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Kwon Sang Woo and Son TaeYeong’s 1st year wedding anniversary photoshoot on W


Celebrity couple Kwon Sang Woo and Son TaeYeong did a photoshoot for W magazine October issue with their son, for their special 1st wedding anniversary.

Really beautiful and sexy photoshoot for the beautiful pair. Go under the cut to view more photos.


Their baby boy is cuteness ><

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  2. U R BITCH !!!

  3. the photos are so hot!

  4. HOT!!

  5. wah…
    i wonder how they took those photos like….
    just kiss each other and do those PDA stuff and the photographer just takes photos?
    haha, but god, they do look hot.
    their son is adorable haha.

  6. the black and white photos are really hot XD

  7. damn! so hot! so sexy! and so.. aww!! ^^ tekeke. jealous now! makes me wanna have a life like them too. *sigh* one day! one day! *daydreaming*

  8. what a gorgeous couple

  9. their baby looks like wooyoung..lol
    so out of topic,maybe i’m just missing 2pm..

  10. It’s already been a year? o____o
    they look so good together and their baby is adorable

  11. awww the baby

  12. the black and white photos (minus the one with the baby) seems like they’s bout to make another baby…

    the photoshoot is HOT! HOT! HOT! and the baby is adorable, he gots nice chubby cheeks.

    and i am in love with the pic of Sang Woo with his chiseled chest…..and the baby.

  13. HEADS UP

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