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Criticisms against 4Minute HyunA’s over-revealing outfit continues


4Minute HyunA (17) continues to be enveloped in criticisms against her over-revealing performing outfits.

For 4Minute‘s performance on ’46th DaeJung Film Festival’ on 26th September, the safety shorts tt she was wearing underneath her minidress was seen exposed once again.

This is not the first time that this incident had happened. Previously, netizens have raised concerns over the super short minidress, that she was wearing to performances on music shows.

A fancam video of her performance was also uploaded on Youtube showing the minidress that she was wearing constantly going up and she had to pull it down many times during the performance.

Netizens have voiced that this is too revealing for a 17-year-old minor, even though she does wear the safety shorts underneath. And many thought that the fashion coordi should have paid more attention to it.



Netizens also thought that the dresses and skirst that 4Minute member Heo GaYoon are wearing are also too short for her age.

Netizens say:

  • “I cannot accept the explanation that it is okay since she is wearing safety shorts underneath. The dress is just too short”
  • “The coordi should really work on it. What will the parents think, having brought up their daughter beautifully to be wearing this on the stage?”
  • “It is not right to have such young singers reveal so much”
  • “This young lady is pretty. But this is too over-doing it”
  • “But HyunA’s dancing style has been refreshing. The problem is just the dress. She should take note of it when she is dancing.”
  • “She looks hot in the photos”
    • “They should do it to appropriate extent”
  • “Gosh, she is only in high school 2nd year?”

Meanwhile, Cube Ent representative said, “HyunA does wear safety pants underneath her dress. But we will work hard on the performing outfits in the future since fans have raised the concerns.”

Noise marketing? Or are the netizens just making a big fuss again?


70 Responses

  1. first of all i don’t understand why netizens are so fucken biased based on groups!
    when it comes to the really popular ones they don’t give a damn. But when it comes to the underrated ones they just always have something to say!
    how come nobody said shit when snsd first debuted with their mini “ass” skirts kicking their legs and showing off their panties? and don’t use the excuse “oh, well they’re older.” oh yeah right!! older?? Yeah right!! They were all 18 and 19 when they showed their “beeps”, kicking their legs in front of people. And instead of criticizing them, people applauded and said how hot they were and cute, especially all the horny guys out there. So i don’t know why they make a big deal out of this, or the whole “t-ara too short dresses were”. Seriously, people are fricken biased when it comes to idols.

  2. Too many under aged girls are slutting it up in kpop. This is not just a 4minute issue, you see this in a lot of the girl groups, Minzy from 2ne1 crawling on the ground and popping her chest out, isn’t she like 15 years old! People need to let these teenager girls act like teenagers not grown up sex icons. This trend in korean is just too disturbing.

    • the chest popping isn’t bad its like hip hop 101 it’s a basic dance move but the crawling on the groud has to go. as sad as this is sex sells especially in the idol group i read somewhere that minji has the greatest appeal toward ajjushis it sad but it’s business their company arent going to let that opportunity pass them by if these girls weren’t sexual at all they would barely get by look at BEG no one cared about them until they became overly sexual .

  3. Oh please, half of the men idols shows more than what Hyun Ah shows and act in a more suggestive way than she does, and people think she acts like a slut ! Please keep your misogynia statements.

  4. If fingers are to be pointed it would be their fashion coordinator or whoever approved of the clothing. I can understand where all the fuss is coming from, especially if these idols are suppose to set an example for your kids. I mean do you really want a 17 yr old girl dress like that in the streets?? They are just coping their favorite groups soo?? She just looks like a slut teasing the guys, is that really the image she wants?? Btw, the first picture looks like she as a camel toe. So not cute.

  5. those outfits are really eyesores… they should’ve noticed that those skirts that short will have a tendency to slip up because of the musik’s choreography..

  6. Difference is no girl band has worn such high slutty skirts as 4 minute usually does =]

    if you see the group peformance of them today, youll see that they all wear really short skirts.except for the one with the glasses.

  7. she (hyuna) makes lady gaga look tame.

  8. hyunah, 75 for short time and 125 for long time?

  9. wow. they are being fussy. look at beyonce dancing with a leotard and almost everything is shown. but it’s not a big deal at all.

    • thats because thats how western artists dresses and she’s in the u.s. but hyuna is in a different country. koreans are known to be conservative but the u.s. could care less how an artist wear their clothes revealing or not.

    • I do have to say I didn’t like that outfit she wore, but Beyonce is a grown woman whose already made a name for herself. Don’t compare her to this 17 yrs old newbie who just wants attention.

    • that is america this is asia beyonce is ten years older than hyuna no duh no one cares but if it was miley cyrus everyone would have a fit

  10. and the next thing you know, they’ll be saying shorts are way too short.

  11. enough already, netizens. this is getting boring!

  12. EVERYBODY it was stated the netizens blame the coordi -_-

    “And many thought that the fashion coordi should have paid more attention to it”

  13. man, hyuna is one bloody gorgeous girl. she’s beautiful. ok? and this is coming from a person who hates 4minute with a passion.

    why would you dress a perfectly gorgeous girl like that? it’s just not right. doesn’t matter whether there’s safety shorts or not. the point of safety shorts is to protect you IN CASE you happen to expose yourself. IN CASE! not when you know your dance moves require you to somehow expose your crotch. that’s why they call them safety shorts.

    in any case, whatever sort of crotch exposing is just not cool. especially from an underage like her. she’s fackin pretty. dress her with more dignity, man. if she really had no say in her coordi’s style choice, then that’s messed up. these girls deserve more respect. ppl shouldn’t be dressing them like sluts when they’re doing respectable jobs by putting themselves out there to entertain ppl.

    tl;dr? just dress them properly. safety shorts or not, you need to draw the line somewhere. and when you start to expose your crotch, you know something’s wrong.

  14. i love her 2nd outfit (the one with the fringe). I think that’s okay since she wore tights. But the 1st one is bad…

  15. The thing is….She just looks slutty in those pictures because her crotch is showing…Especially the one where she’s wearing tights, that is just not sexy, the stockings/tights look like they’re on the verge of ripping…It looks bad.
    I wish they’d stop dressing her like this because when Hyunah dances, she goes spaz sometimes(in a good way)
    So those clothes are not meant for her and the way she moves on stage..

  16. I’m sorry but it’s just common in asia to wear short skirts. not hyuna short, but short.
    My mom won’t let me wear a skirt that I bought from an asian online store, because it’s too short in her opinion.
    Companies base concepts on what’s popular. What’s popular is what the netizens say is popular. What’s popular? Short, shiny, and tight. It’s the netizens fault.
    I do think their coordi made a serious fashion error. too bad it wasn’t a few inches longer cuz it DOES look nice on her…waist up.
    truthfully unless they start dressing them up like Lady Gaga. i can remain a little calm.


    • they can’t because all their clothes for performances are for specific brands, so it’s not like they can go shopping and pick out what they want to wear.
      They have to wear certain brands and clothing to promote the brand which gives the companies a big discount.
      It also depends from company to company on an idol’s freedom to choose what they wear. also it depends on seniority.
      I think the biggest choice they get is the “concept”

  18. just stoppromoting 4minte with that kind of scandal!!! BAD BAD BAD GIRLS….

  19. oh come on. that’s what safety pants are for. give me a break.

    they would pull her off the stage if she wasn’t wearing safety pants.

    the TV networks are okay with it if she is wearing safety pants.

    NETIZENS are such PRUDES! if the NETIZENS who are criticizing are GIRLS, then they are JUST jealous. if the NETIZENS who are complaining are guys, then they are idiots. has to be girls who are the NETIZENS who are complaining because NORMAL guys want to see a LOT of leg and anything that hints of anything underneath. those NETIZEN GIRLS are PRUDES!

  20. Gosh can the stylist get any worse?! If hyuna was already critized with her past ‘uber oh so short dresses’ why make her wear it again even if it’s with leggings.?! What’s the point of wearing leggings and ‘safety shorts’ if she’s gonna show her crotch and open her legs for the perverts to see anyway?

    I love 4minute’s clothes but somehow their clothes are getting shorter [except jiyoon who doesnt wear dresses].

    • Wearing dresses that end just below or at the crotch is not cute. Someone pinkslip the stylist ASAP!

  21. Those netizens are either young fan girls or older women.
    Guys would not mind this.

  22. Oh shit! HyunAh’s younger than me!! haha o_O

    I guess all the make up always makes me think these younger celebrities are at least my age (18) or like 20’s.

  23. an inch or two additional can still be sexy and hot.
    if they want to dress her that short, might as well use shorts that short, like snsd’s genie concept.
    coordi’s.. tsk tsk.

  24. short is sexy but short after a certain point where your crotch area can be seen even if there’s safety pants is just trashy. I think that the idea of the white short dress is to flash the safety pants though since it was obvious that they chose a nice silver safety pants unlike the usual black or nude coloured ones. But the one with leggings is just plain ugly. The point of a safety pants is to prevent you from flashing the whole world if there’s 1. incredibly acrobatic movements eg splitting your legs 2. incidents such as you accidentally slip 3. Pervy cameramens. The stylist obviously thinks that safety pants are for showing off. sigh………..

  25. the Q is ”
    why are they looking under her skirt in the first place
    and making a vid about her underwear .. WT..??
    those netizens just making a big fuss
    they really have all the time of the world
    wasting your time to criticize people rather than promoting peace in the world
    but the dress is really short I blame the stylist he should’ve been take her age on the job

  26. netizens always make a big deal out of nothing, but yeah, the dresses are really frickin’ short.
    it’s gross to see a little girl wearing those.
    i blame the coordi.
    this is the factor in the business, but whatever–businesses should still consider the influence they have over contemporary culture nowadays.

  27. though im not a fan of 4minute or hyuna.
    i think she’s hot, and it definitely caught my attention.
    and u can also see that she’s uncomfortable wearing it though, u can’t blame her for that.

  28. definitely noise marketing. more people will watch their performances now, and this could only mean good news. its not as if she exposed herself or something. dun high school cheerleaders wear such safety shorts while doing stunts all the time?

  29. lol everyone keeps bugging about Hyunah.

    their stylist is young i think cuz i see her on MTV 4 min thing. i did notice that they keep giving the girls short and shorter clothes. >.<

    i think everyone should give them a break. they are young and u cant blame everything on them.

    in case anyone is wondering the Girl Group Special is out. check the channel for the videos http://www.youtube.com/user/dwarousHQ

  30. ahhh… netizens making another issue again..why not critisize SNSD huh!

  31. they really need to know these are tops not dresses.. and if these are dresses i noticed their stylist make it shorter!!! (see bom’s black white blue dress)

    i don’t know.. i’m not tottaly convinced to blame 100% to the stylst!!
    don’t the stylist dress their artists based on the artist’s style?
    do artist really can’t even say a word on their outfit?
    can’t they at least ask for pants, legging, shorts for the what so called “dress”?

  32. i guess netizens just NEED something to discuss so they bring up just about anything. but hey, we also clicked to read on this article right? so it intrigued us

  33. Those outfits make Hyunah look trashy, not sexy or stylish. Hope they learned their lesson and change her outfit!

  34. her legging is tearing……..

  35. Isn’t this the same outfit that started all the criticism when she wore it on music bank? Now why the hell would they make her wear it again, after all the problems it caused?

    That’s just plain stupid

  36. Their stylist/coordi should change their outfits. But as long as she’s wearing safety shorts… that is fine.

  37. good, i’m glad she’s getting criticized! this fad in asia of wearing the shortest skirts, shorts, dresses imaginable is getting ridiculous!

    • what do you mean “in asia”??
      A few names here… Britny Spears and J.Lo. that i only the top 2 on the sluty list and only in the most famous country ever, America…..

      hope you undersatnd the meaning of this!!
      (and if you don’t than i mean at least she was wearing shorts over her underwear but the poeple mentioned at the top don’t really wear anything, no shorts no underwear!! you tell me what is better in your opinion)

    • lamest thing i read here…”in asia”…”fad”….
      omg…what world are you from?
      don’t watch the videos that offend you..
      it’s funny how people are complaining when they themselves looked up the videos on the internet…

  38. Uh, what the hell is the big deal anyway? Talk about making a mountain out of a molehill! She IS wearing safety shorts underneath and it’s not like she’s showing off her panties or going comando or something.

    These netizens got nothing else to complain about is it? Why do they always find fault in EVERY TEENY TINY LITTLE THING? Crazy.

  39. I’m actually kind of glad they’re placing the blame on the coordi and not Hyunah.

  40. omg, everything in kpop is a big fuss…my opinion is based on beliefs and maybe culture diversification but im an asian too, lol. as long she wears safety shorts, nothing’s wrong.

  41. this one with black legging one is really ugly….

  42. It’s really not her fault that:

    1) The stylist made her wear something so short like that.
    2) The cameramen seem to mostly be male and love filming up close to some girls and to a certain angle.

    Hyunah wore shorts, didn’t she?

    It would have been crticism if she wasn’t really. Even though there is worst fashion around the world and photographers even here in the UK taking pictures of celebrities when they step out of their car and their underwear is showing, K-netizens really should know that is not the worst.

    Hyun Ah really can’t go and walk into the dressing room saying, “Ooh! I want to wear that!”

    It’s really the stylist that choose it for them.

  43. maybe she’s not a whore, but she sure is wearing a whore’s uniform!

  44. Damn, SNSD wore short skirts in one of their song promotions and no one gave them crap about it besides international fans.

    • If it ever occurred to you, their skirts did not ride above/in between their pelvic area.

    • hmm i have to agree on this one, i mean when they wore short skirts for their debut song, no netizens went crazy over it, and plus the kick choreography part also showed their safety shorts.. yet (i believe) no netizens complained.. but it did cause some nosebleeds (haha, in star golden bell when changmin told everyone about what happened with his friend)

      but oh well ~ 😀
      anyways, enough of that rant.

      • to tell you the truth i first like snsd because of that kick dance in itnw.. those outfits are supposed to be that short because i find it like a cheerleader concept which wears those kind of outfits.. i find it cute & it fits the dance..

        while that skirt hyunah’s wearing doesn’t fit the choreography because it tends to slip up which looks slutty & not cute at all..

    • Don’t go there. Just don’t bring another group into another’s business.

    • Damn, Wonder Girls wore short skirts in a lot of their songs promotions and no one gave them crap about it besides international fans.

      • well this is only 4minute’s first album or mini album!! they get a lot of complians and SOME POEPLE (netizens) try to find anything to start a buzz in kpop just to know who is on 4minute’s side and who is an anti… that is just what netizens do!!

        p.s. plz don’t bring other group into this issue because that just gets more antis for both groups mentioned.

    • how do you explain the black ocean that occur on last year Dream Concert..

      SNSD has paid it… And they paid it higher than any girl group out there.

    • XD omg this is so ridiculous k netizens r too conservative if we were to point fingers and talk about k pop girl groups this would never end all the groups used short skirts at least 5 times
      Hello? remeber wonder bakery sohee used 2 wear short skirts almost every episode
      and theres nothing wrong w/ wearing mini skirts
      imagine if we had reporters like that in usa , in japan (where i live) in brazil/ latin america (where im from)

      tons of singers would be receiving critics!!

      they r so conservative…its getting annoying -.-
      get somethin new 2 write about!! (?)
      or u guys depend so much in negative media?
      tsc tssc…what a shame

  45. noise marketing ..
    but hey, bad publicity is still a publicity right ??
    well, i think it’s really the coordi’s fault but can she not reject it ?
    i mean she is freaking 17 ! even if she was wearing safety shorts the dress is still too short !

    • i know!! i know some friend who has the exact same thing except that she wears it as a shirt…

  46. Blame it on their coordi -.-‘

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