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MBC Chuseok Special ‘Star Dance Battle’


Ending the fiesta of idol special shows for Chuseok special, MBC aired it pre-recorded ‘Star Dance Battle’ chuseok special on 4th October.

Idols and celebrities come together to have 7 rounds of dance battles of great dance parodies and performances.

Go under the cut to see who won the dance battles.

Dance Battles:

Status: Still updating the videos

Round 1:

  • SHINee – performing ‘Boys On Top’ parody of BoA’s ‘Girls On Top’
  • [Winner] After School – Performing 2PM’s ‘Again & Again’

Round 2:

  • 2AM – performing 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’
  • [Winner] Cool Kim SeonSoo – Performing Son DamBi ‘On A Saturday Night’

Round 3:

  • Baek Ji Young and Kim Tae Woo – Performing Um JungHwa’s ‘Invitation’
  • [Winner] Jang Yoon Jeong and Park Hyun Bin – Performing ‘My Ear’s Candy’ trot version

Round 4:

  • [Winner] Jung Juri and Mighty Mouth
  • Epik High – Performing Seo Taiji and Boys

Round 5:

  • [Winner] Jewelry – Musical dance performance
  • KARA – Performing WonderGirls ‘Nobody’

Round 6:

  • [Winner] Boom – Performing Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’
  • Yoo ChaeYeong and Kim NaYeong with song by ‘Mackerel’ by Norazo

Free style Dance battle

Round 7:

  • So Nyeo Shi Dae – Performing Michael Jackson ‘Smooth Criminal’ and Super Junior
  • [Winner] Super Junior – Performing SNSD ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ with other dance parodies


Female celebrities

  • Sunny VS UEE – Sunny wins!
  • Kim NaYeong VS Park Jung Ah – Park Jung Ah wins!
  • Baek Ji Young VS Yoo ChaeYeong – Yoo ChaeYeong wins!
  • Jung Juri VS Han SeungYeon – Jung Juri wins!
  • Sunny VS Park Jung Ah – Sunny wins!
  • Jung Juri VS Yoo ChaeYeong – Yoo ChaeYeong wins!
  • FINALS: Sunny VS Yoo ChaeYeong – Yoo ChaeYeong wins!

Male celebrities

  • Jo Kwon VS ShinDong – ShinDong wins!
  • MinHo VS Mithra – Mithra wins!
  • SeulOng VS Lee Teuk – SeulOng wins!
  • Mithra VS ShinDong – ShinDong wins!
  • SeulOng VS ShangChoo – ShangChoo wins!
  • FINALS: ShinDong VS ShangChoo – ShinDong wins!

51 Responses

  1. love mbs’s chuseok special!!

    it made me hurt my stomach from laughing!! all perfs are epic!!

    2am, suju and boom`s perfs are EPIC funny!!

    snsd and after school’s perfs are EPIC awesome. love the moonwalk and the dance break.

    love the ‘free style dance battle’ eunhyuk`s dance is rad!! love to dance with taemin on the disco.. 😛

  2. I think the HIGHLIGHT of that show is SNSD’s Smooth Criminal

    they light up the show!!!

  3. 2AM should of won their round. they were so hilarious. What other guys have the balls to do that

    2pm would of rocked the stage if they were here

  4. It was a great show, SuJu’s performance so creative & love After School perf too…

  5. Lol all the YG comments. The world does not revolve around YG.

    Anyways this was by far my favorite special for Chuseok. It wasn’t just primarily one artist that was focused on, but everyone from idols, trot singers, to gag men/women were included. Great show.

  6. I dont get the need to bring YG artists in a show they weren’t even in. Okay we get your happy they’re not in it and you dont like to see them but talking about how you hate them in almost every post makes it look like you do like them. Your obsessing over your hate for them,its pretty pathetic really.

  7. i like After School performances..
    their so damn HOTTT..
    It makes me reminds jaybeom & 2pm members..
    when i watched their performances, makes me cry..

    2am performances was so crazy..
    it;s makes me laugh..

  8. Did the dance battle not count or anything? Including the dance battle, there would have been 8 rounds. They won 4 and 4. o___O

  9. SNSD’s performance was NICE!
    I liked After School’s performance too although at the begining it kinda lacks energy…But it was a good show after all…

    Don’t know if anyone noticed, but MBC is like filled with SM-biased and SBS show yesterday was like YG-biased! LOL…so weird how none of YG’s songs was on MBC too! Oh well…

    • YG already stated that bcuz of their 1 week performance, they didn’t let them perform on MBC plus MBC stated that they always welcome any artist to perform. And i think YG only wanted them to perform on SBS bcuz he wants his artist to train.

  10. WoW SNSD’ smooth criminal was really cool 😀

  11. after school performance was the SHIT. gahee is an amazing dancer and her pose in the end with the messg. really got me teary eyed.

  12. omo! a must download~ thanks for sharing this.
    I haven’t checked the winner list, i want to surprise myself lol.
    now, i need to find a full video of this show~

  13. Amazing show…!!!
    Love After School with ‘again n again’!!!
    Completely eyes-cathing!!!
    Miss 2PM!!!
    N that’z ‘for you guys’!!!
    Really like the whole performances!!!
    N the wrestling game for the male, the result is too obvious from the beginning!!!^^

  14. i think its better to see no YG artists in SDB..they’ll be overrated much!!! lastnight STAR IDOL BIG SHOW was enough for YG domination so lets give others time to shine!

    • jealous much?lol

    • oh please… Have you EVER SEEN any YG artist on any variety show? No, right? so just shut up. They are not like some SNSD who go to every chuseok show.
      You should say to SNSD to let other artist to shine! We don’t need to see their faces on every show!

      • we implying u .. who i like to see SNSD faces on every show… man really whats up with ur rude comment on SNSD? at least SNSD doing their fan a favor to be on every show to celebrate chuseok … or should i say like …., say jealous much?lol

        don’t bother replying .. i don’t care ehhh ehhh to read….

  15. i really enjoyed 2AM and SJ’s performances… love them so much…

    i like kara’s nobody and AS Again and again as well..

    they’re freakin crazy seriously! i laughed til my tears came out. they’re the best for me. kekekke

    kara’s version of Nobody makes me craving for wonder girls I miss them TT^TT

    snsd’s jjang! gosh i wish i have their talent! I never knew Tiffany actually can dance that well. she’s great.

    • there’s no tiffany tonite…
      it’s only Seohyun,Sooyoung,HyoYeon,Yuri and Sunny..i think you mean Sunny, maybe since she’s got like less shot, so make you think she’s Tiffany

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  18. SNSD should have won. Honestly, SuJu’s performance was bad.

  19. SNSD’s smooth criminal. THE performance for the night, everyone was like super pumped up while they were performing. I mean..who wouldnt? it’s the King of Pop. I was afraid they would mess up, they weren’t so in sync but DAMN, i love the energy and the audience.

    After School and SHINee rocked their versions goshhh..(Was Soyoung actually inside??)

    I loved 2AM’s rendition of Hot Issue hahah it’s so funny. Jewelry and KARA’s were very nice too.

    SNSD was simply breathtaking…slick and SICK moves! I think they should have won..but o well, boy grps deserve some love now.

    Funny how no YG songs were sung at all too hahah

    • SNSD sucks!!!! *yawn…

      only BOOM and 2AM are entertaining!!!!!

      • ya.. Boom and 2am was the most entertaining. For SNSD… their dancing was bleh…and was not really that breathtaking.

  21. After school and snsd performance was amazing wow I wish if I can do the moon walk lol

  22. SUJU~~~

  23. I swear all of them was so funny, haha!! Thumbs up!:)

  24. haha. i guess SM dominated the night tonight,
    but i want BIG BANG!
    suju’s perf when they ripped the pants i thought they were gonna parody Mister by KARA as well. but i guess not…

    2AM ARE HOT ISSUES! i love that perf. never a dull moment!
    After School were hot and i must say SNSD’s MJ cover impressed me a lot! esp. the moonwalk

  25. I personally feel very tensed watching SNSD’s n After School’s perf. The 2 perfs were so damn tight!!!!
    Even everyone in the studio seemed to feel the high atmosphere. The girls were manly!

    Shinee’s perf was great but they emphasized too much on the vocal…no dance break.

    SJ was entertaining as usual. The unique boyband. ^^
    Kara’s nobody is pretty good…makes me miss WG so much.
    2AM LOLOLOLOLOLOL Hyper n crazy!

    Awesome dance battle!
    It would be even more awesome if 2PM were there. T.T
    Jay….Even After School want u!!!!

    Thanks for the supports girls! :))



  28. i can’t stop laughing at 2am’s hot issue!!! looooool!!! snsd & Suju’s performance are the best!!! i also love Shinee’s & Afterschool’s!!!!! awesome performances!!!!

  29. BB’s appearance on last night idol show wasn’t enough for me. I want more!

    i soo freaken noticed that right when she put her arm up^_^
    && im glad they got an extra person to make it 7 <33
    i have more love for afterschool now XD
    Jay we're waiting for you!!

    && oh my suju<33
    never fail to entertain me..
    love them soo much!!

  31. I need 2PM
    thanks for sharing

  32. haha 2AM were great!! xDDD
    and they even included 2PM”s again and again ( nichkhun2s part) dance move into their song..
    aww ^^

  33. aww~ i love AS Again & Again perf
    the girls were so amazing!!! especially the dance break~
    and on Gahee’s arm she wrote “2 This is for you guys” !!! omg so touhching!!!
    i hope 2pm boys could see this~
    they would be happy !

    aww~ i miss Jay and the boys so much >__<~

  34. I’m so happy jewelry won. hope someone will upload a hq vid of them.

    everybody knows the nobody dance and it’s easy to dance. kara should have chosen something more special and unique.

    loved the SuShi performance 😀 Suju did really great.
    But was Kangin part of the team? Hope he was. Kangin oppa fighting!!!

    • KARA doesn’t choose what they’re suppose to dance. Yeah I wanted them to dance something fierce like yesterday’s perf.

  35. i miss 2pm @_@

  36. Awww, I hate that I don’t see 2pm here. :))

    Anyway, loved all the perfs. Kara, After School, SNSD, SuJu are all great, and the others too! Wish Big Bang, 2NE1, and 2PM were there!

    • am i the only one that think it is good to see no BB and 2NE1 in this show..because it will start all the SMvsYG thingy and i’m so tired about it…

  37. Love After School’s Again and Again!

    Esp. the last part! ^^

  38. Sujuuu <33
    2am ! Kara ! BOOM ! ❤
    but no 2pm T.T

  39. omg…
    WOW, SNSD’s moonwalk!!! PERFECT!!!!

  40. yay!!! I love KARA’s Nobody!
    And SNSD!!! Suju too!!! LOVE THEM!

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