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2NE1 reveals 100th day debut anniversary photo


2NE1 revealed their fun 100th day debut anniversary photo.

2NE1 members Sandara Park posted a photo on 26th September on their me2day account saying, “I shall reveal our 100th day photo ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The other members asked why we haven’t send it..ㅋㅋ

“We enjoyed ourselves yesterday! It was exciting to go back to broadcast, exciting to perform on a big stage, exciting to go see the seaㅋIt is good to see us after a long time right?!^.^ Kkk We are also working hard! That’s all”

Also on their me2day, the girls posted a photo taken together with actress Kang HyeJung on 24th September. Kang Hye Jung will be getting married with hiphop group Epik High member Tablo coming October. Sandara Park wrote a note with the photo, “With Kang HyeJung unnie! Who treats us 2NE1 well! Kkyak!”


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  2. eh!!!! whay u saying people! Dara tyring to be cute, no way, shes’s naturally Cute. And korean poeple usually act cute.

  3. i think she’s cute. appearance wise.
    but i shall agree that she’s trying to act cute — given that she’s been 24/25 years old which is not a young age anymore.
    well at least it works for her so i don’t mind.

  4. Sandara is naturally cute. And please ,at her age,she’s able to look young and cute. I bet you can’t even act cute or be as cute as her at the age of 26. (NO offence)

  5. why did sandara park try too hard to be cute? she’s almost 30 =__= and there go antis bashing snsd just because they act cute.

    bom is easily the prettiest there. yg should just debut her as a solo artist!!

  6. i want them back! keke…
    they’re so cuute!!

    im excited for the album!

  7. i love 2ne1 me2day updates! i can’t wait for their comeback!

  8. Haha.. cute ^^ [:
    Congrats 2NE1~ cant wait for the girls ~

  9. 2ne1 is ❤

  10. i miss you 2ne1!!! i really can’t wait for your comeback!

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