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GDragon voted #1 as the ‘overrated singer songwriter’


Group Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer songwriter’.

Community site DCInside did a poll on the question “Which singer songwrite do you think is overrated?” from 22nd to 29th September. And GDragon was given 8133 (52.6%) votes out of 15,467 votes, coming in at #1.

Go under the cut to find out who else was voted on the survey.

GDragon has been writing many songs since he was in Big Bang like ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’ etc. But he was under plagiarism accusations with the release of his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’ released last month. And that was why he was voted in #1 on the survey.

Coming in at #2 is singer producer Park Jin Young with 1049 votes (6.8%).  Park Jin Young has written many hits like ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Behind you’, ‘That girl is pretty’ and ‘Honey’ etc. He always promised new and fresh music every time, but he has been under accusations of plagiarism several times as well.

At #3 is singer Lee MinWoo with 1007 votes (6.5%). He has been writing lyrics since his time in ShinHwa. After that he wrote the lyrics for several hits like Jewelry’s ‘Super Star’ and ‘One More Time’ and V.O.S ‘Beautiful Life’. And subsequently for his solo album there were songs which were written by him but as compared to his lyrics-writing capabilities, there was not much acknowledgement given to his song-writing skills.

The rest of the survey results:

  1. GDragon
  2. Park Jin Young
  3. Lee Min Woo
  4. MC Mong
  5. Jang Gi Ha
  6. Yozoh
  7. Seo Taiji

151 Responses

  1. G-dragon is not bad but it is overrated for sure, just because people is saying he’s a genius and he’s far from it.
    And about Seo Taiji, don`t you see more of the 50% of the people thinks G-dragon is overrated and less than the 5% thinks seo Taiji is overrrated and I am sure that 5% thinks seo Taiji is not a God (like most korean people think) but they do think he’s just a genius LOL.

  2. i love big bang but to be honest im not a big fan of gd.
    dont get me wrong hes talented but most of the time when hes getting hated on its about things that are true.fans just love him to much to admit it.and to be honest hes always making new hairstyles and everyone notices but when its the other members no one notices.remember in the “goodbye baby” days T.O.P had dyed his hair blond?well no one gave a sh*t.and now gd dyed his hair blond.and remember when T.O.P had the “popcorn” hair?no one cared but once gd had it everyone noticed.i just hate it when he gets more attention then the other members.but anyways dont get me wrong i love big bang but im just not a huge fan of gd but i cant say that gd sucks cuz i know i wouldnt have the guts to go on stage and perform.

  3. I like G-Dragon’s composed songs better than Yuchun’s (TVXQ) composed songs. But after the plagiarism hoopla- it sort of affected my preference, I just cannot stomach deception, you see. I often wish that YG has paid for the copyrights instead of cutting expenses. I know the Korean music industry is bad but this is not the way to help it get back on its feet.

    But I still do not like Yuchun’s compostions. ‘Kiss the Baby Sky’ just gives me the creeps! I think if there is a survey for overated songwriters in JPop, Yuchun will be No.1! LOL

    I heard a famous songwriter that once said, ‘Everyone can composed songs. It’s just composing GOOD songs that is elusive!

  4. oh come on!
    some obsessive, delusional fans just cant accept the truth that he is indeed overrated…from the comments and long essays above, one can distinguish between an extremely obessesive fan and an obsessive fan trying to sound unbiased and sane

    its not a question of his talents or anything, he is indeed talented. but overrated. start accepting that fact people. it wunt kill you really. why are fans so defensive


  5. […] across this post on K Bites: Group Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer […]

  6. To each his own. Those who think GD is overrated, don’t listen to his songs, turn off the tv if you have to. And stop complaining. Allow those who enjoy his music to peacefully do so. You’ve already kicked Jaebom out and you’re onto your next victim? Just stop. Really.

  7. I believe GD went downhill with heartbreaker and netizens realized hes not amazing. During big bang, he wrote a lot of good songs that people enjoyed so they expected a lot. With Heartbreaker, it was a good song but it got too much attention than it deserved. It was good but not superb.
    Whoever said Jyp does not allow his singers to write music is wrong. Yeeun wrote a song called “Saying I love You” and was on their “nobody” album. He has had accusations of plagiarism and he did admit that he was strongly influenced by western music. However people are forgetting JYP’s amazing ten years of writing music. The music he has written are so different from GOD’s ballads to Park Ji Yoon’s Sung in Shik to “Its raining” to “Tell me”. The fact that this all came out of his brain is a huge thing.

    • yeah, just like how ppl are forgetting that GD also wrote those great songs for big bang all these years, just because of heartbreaker’s bad hype. sad, but true. too bad life’s unfair huh?

  8. GD isn’t overrated the netizens that said he was a genius are overrated i don’t recall him touting his on horn it was netizens who gave him the title and now they want to tear him down once they found out he’s not Beethoven. They only way you can think GD is overrated is if you believed he was a genius in the first place he wrote lyrics and help co produce some songs and people was acting like he was kanye . Whats up with people not understanding why Seo Taji is on the list anyone with ears can hear that Nan Arayo is a rip off Milli Vanilli’s Girl You Know it’s True


    but you sure can’t ignore him.

    • Haha, you’re totally right :). It is undeniable that he has been became center of kpop recently

  10. I think he’s overrated.
    I mean it’s cool that he’s participating in producing his own music, but it’s all pretty generic and sounds really similar.
    So he’s not bad, but he’s definitely not as good as some people think he is.
    Plagarism doesn’t have anything to do with this. If the song is only so-so it’s only so-so, and if people treat it like it’s not then it’s overrated.

  11. Why isn’t Kim Hyun Joong on here? I mean I love him, but he is a little overrated…

  12. just something to keep in mind guys. overrated does not equal talentless. =) G-Dragon is overrated (along with all the other fellow K-pop idol crews) but he’s still a talented person.

    this list is kind of wack. Jang Gi Ha is sooo not overrated. in fact, I’m betting that more than half of you don’t even know who Jang Gi Ha is.

  13. despite all this I still go ga ga when ever I see him.. And I’ll still listen to his music…. and well hey… these people are just trying their best to live up to their dream.. not everyone has a perfect career right.. anyway.. lalala.. Ji yong fighting~~

  14. GD is very talented, and this plagiarism thing is crap! …he works a lot, he doesn’t even have many freetime, and netizens come out with these stupidness…. After almost 10 years, this is his first solo album, and there is so many trouble and aspersions…. What do you think, what does he feel now? Because of those people, who always critises him for everything…

  15. oh well at least he does something and YG lets him to..so i guess it’s not that bad

  16. I like Big Bang but not as much as I use to. There music is too predictable now and I agree that GD is overrated especially when it comes to his solo work.

  17. I’m not gonna say GD isn”t talented but I do agree he’s overrated, which is more of his fans and the media’s fault than his.

    Why is Jang Gi Ha on here?
    Jang Gi Ha and The Faces is amazing and not even mainstream so how are they overrated.

    For the people who asked I think Seo Taiji is on here because of the Seo Taiji and the Boys days not now.
    Come Back Home was kind of a Cypress Hill ripoff and yet people say it changed KPOP forever.
    As a solo I don’t think he’s overrated.

  18. suprised that gdragon is #1 o.0

    for me 2ne1 is overrated.. it’s so obvious…

    • well, in this poll – it’s overrated idol songwriter and clearly 2NE1 don’t write their songs

      2NE1 is overrated too yeah!

    • how is 2ne1 overrated ? no one beside some fans who have come to their senses ever say 2ne1 are the best singers, dancers,or composer, they arent overrated their fans are just like every kpop idol fans ie 2pm, big bang, wondergirls, snsd,dbsk, ss051, F(x),

      • that’s what makes 2NE1 overrated

        their fans say that they are the BEST in everything

      • then so are the other idol group how many times have i read dbsk are the best group in asia (lies) snsd have the best live stages and are the most gorgeous(i dont think so) wondergirls is the best girl group( really?) 2pm are the best idols because they keep it real( hmm wild bunny looked they were acting sometimes they came across as fake) BEG are the best woman group( not if Big Mama is still around) im just saying fan tend to overrate their idols because they think their the best but that doesn’t make the group overrated i don’t see any of these group getting props from people in the music industry so to me they aren’t overrated

  19. hahaha forget this. they should make a who is the number 1 plagiarizer poll? i would be voting on that 😀

  20. people think he’s overrated..but who’s fault is that? its not his, its people. its just a person’s opinion. GD is still a rookie, he hasn’t reached his full potential yet, when he and his skills mature, he’ll be sure to blow people away more than he is now. overrated? maybe. But you can’t deny the fact that all his songs have been big hits, there is not one person in korea who has not heard “lies” and all those other songs that he composed has won so many awards. You may think GD is overrated, but his music certainly is not.

    Also, people try to make it sound like GD and BB is only successful because of their fans, thats not entirely true. There are people out there who are not fans and yet like their music. I’m strictly a VIP but I also like SuJu’s “sorry sorry”, 2pm’s “again and again”, wondergirls “nobody”, etc… Obviously, the main reason why BB and GD is successful is because of their music. You can say “oh its the promotions, the fanatic fans, blah blah blah” but in the end, if they don’t have great music to speak for itself, which they do, they wouldn’t be this successful.

    Overrated or not, whichever is your OPINION, you can’t deny the fact that BB is brave and creative for having their own uniques style: music, style, clothe, image, etc.. people think their fashion is crazy but in a crowd, BB will definitely stand out from the rest.

  21. While I do agree with most of this list, I can’t agree with Seo Taiji being on the list >:O
    Without him, K-pop would never have been the same. Does anyone know how much Seo Taiji and Boys were part of the foundation for K-pop @____@?

  22. Haha, it’s just simple that when u take a look at this poll, u see GD is the most striking name =)).Recently, GD has been became the name inundating many website, TV channel,magazine, etc although this was due to accusation of plagiasim, a bad reason. And i think apparently netizen have been dug deep into his own private life, even poisoning others wth overwhelming gossips and bad comments that may be hurt his pride deeply.
    As a result,a normal audience ( suppose that they’re neutral) consider that GD not creative, overrated, even plagiarize by default . * sigh*
    In my perspective as a fan of him, i admit that he’s overrated a little and i think he never put that so-called ” genius composer” in himseft :). Thus, i hope people can enjoy his music by their soul, their heart not by gossips and if wth u, these songs are not attractive or persuasive ,pls dont try to put him down by impolite comments ^^

  23. i like big bang, really… but seriously, he’s just so overrated.
    the reason why people label him “great” is because he can rap, sing [??], produce, write, and compose songs at the same time, and get a chance to promote it.
    most singers with composing and writing ability in other agencies dont get that chance to promote themselves as songwriter. i can count how many songs from SM that were created by their idols. and YET, SM never promote them as “great and creative composer” cuz they never are. writing songs arent that easy, and SM [and JYP] knows better to leave it to their professionally hired writers.
    with all these plagiarism surrounding YG now, i began to doubt whether they really have good writers in the house or not.

    • yep, … And i wonder how GD feel if he read this article T^T. Okie, agree that GD himself does not think he is a genius composer but obviously he wanna people enjoy his own music and encourage him whether they like it or not bcuz he really really put a lot of effort into songs. And now, people said that ” GD, your songs are well but you are so overrated”. Suppose that you, me or anyone else is a composer like GD, when getting comments like that, do u wanna continue keeping fevour 😦
      I really rally hope GD will never read this article

      • YG never tried to promote GD as a great composer, but since GD is the co-producer and composer of his songs, they give him appropriate credit for that. GD himself and YG both agree that GD is only a rookie. But people have shown so much love to GD’s music that people gave him that title but neither YG or GD has claimed that. Yg see’s great potential in GD thus they let him compose and produce, unlikw sm and jyp who “knows better to leave it to their professionally hired writiers” YG helps GD develope his talents. I actually BB alot because of the very fact that they compose and often produce their own music, whereas other artists have it easy and all they do is sing.

  24. STILL LOVE G DRAGON , 2NE1 N BIG BANG …………!!!!!!!!!!! >o___<

  25. STILL LOVE G DRAGON , 2NE1 N BIG BANG …………!!!!!!!!!!! >o___o___o___o___o___o___o___o___<

  26. purposely made just for GD??
    the one that made this survey, seriously, need to get a life..


  27. lol put gdragon in any poll got and you’ll get him as number 1 cos his overratted but you know what, what isn’t overrated?
    Too me gd how ever overrated he may or may not be is still great.

    • what isn’t overrated?
      uhm a lot of idols are UNDERRATED that’s for sure

      • so you’re saying it’s GD’s fault that other idols are underrated? you’re blaming him?

        y’know what’s overrated? the fact that ppl think underrated idols are actually better than those who you so deem overrated. sure, some of these underrated idols should get some well-earned attention. but some of them just don’t deserve it at all. and that’s why they’re underrated.

      • lol, tbh kpop in general is quite overrated.. look at everything thats being going on NETIZENS are overrated.. so you tell me whats NOT overrated? agree with naninoona

    • Second that! Amen. hahaha

  28. hahah it’s just a poll!
    and who knows how many people actually voted. probably part of them are not his fans too right? haha it would be funny if fans went to vote him overrated when they are the ones that acutally places him in such a spot. im not a great fan but yea i do listen to their songs. perhaps it’s not as good as what the fans or song critics make them to be, but we are still listening to it arent we? and i think while some of us agree that he is overrated, shouldnt we applaud his efforts for trying outnew genres and all? i mean, he DID lead some of the trendy stuffs in korea now.
    haha for me i just feel that overrated is something thats definitely associated with fame. so if you are not famous, you wont even make it onto the list. thats just my opinion. i dont know what you guys feel.

    • I agree (one has to be famous to be called overrated). This poll shows people think he became too famous too quickly, causing sky-high expectations not based in reality. In fact, we do not know his full capabilities (he seems to be exploring them too). All I know is his work till now has been quite good and he’s one of the best artistic performers I know. I anticipate his future work.

      GD himself says Big Bang’s success is due to their hard work, rather than skill. He was ranked #1 hardest working idol by Forbes Korea. If genius were 80% effort, 20% skill & opportunity, he may be one for all we know. I say let’s not decide so quickly on the overrated vs genius thing. Just enjoy his music and entertainment. He’s a joy to watch!

      I, for one, think GD’s efforts not only helped lift Big Bang to #1, but also Kpop’s standing in the world as music artists. He takes more risks than other artists. He also gets more flak. It is sad that K-netizens do not support GD more. If you don’t like what someone’s done, guide them, not crush them. They are the future talent of Korea.

  29. he is definitely talented, otherwise he wont be on his place if he is not…but being overrated? yeah, he is awesome but there are times which are not, however because of stereotyping and overly-obsessed fans, everything he does is perfect. in conclusion, i am expecting more from him, at this young age he still needs to maximize his potential and there is still lot of room for that. and to end I think he is an idol without qualms, he is not afraid to show his own artistry and his unique side.

  30. and I agree.

  31. finally, i agree upon something with the netizens~

    he is most definately overrated….I’m not saying that he’s not a good songwriter (albeit, we all question the originality) but its his fans who are the most annoying…..now they definately put him on some kinda pedastool…and that’s where the overrated factor comes in….I don’t think he’s as “genius” or “amazing” as people put him out to be…..but that’s my opinion and over 50% of the netizen’s opinion….

    • agreed 110%

    • when you mention that his fans are the most annoying, it becomes dangerous for him

      he’ll def. get more haters now. thats always the case for idols. just look at how cassies earn DBSK many antis.

      so, the point is, the voters are more likely the antis.
      good, cos this result is probably inaccurate, bad that he has more antis than ever before. hes better of wif BIGBANG.

  32. Agree with the number 1 to 3 result. ^^

  33. haha bad publicity is still publicity (:

  34. seo ta ji as overrated singer songwritter?…

  35. LOL and since when do we care about netizens’ opinions again? When they said “Jaebum is a pansy ass prick who hates his country, get him the hell out of here”, we were like ‘hey, wait, that’s wrong!’ but now, we’re all 100% right? Interesting.

    I like GD. I don’t think he’s the be all and end all of Kpop, but I like him a lot. However, netizens, and KOREAN netizens for that matter, telling me that they think he’s overrated isn’t going to change my opinion of him. We all know how crazy they are. I just love how we, as an international fanbase, like to pick and choose the times they become more credible.

  36. I think people think he’s overrated because he got so famous so fast. Even with all the accusations, his songs are still #1.

    People become overrated for a reason! (They’re famous as hell! And has a lot of fans who love everything about him.) GD takes controversey everywhere with him though, he’s a HOT issue.

    The survey didn’t say wha age group voted, so that can be a factor as well. I don’t think Yozoh should’ve been on that list, whether its 1% or less.

  37. Being overrated isn’t a bad thing, in fact, it’s a good thing.
    It just means that you are being rated higher than you really are, which doesn’t mean you were bad initially…
    Being underrated is the bad thing…
    Daesung for the win…

  38. Overrated. are you kidding me? XD
    I love the lyrics he writes.
    Not only do I, but also the thousands of fans he has.
    Who gives a fuck about the netizens opinion?

  39. Why, are there other idols who are singer/songwriters? A lot of people voted for GD coz he’s the only one they know. don’t you think so?

    • no, it doesn`t work like that.
      it`s simply because the voters feel that GD is overrated, that`s all.
      don`t waste your time to find excuses.

      • In snow’s defense, when you’re given a list of names and have to choose one according to the questions, you’re most likely to choose the familiar name. If they had put ‘JYP,’ instead of ‘Park Jin Young,’ he would’ve got more votes.

        But then again, it may not be, but MOST of the time it’s like that. People have opinions, and this is one survey.

      • WHAT are you talking about? that`s absurd…
        (i`m @ snow)

      • if these are the same bunch who voted for miryo as the best rapper, then i`m PRETTY sure they know what they`re doing.
        and koreans should know JYP`s korean name, don`t you think ? LOL

      • funny… hard to reason w some people.

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA. yeah right.

      As if people don’t know who SEO TAIJI is.

      • Why was it a multiple choice question? Doesn’t seem so. If it was NOT a multiple question, people tend to pick “top of mind”.. and who are the other well-known singer/songwriters? I hardly know anyone as popular as GD. So whatever the question is… even if the question was “who is the most famous singer/songwriter”… GD will be picked. It was just sad that such a malicious survey question was used. Why all these negativity?

  40. hahah. i love GD, but i do find this pretty funny.

  41. i like GD but yeh he’s so overrated LOL… JYP he writes many hits too but they all sound the same…those simple but catchy tunes

  42. being overrated doesn’t belittle his talents and abilities at all. it doesn’t eliminate all his hardwork. i hate ppl who, just cuz they don’t like him, think he has NO TALENT whatsoever. that’s just being a little too harsh. if he had no talent, he wouldn’t make it in the industry for this long. ANTIS and HATERS should just LEARN TO GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE. i know this is ironic, considering he’s in a scandal for this very issue of not crediting and all that jazz, but this is a different context entirely. ugh! i just want this little fact to get through to all the haters and “OBJECTIVE” ppl out there.

    him being overrated, isn’t his own fault for the most part. it’s the fans who overrate him. maybe it’s their own way of showing their support and love. i, for one, see absolutely nothing wrong with that. and HATERS….. well, i dunno what their problem is, but perhaps they’re put off by the so-called “overly obsessive” fans.

    but i mean, C’MON! when it comes to artistes, who wouldn’t be somewhat protective? i’m sure BB haters and antis have their own favourite idol. and i’m sure they’ve had a hard time defending their own idol from haters. so it’s just a natural vicious cycle, sadly. you bash on other ppls idols, someone else comes in and bashes yours. i personally, though, think this cycle should STOP! it’s the root to all evil kpop drama really. and i’ve pretty much had enough of it.

    anyone agrees with me??

    • agree u_u

    • well, you’re right for one that obssessive fans who are all over him make him overrated. which also means that these fans are overly praising him for his talents which many others do not consider as talents of a “music genius’.

      so, the question remains, is he overrated? YES!

      • oh, my friend, i am far from denying that fact. my dear boy is indeed overrated and i pity him for that. but talent is a very subjective thing. i have a few friends who think epik high sucks and that remixing album was trash. but does that mean the rest of the world thinks that, too? hell, no. and that’s just the same for GD. you gotta see things in other ppls perspectives too. and in a culture where fandom is of the highest priority, it’s no surprise that fans would go over and beyond to support them, even if it turns them into blind, mindless fools sometimes.

        but does that really have to be such a bad thing? i don’t think so. because at the end of the day, we’re just supporting them. it’s the haters who suddenly barge in and start to badmouth and argue with the fans (and sometimes in such rude and immature ways) that switch on that “obsessive fangirl” mode in these otherwise, perfectly rational girls.

        why do haters find it such a bad thing that fans of GD think he’s a genius even if he’s not so much? they’re only stating their opinions. biased or not. it doesn’t matter because deep down, us fans actually know that even if he sucks, we’ll still support him. just that we don’t admit it to the haters. that’s just how it goes. he doesn’t have to be good for us to like him necessarily. sometimes, we become fans, just because we like the celebrities as a person themselves.

        i myself, became an ELF just because i find that SUJU are genuinely a bunch of nice funny and generally enjoyable guys. and i knew their personalities first before actually seeing them in action. the fact that they’re actually very incredible performers are a huge bonus. but even if they suck on stage, i know i’d still support them, because i already have a strong basis on why i like them. that’s the reality of a fan. and you can’t deny a person that right just because you don’t share their opinion.

        so what you guys are saying, that fans will like the song even if it sounds like crap just because it’s GD. you’re right. up to a certain point. when in public like this, of course we’ll say we like it. but among fans ourselves (behind the scenes), we’ll actually have discussions and say that this song lacks this and that. just that haters don’t see that. soompi is a good example. fans discuss why there are some songs that we don’t like and what he needs to improve. but at the end of the day, we’re still fans. haters should realize this. because they’re just the same. lol. so i find it rather funny for haters to be so strongly repulsed that us fans are supporting him to the ends of the earth, when they themselves, as a fan of another celebrity, will much probably do the exact same thing.

      • and anyways, it’s not his fault that he’s overrated, but he ends up getting all the hate anyways. and some crazy obsessive fans of his don’t exactly help the situation either. but lets all just freakin admit the fact that every fanclub has their own fair share of crazy obsessive psychotic fans. cassie? ELF? VIP? they all have this minority group of crazies. and that’s probably either because [A] they’re really young like in their early teens and they don’t have a mature mindset to deal with these situations, OR [B] it’s because they’re grown adults who have yet to grow into maturity. if it’s the former, you can’t really blame these teens… they’re still young and growing and are inexperienced. but if it’s the latter, then well, they deserve every bit of hate and a big ol’ UP YOURS! in their faces. they need to grow up. like right now! either way, it’s not fair to punish the celebrity so badly just because of this small group of ppl. it just ain’t cool.

        and GD’s gettin way too much hate this time around, it’s just sad for us fans to see, y’know? and if the more sane and mature fans like me can barely get through all this hate from you haters without going bonkers, then just imagine the less mature, crazy VIPS…. scary thought right? haters should agree with me on this. you haters are probably rolling your eyes right now just thinking abt those “GD oppa is the best! you go eff yourself!” comments that you get everytime you criticize GD, right? well, can’t blame ya. i have moments where i go; “hell i’m so embarrassed to call myself a VIP sometimes” and you know what? y’all probably have felt the same at some point in time. or you will eventually.

        i think kpop should be built upon a supportive homely environment. not the battleground it has become. it’s sad to see that kpop, a thing i view as a beautiful form of art, rooting from such hateful surroundings (fans, media, antis) why can’t we all just get along? why must fans of “idol x” feel the need to destroy or undermine “idol z”? sure, we can dislike that artist, but that doesn’t mean that the artist didn’t work just as hard as your favorite artist did. it’s not fair to just throw that fact out the window and start attacking mercilessly cuz at the end of the day, they’re all just ppl like you and me, trying to make it in this world.

        i just want a clean healthy supporting environment. ahhh~~ but too bad life isn’t perfect, eh?

  43. it depend on people opinion, but i think he do have a lot of talent, he’s very young, and he produce some good hit songs for bigbang, that rarely done by other group. i like you, GD!

  44. I’m a GD fangirl but I do agree that he is overrated, and the over-obsessed fans are the ones that make him so, sadly. It’s true that even if GD came out with a crappy song, his fans would probably cause him to win a bunch of awards anyway.

    However, I sincerely believe he has the talent and charisma to back up a large part of his popularity. He isn’t the genius musician that a some stans make him out to be, but you have to admit that he is a jack of all trades and really deserves to be admired for what he has accomplished in the past three years with BB, and as an entertainer himself.

    For those of you saying you prefer Big Bang’s songs as a group over GD’s solo songs, you should keep in mind that G-Dragon has a part in a large multitude of the composing and song-writing of BB’s songs also, so that point is rather moot ^^

    I do admire his tenacity and the fact that he’s willing to try different genres and styles and see how they suit him instead of sticking to something he’s comfortable with. And finally, just to sum up, I guess it’s true that the more fans you have and the more popular you are, the more anti-fans you’ll develop as well XD That’s just my take on things 🙂

    • that some stans*

    • THIS!<3

    • I don’t think he has written a song by himself..most of them are co-written. Like before this plagiarism issues, YG said the most of the songs in this album were written by himself. But when he got caught into this plagiarism mess, YG said “Oh, he collaborated with some swedish producer”. I dunno..I feel like YG might be lying or something.

      Basically, I don’t blame GD. It’s YG’s fault for promoting him as the next big thing. Too MUCH hype. And yeah, hardcore fans too (like the ones i see in sookyeong..*facepalms*)

  45. I am not surprised that he came in the first. To be frank, i prefer big bang’s(as a grp) music more than GD’S(solo) music.

  46. […] Gi Ha, Lee Minwoo, MC Mong, Park Jin Young, Seo Taiji, Yozoh by 수미 Came across this post on K Bites: Group Big Bang leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer […]

  47. Well, WE are the ones who actually made him ‘over-rated’.
    He just wants to express himself, shows his passion in music. WE’RE the one who create the BUZZ. So, I guess we, fans deserve the title more than any artist out there. LOL

  48. he is overrated.

    this poll should knock some sense into delusional fans that he is after all just an idol trying to survive in the entertainment market.

  49. i have to admit this, but i do think his overrated.. but his overly-obsessed fans make him even more overrated.. which i believe brings him more antis and such..

    however, because he is an idol singer and is the leader of one of korea’s popular boy groups, he is allowed the freedom to write and compose songs which aren’t allowed in most companies.. maybe, because of that, he takes that as an advantage and yeah.. XD

    haha, sorry about this random blab.

  50. I never thought and said that he is a music genius though I’m a GD’s fan. lol.
    The damn poll T.T

  51. yeah..though i like GD but not a fangirl of him still i agreed with the poll! he is really overrated especially nowadays! i dont see him as a music genius but what i see in him is a hardworking artist! everytime i see him often, i can see more of his personality which i dislike! what happens to GD that made him overrated is he got tooo much publicity for the promotion of his SOLO ALBUM! i guess he doesn’t need that coz just by having VIPs and BLACKJACKS still he will manage to be on top of the chart…and hello! HE IS GD!!
    i want BIGBANG than GD himself! i miss them soo badly!


    Sorry but it’s so true!

    Some of his fans treat him as the “music genius” when clearly, he is not. He is just well skilled – he performs well. But all this “music genius” talk is making him overrated.

    well, Big Bang and 2NE1 are overrated…sorry, just what I feel.

    • mmm. yeahhh. i actuallly love both bb and 2ne1. they sure got talents.
      but tbh, at 1st i also think that 2ne1 is soo overrated. with climbing all the popularity through bb and stuff. and the rumor of bb having fanmeeting at tokyo dome and stuff. yeaaah. it’s prob hard for some people to just acknowledge that they are indeed overrated sometimes.

      • big bang having a fan meeting in tokyo dome? that must be the craziest rumor ever!!!

        Even big stars in Japan find it difficult to fill that dome…to have a concert their is everyone’s dream…the only KPOP idol (of my generation) that I know who had a concert their is DBSK. YEAH!

        SS501 managed to have 2 concerts in Budokan (the next big dome in Japan 15-20,000 capacity) definitely an achievement to KPOP artist as well….but they still want to have a concert in Tokyo dome in the future….

        that’s how big tokyo dome is….50,000+ capacity

        LOL! BIG BANG fans must be crazy….I don’t know if BB was able to have a concert in Budokan yet….but fanmeeting in Tokyo dome? ROFL!

        OVERRATED indeed!

      • @ nosurprise! yeahhh that’s exactly what i thought. that’s what makes all the fuss back then. when the rumour started, people are like going nuts n started to compare both bb and dbsk. some are quite pissed of the rumor coz they felt even dbsk has to struggle for years to reach the dome. but some people just like ‘bb are also talented and all’. i can’t doubt the talent though. peace out ya’ll.

  53. Well as much as I love GD, can’t deny he is overrated.
    But ohwell, personally I think all those artists listed up there deserves to be overrated (in a positive way) because of their talents. I wish Teddy would’ve made the list though~

  54. I have a question for sookyeong though… I saw a similar article on another blogsite and it was translated as GD was voted as Kore’as best singer/songwriter and not overrated singer/songwriter… Can you clarify this? It’s contradicting…

    • i saw that too. i wonder which one’s right though.

      • it’s okay now. omgkpop changed the blog entry to who’s the most overrated. sookyeong is right.

      • you saw that on omgkpop? i saw it on minsarang.wordpress.com lol^^ i think the title of the poll is overrated singer/songwriter too, though. so sookyeong is right. as usual<3

    • It’s simple really, he has a lot of fans who thinks he’s the best thing that ever happen and voted so, which lead to the people who think otherwise like those in the above poll to voted him as the most overrated. Contradictory but you’ve pretty much answered your own question.

      • shouldn’t we have a clear question here? i just want to know which is the real poll question. i’m not into thinking that since he’s the best he’s overrated. i’m trying to be a responsible reader here and not one that could just be fed information without confirmation if it’s real or not.

      • just WHAT exactly are you going on about? did you actually see the other article or are you just jumping to your own glorified so-called “unbiased” elitist conclusions? the numbers in that poll and this poll were IDENTICAL and the other article also stated that it was started by the same website. only the title of the poll was different. so either sookyeong translated wrong, which i doubt (even though there might be a slight possibility) or the other article changed the title on purpose to lean towards GD’s favor, which is so not cool. that’s my question. which title is right? geez.

    • To clarify, its two separate polls, people who think he’s overrated probably voted for someone else for Korea’s best singer/songwriter…

      • two separate polls with exactly the same percentage results? that can’t be it. it’s only one poll.

      • You are probably right, seem like omgkpop is agreeing with you.

      • i love how you used “TO CLARIFY” like you actually knew the other article we’re talking about. wow~! two different polls with the EXACT same percentage results. what a coincidence. =__=”

      • I said To clarify was meant to clarify my original post.
        eve said the other article contradict this poll so I went with the obvious that it’s two separate polls. Eve didn’t mention that it had the same result until the 2nd post.

  55. I dont care if he’s overrated…I just think its cool that he makes an effort to write his songs. Am not gonna jump into conclusions until SONY announces that GD plagiarized. Which btw is taking long, what they can’t find proof? His songs are cool and he works hard for it. People can be very judgemental at times but i guess thats their opinion.
    I really think GD is born a song writer. I just think he needs more improvements. He’s written Haru Haru and Lies and Last Farewell…and those songs topped the charts with no accusations. Well except for Lies, but nothing proven.

  56. i don’t care if he’s overrated. the more i get to see of him, the better. ekeke^^ i agree with this poll, btw. he’s too overrated sometimes, and i feel bad for the boy…. but watevs. as long as i get to see him, i’ll live.

  57. GD is way too overrated.
    big bang in general is really overrated

  58. yeeahh. agreed. but still love him anyways.
    the one that should be called overrated nowadays (singer) is UEE. she’s like eeeeveryyywhereee. i don’t get it. bring me park gahee back!

    • LOL That is true!!! She is like EVERYWHERE huh???
      But just not seen in After School tho. For sure she is the most overrated celebrity now a days. But GD is overrated too. O well, life is unfair like that.

    • i completely agree with you!! i want to see more of after school as a group… >_< UEE is sooo overrated…they really should promote the other members too…oh well..

      i think GD is overrated to an extent but I still think he's extremely talented..

  59. 8133 (52.6%) votes out of 15,467 votes definitely says something… seems like GD`s fans are made to get their senses back nowadays

    • #2 and #3 are no surprises, with Again & Again being a cover of Envy`s Shawty Dangerous and well, minwoo is alright, but somehow he suited the “overrated singer songwriter” title =/

      starting from #4 is ehhhh. the percentages aren`t that high anyway (supposed to be less than 6.5%) so it doesn`t matter.

  60. agree!!!! GD is Overrated!!!

  61. how can there are too much big different percentage between 1st (52.6%) and 2nd (6.8%) spot

  62. I totally agree on this. His fans and YG made him overrated.

  63. for once i agree with the netizens…
    GD is overrated!
    his songs aren’t even that catchy…

  64. i’m a GD fan and i do agree he’s kinda overrated at times. of coz he has many hits but not all his songs are amazing, which many hardcore fans think so. i still think he is really talented though. although that list is for overated songwriter, its still a good thing since this means he’s really popular and he still writes his own songs. there are rarely any idol groups who does that.

    • I agree. I do think he’s talented for writing and composing his own music, but his fans definitely make overrated. I feel like he can put out a really crappy song and it will still be a hit because it has the G-dragon trademark.

  65. i dont think he’s overrated. his(GD) lyrics are great. youre saying about the writing lyric, so how the hell can you link it with plagiarism? as far as im concerned, he plagiarism thing is about the beat, not the lyric. duhh

    stupid netizens. from one case to another. cant they just enjoy korean music just like we, the international fan? fuckin morons.

    • Yeah his lyrics are great but the majority of the people connecting the beat of the song to his lyrics is unavoidable because it’s part of the whole song, and especially it is well established that GD co-wrote the song with other people but because he is the more well-known guy, it is more emphasized.

      And being a songwriter does not mean just writing the lyrics, it has to do with the rhythm of the song and somewhere behind the story, GD for sure had an input with the rhythm of the song as well so it is unavoidable that the general public will bash on GD

      Again, I’m not hating GD (I actually like the guy). I’m just saying this as an observer, reading the article about the issue

  66. I have to agree with the netizens about G-Dragon and Park Jin Young on this… I like G-Dragon’s songs because they are catchy and everything (don’t get me wrong, G-Dragon fans) but he really is an overrated singer songwriter. I guess his unique fashion style and stage charisma compensates for him, being overrated

    About Park Jin Young, I never really liked the dude so yeah, I’ll just leave it that way

    Lee Min Woo? No comment on that

  67. 7.Seo Taiji?! WHAT!

  68. dont they mean producer?composing and writing are 2 diffrent things here.

  69. wow for GDragon got 52.6%.
    I agreed with netizens.
    I dont think his music sound good

    • finally…someone who agrees my ears for music. lol!

    • i don’t think he’s that good either. i mean don’t get me wrong…he’s ok, he’s got talent. but he IS overrated and overhyped (by fans, media, and yg). not a fan of his music and rapping style.

      but then if you think about it…compared to other idols out there, he’s got the most “go signal” to be creative and make his own stuff. that’s where he stands out from other idols.

      now you gotta wonder if the rest get to create their own music or write their own lyrics how they would do.

  70. Yozoh?
    how does she fit into this?

    i like how none of the extremely mainstream groups made it here…hmm..wonder why.. -_-

    • Because they don’t make their music at all? They’re products of their companies.

      • @ lolz
        well, the other companies (SM, JYP, DSP) don`t allow their groups to contribute anything, with a few exceptions once in a while.
        i remember JYP said something along the line, “sing what i want you to sing for 5 years?5 albums? *not sure*. after that, you can do whatever you want”

    • If JYP is 2nd with 6.8%, Yozoh at 6th spot, so its probably around like 1% so it doesn’t really matter.

  71. People seriously do NOT know the meaning of overrated.

    • “overrated” is very subjective. Just because you don’t think G-Dragon isn’t overrated, doesn’t mean most other won’t. Besides, I’m not surprised. He is overrated. He’s not that creative. This is not the first time plagiarism accusations has surrounded him.

      • well said, lolz

      • None proven by OFFICIALS.
        Yes he has been accused, by fans and officials..
        but even if fans says he plagirized, officials (who are far pro on seeing plagiarized songs) can’t pinpoint that he did plagiarize.

        Besides, GD is creative, he writes great lyrics but its just the melodies that are under scrutiny…

      • yeah he’s overrated but thats just because he is doing really well so people accuse him
        he is MOST DEFINITELY NOT talented though
        i do feel sorry for him.

      • well in terms of creativity and originality as an artist he lost me after this album….he is overrated. All that hype over heartbreaker and this album, he doesn’t really deserve it

      • Definition:
        tr.v. o·ver·rat·ed, o·ver·rat·ing, o·ver·rates
        To overestimate the merits of; rate too highly.

        Well for one I’d like to say that for a person to be able to make song, that makes a person CREATIVE because not all people can MAKE songs just like making a story or a novel (check your English teachers please). Besides, Do you have proof that he really did plagiarize? It’s purely circumstantial evidences that even the court would not count as valid. if he is not creative then how come ALL his songs are HITS!!! His Look Only at Me top charts more than Taeyang >-< sorry Taeyang. And for that person who said his album isn't worth its fame. Shame on you. try to make an Album that'll hit then tell us how creative you were. I feel like crying for GD. Shame on You neitizens

  72. !!?!
    Doesnt songwriter also mean lyrics?

    So obviously just the beats have been under scrutiny but I think GD writes great lyrics too.

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