add though that Minzy’s pants were not chosen by a stylist and Minzy and Dara CHOSE to wear them on tv.
    I feel like Sohee thinks she has something to prove in the group and she doesn’t like doing aegyeo. Her performances were decided by her and JYP so idk.
    I don’t like that people are saying that Hyuna was trying to pull a Bom, cuz Bom’s dresses aren’t any better and don’t flatter her at all. I can’t stand the way they dress Bom.

    • agree

    • oh kiddo shut up!!!!
      Minzy’s wore that leggings after their perfo in a music program. Have you watched the 2ne1 tv, they all wore tha same clothes while filming.
      and for Dara, she did not chose that pants to wear during her visit in Ph, of course thats what their concept outfits so she would wear it. And the stylist CHOSE it not them. OK! KID u got that!?
      and if YOU cant stand watching BOM so turned off ur tv and close ur eyes. u sh*t!

  3. hyuna has a nice legs.. i envy her….(T^T)

  4. HyunA always do expose her body…
    Which make many people don’t like her…
    So nothing really new bout thiz issue!!!
    N she got kicked off from wonder girls bcoz of thiz problem also!
    Sohee n minji…I think they just want make some news bout that!!!

    • stupid rumors.she left wg because of health issue -__-
      and no, she doesn’t expose her body, just her legs.but duh.you can’t blame her, that girl is gorgeous.

  5. But I kinda agree with netizens on this, I’m still a teenager but I fell extremely uncomfortable watching underage girls wear such revealing clothes on stage while performing sexually provocative dances….I mean if it’s hyori, chaeyeon or after school…it wouldn’t be such a big deal cos they’re adults…

  6. netizens should suck it up and stop being all bossy and grumpy, they’re female singers and we’re not in the freakin 1800s anymore where females weren’t allowed to show skin. –‘

  7. […] source: kbites […]

  8. anyways, its not like they directly mentioned it was the stars fault.

    Like with Sohee, “This is too wild for a high school girl”. That comment was a fact and it was more out of a CONCERN for Sohee, but the comment was not “Why did Sohee choose to wear that!?” They did not say that Sohee decided to wear that outfit.
    Or here “This caused an outrage amongst TV viewers to see such a young singer like MinJi wear such a fashion.” Yes, viewers were outraged to see Minji wear penis-bear pants. But that sentence did not imply that they were upset at Minji herself, nor any implications that they believed Minji was soley responsible.

    ““There was no nipslip. She wore underwear underneath, it only looked like she exposed her chest.”” They are just stating what they saw, but there was no implications that, by that sentence, they were blaming her for it.

    ““The problem is the shortness of the dress, underwear or safety shorts they are supposed to be worn underneath”, “This is really too much for a young minor to have her under shorts exposed and wear such clothes.””

    Where did they state that they blamed Hyuna? (It’s the opposite, aren’t they showing concern for Hyuna?)

    ““Recently there has been no end to exposure cases”” That’s just a comment stating a fact there this IS a lot of news regarding slips.

    And I’m sure people are just fustrated to see young idols bearing everthing – but that does not mean they are upset at the idols themselves and see them directly responsible for it.

    From what I’ve read, no one is directly bashing or targeting idols. So before some of you guys get un-needed stress… ❤ ❤ ❤

  9. bangkok concert?
    that was like

    and well,
    netizens are like god. they started to comment on something and it will just ruin it all.

    is it the idol to blame? *sigh*

  10. Whoever make them (netizens) the dictator of how a person should live their life? It’s those black sheeps among them that ought to be shot. Period.

  11. why do korean still wear bikini then? its just a panties, at least she wears it.

  12. if the netizen want to bash about idols improper clothing just go to their repective agency. because that agency management is the one repsonsible for creating the idols’s image. including deciding what kind of clothing should they wear.

    clothing for photoshoot and for stage performance are different. wardrobe team should know this already. gosh, unless they’re indeed trying to make some improper ‘noise’.

    clothing malfunction is not only happening in K pop scene. but it can be prevented. as for those underage idols that had been in this helpless situation, I can only feel sorry for them for enduring the shame on the stage.

  13. I’ve seen worse.

  14. Honestly,some of the young female idols tend to wear really really short and tight skirts and pants these days..Im not gonna say who but I think its okay because as long as they wear safety pants underneath,its safe but I think sometimes,the safety pants is too short…That’s my opinion..
    Korea is a very conservative country but I dont’ like how the netizens are commenting on everything the celebs do and wear..These singers have contributed so much to the music industry and they’re the reason why K-Pop is so popular across Asia these days..Its not like those female singers chose to wear them..Its the company who tells them what to wear..or maybe its just the concept..=)
    Wth is wrong with the netizens these days???Most of the K-pop stars are suffering because of them..Korean netizens are indeed the scariest netizens ever!

  15. i would have to blame the sytlist too and not the artist
    if the artist really had NO say in what they wear then its not their fault…
    you can see by the way she was dancing that she was not confortable in that dress..
    i dont think the dress is that bad [livin in the US i see girls around like that all the time =.=] to wear out…
    just not a smart choice to be dancing in… =/

    as for strap snap… if it snapped then it snapped nothing more you can do about it at that point…
    the sylist/artist just has to make sure they are PROTECTED UNDERNEATH!!!

  16. korean girls expose WAY too much leg… from the hot shorts, to mini-skirts, to short dresses… they get this from entertainers. seriously, sometimes you can be in gangnam and apgu and you can’t notice the difference between celebs, regular girls, and prostitutes!

    THAT needs to change…

    • y’know you’re right. i was soooo happy that bom wore those long pants for their goodbye stage a while back. sooo happy. and she looked really nice wearing them too. i mean, short shorts are nice to look at once in a while. but when it’s in your face like that all the time til you can barely tell the difference between short shorts and your undies, then hell we should all walk around in bikinis.

      i’m not blaming the artistes themselves or anything, but dressing appropriate for minors is definitely a thing to stress for their stylists. like for srs.

  17. Im sorry but if Korea thinks what their stars wear is bad….then they must think the US female singers are complete whores.
    I guess Im not really offended by some of these outfits cuz I’ve seen WAAY worse slutier clothes here in the US.
    Some of these are accidents (though yeah they should have seen the Hyunah one coming) and I dont really see Minzy’s outfit that bad since kids I know where that stuff all the time, just regular kids.

  18. ignore what the netizens says..no offense. Really come on…they did wear safety shorts.That is the purpose of wearing them.Whats the use of them if u dont wear them? might as well u dont wear the safety shorts if they say there is no difference.Its not like they expose it in a..really too much wah.Just legs? no any other parts.Sometimes it is the stylist fault not the artist.Not even a fan of 4minute.Really unfair to just blame them.

  19. I dont think all of these girls should be blamed for this issue especially nam gyuri ,DaHam and Ayoomi I mean its not their fault that shoulder straps snapped I dont know about the others but ive seen nam gyuri incident in youtube and the girl was trying so hard to cover her breast with her hair and I find very sick that some of Netizens suspected that nam gyuri did it in purpose so she can get attention… I think the stylist and their managers showed be blamed more for this issue not the artists

    • should

    • And the Ahyoomee thing, the only thing that “slipped” was her stuffing rofl. One fell out so she left the stage in the middle of the performance to take them both out and came back to finish the performance I thought it was funny. It didn’t even expose anything…

  20. netizens are so powerful, they could make idols lives like hell…omg, this is too much., idols are humans too.

  21. definitely noise marketing in some of the cases

  22. What about SNSD and their GENIE outfits? SLUTS.

    • true!

      • The marine outfit is a concept..
        It’s the same for every girl group, they did not pick their concepts…
        Don’t blame them…
        And it’d be silly if they go with a marine concept wearing the full long pants, boots, at least they didn’t go in short skirts…at least they don’t don provocation leather tight-fitting clothes with holes everywhere or tight-fitting mini dresses, the shorts are also practical for they make dancing easier, and it fits the leg dance choreography, if you realize they do not go with the marine concept for “Etude”..

    • I won’t go to the point of sluts but their skirts/dresses are short.

    • their first song with the high kick choreo that exposed their underwears is much more disturbing.. and they were so youngg

      • They had their safety shorts on…

      • safety shorts or not, they’re still exposing themselves. Who the hell wear ‘safety shorts’ if they’re gna show there thing anyway? Kicking in the air, wearing short shorts exposing half their butt cheeks. Safety shorts is basically an underwear. I dont even know why they call it safety shorts.

        And plus hyuna’s ‘supposebly dress’ is not even a dress, it looks more like a top, with the short length. If the stylist is trying to pull a ‘park bom’ with the short skirts/dresses, please please let the girls wear it right at least park bom doesnt expose her safety shorts and doesnt look awkward dancing in short dresses.. If they were in the U.S. no one would care even if they show there asses and expose their boobs, but THEY’RE IN KOREA. KOREA I REPEAT!!!! With overreacting netizens!

      • Their Into the New World outfits were like Tennis uniforms.
        That’s how the shorts are made. The skirts are short for being able to move quickly and the shorts are there to guard. My sister’s tennis uniform for her school isn’t much different.

      • @tingtingting: LMAO, bom doesnt look akward dancing in a short skirt.lmao, your bom can’t dance lool.
        how can u compare bom’s dance and hyunah’s…LOL.

      • i agree with juilth..
        park bom can’t dance.
        she really does look awkward when she dances.
        but ‘i don’t care’ dance isn’t too hard or powerful to reveal much.

      Shortshorts + chopstick leggs jk 🙂

    • all snsd members are of legal age already. hyuna, sohee, and minzy aren’t.

      • the leg kicking thing…looks more like tennis shorts…
        and the leg kick wasn’t meant to be sexy, it’s more like energetic…
        so what do you want snsd to wear to dance? track pants for every album?
        they are normal girls who are holding onto this chance to fulfill their dreams..
        it’s easy for us to watch them perform, but it’s a profession nonetheless, and it takes hard work..
        however objective you may think you are, please make some sense…
        bashing is lame, no matter which group you are targeting…
        sorry, not targeting you tornasunder…

        people who are over worked up over such exposures should just stick to documentaries, watch animal planet or something…
        i’m sure if they are to expose too much it’ll be warned before the shows, you’d have realized some shows provide prior age warnings, like ‘not for those below 15’ or something…

      • i;ve always wondered, what is this legal age crap people talk about??
        Like, legal age for what??
        To be sexy?? Because that’s definitely something stupid to have a legal age for.

    • they’re all legal..cant u see what netizens said..it’s too young for them\..calling people slut? O.O…pathetic

    • now, now… no need for all that. we don’t need drama here.

    • this is the asia culture
      when i go to school if i dont fold my skirt
      im considered preppy or uncool
      therefore they r not sluts ok
      every girl group already used a short skirt so no fan
      of any group can say a thing!!
      what about kara s Hara?
      we all saw the videos there was a smiling covering her underwear….
      plus concepts and clothes the artists wear
      its not something they choose
      especially soshi they have 9 members
      do u think its easy to pick clothes and if they dont like they will say it.?….of course not it takes 2 long to find other clothes… so if they dont like they have 2 wear it anyway
      and they r wearing shorts in genie…u caant see the underwear…
      and the skirts have pins….u r just an anti lol
      and pplus whats so wrong in girls groups showing their beautiful legs?
      is it so wrong to have nice legs?
      i rather love k singers that show legs than some
      from others countries that doesnt wear underwear or make sex tapes -.- or even sing about sex and drugs…..
      here in japan almost every girl use mini skirts
      ….they look more like belts 2 me -.-
      anyways….i think they dont have what 2 write about and pick on the girls…..what they dont see is that they r trashing their own music…tsc tsc

  23. Hyuna is a Park Bom wannabe…she’s really trying to get noticed. Am sure she would’ve noticed that it was bad for her to wear that dress even before performance.

    • somehow i do agree with jingy..

    • Well, does she get much choice in what she wears??
      I would blame her stylist and not her personally. Maybe it’s her stylist trying to make her a Bommie wannabe.
      Although Hyunah is sexy all by herself, she doesn’t need short dresses to look sexy on stage.

      I do think the stylists should be aware of how old the girls they’re dressing are….If they’re beyond 18 then I think it’s okay as long as the girls are fine with it but not to the extent that their nipples or underwear show lol

      I find Minzy’s “incident” to be hilarious. The carebears thing was just ridiculous and I’m glad her stylist chooses suitable clothing for her performances because she’s like jailbait. She can dance so provacatively it would make matters worse in netizen’s eyes if she started dressing like Bommie xD

    • but hyunah is sexier than park bom~ and you should blame her stylist, not hyunah. can’t imagine any artist said “no i won’t wear that i won’t go on stage with that”. hyunah especially since she’s been dying to debut =__=

    • wth.why would she want to be like park bom?
      first park bom is plastic, then it’s not the only person who wears short short skirts.really wtf?
      hyunah already has a name in kpop. she doesn’t want to be bom who’s as, or less famous than her.wtf.

      • bom is not plastic… T_T
        she’s the same as now

      • artists>stylists.
        What’s wrong with saying yu dont wanna wear something like that? atleast put on leggings…jeez.Everyone blames the stylists when there’s something wrong with the outfit. Hello~!!!! doesnt artists get the say on what they can wear too? as long as it matches the concept they are representing then sure, they can change their outfit..gosh,.

  24. Minzy’s one is not considered exposure, its the care bear that expose itself………compare to the rest, we cant even see a thing from minzy………. DOTS

  25. why do reporters rely on netizens’s comments to make articles?the media is so messed up. netizens said this and then that.

    I don’t see US journalists taking youtube comments and making articles.

    • I totally agree with you. Actually I’ve been wondering about it for quite a while. Everything I read in Kpop articles would mention netizens. Up until Jaebom incident, I really wonder who these so-called “netizens” really are. *sorry to include unrelated topic*

      It’s as if these “netizens” decide everything on how the celebs should act/wear/sing/dance/pose/eat/behave/date…etc…

      • They are pretty much the people online (like you and me) who post their thoughts online on sites and threads, etc.

        It’s just that their thoughts have more impact because they are directly involved. Companies might care less about what we (internationals) write in this site because.. to them, we don’t affect them as much. Koreans in Korea… well, they affect viewer ratings, whether they decide to watch a show or not. Fandom, name chants, support for an artist… etc.

        So if netizens don’t like something, they may slow down in support for an artist. But that can’t happen. So companies will try to appease them, or apologize, or etc. Theres never, “We don’t care what you think. I will stand by my own style and do whatever I want.” Or if there is a duet, a person will say “I was worried what the fans will think, or if I would get antis.” So again, they worry about what fans/netizen will think. So netizens have influence.

        The problem is, netizens are not really in fault. Over the past years, they post their feelings about a certain topic, on theres never been someone (of enfluence) to put a limit on that. So netizens get upset. A company/singer/actor will apologize. So netizens get their way in the end, and they are use to it being that way. So you can’t blame netizens being the way they are.

    • this is very much what defines the korean ent news media.. the netizens having a huge say about certain issues..

      and many times many issues revolves with netizens opinions.. (look at jay’s case)

      they take the comments on various discussion forums and noticeboards..

    • Are you kidding? Even Cnn takes makes reports off peoples twitter responses… ON every matter now finding the publics opinion and even having it be the first source for Michael Jackson’s death

    • agreed. korean media gives too much power to netizens, who most often are nameless, faceless and lack the restraint and respect they would normally have if talking face to face.

      imagine the US media running an article saying “…youtube user xxxxx even commented that this is ridiculous and should stop.”

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