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Jewelry talk about unhappiness and embarrassment on Golden Fishery Radio Star


Jewelry was on MBC Golden Fishery Radio Star aired on 7th October when members talked about their unhappiness about their profile on portal sites, and their embarrassing photos were also revealed.

For Seo In Young, she did not like her profile photo. She felt that her jaw looked too big and said on the show, “For the main photo, please change to something more recent please.”

With that MC Yoon Jong Shin said, “She is asking to change to her ‘re-did’ nose.” But Seo In Young replied coolly, “That’s right. Like that it will be more natural.”

Youngest member Kim JungEun requested for portal sites to change her height on her profile. She is 167cm tall but her profile only state 164cm. She revealed that she is sad as she had mentioned it to the management of the sites but they have not changed it.

For member Park JungAh, her profile was not much a problem, but when her embarrassing photos and videos were revealed, she said, “If we are going to talk like this for the show, I think inquiries on me online will be exploding.”

While for member Ha JooYeon, she was satisfied with her profile, saying, “I’m fine with it. I really like it.”



8 Responses

  1. What the… SIY obviously got her nose job… i just can’t believe she had the same age with Dara. ><

    Haha. the last pic is soooo funny! is that seo in young? lols. i guess that's the reason why she had another nose job

  2. OMG!!!those last 2 pix crack me up!!!!!!!

  3. Im sorry I laughed..at the last two pics..!
    but nvm all the pictures are pretty funny xD

  4. i’m sorry but i laugh at the last two picture. lol wonder who? i think it’s seo in young cuz she recently got another nose.

  5. lmao! who fell in the last pic???
    and seo in young’s nose looks much better now. she doesnt need any more work done

  6. i dont get the last two pics

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