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Kim SungMin apologises to Lee Hyori for hugging her


Recently earning the image of ‘4-dimensional actor, Kim SungMin has revealed his apology to singer Lee Hyori.

Kim SungMin was on SBS ‘One Night’s TV Entertainment’ recently when he was asked “You like Lee Hyori’s style?” referring to his hugging incident with Lee Hyori on Mnet 20’s Choice previously. He replied, “If I was Lee Hyori, I would feel unhappy. One day when we meet, I need to apologise to her.”

Previously on Mnet 20’s Choice, when Lee Hyori won the multitainer award, Kim SungMin had given her a tight hug which became the interests amongst netizens online.

And then Kim SungMin had written on his minihompy then saying, “A really happy day”. He had said, “The one thing that a man should do before he dies is to meet his style (type of woman) his like directly, isn’t it? Feeling good.”



18 Responses

  1. agree, you guys need to calm down hugging is a bigger deal in Korea. you cant hug someone you dont know like that lol
    besides that netizens didnt bash him, they just surprised with what he did,lol

  2. Awwww….it’s so sweet of him to apologize. I guess he felt that Hyori was a bit surprised with his hug.

    But as long as there’s no malicious intent then he shouldn’t have to. hehe.

    I wanna hug Lee Hyori too. ^^

  3. you guys need to calm down
    the netizens did not BASH him for hugging her
    they were just amused bc he’s such a big fan of hyori
    he didnt have some kind of press conference to say sorry. a reporter came to interview him about some other stuff. the reporter brought it up, then kim sungmin got embarrassed and said what’s written in the above article. it’s not a big deal. it’s cute

  4. i think everyone needs to try to understand that in korea, hugging is a lot bigger deal than it is in the US.

    if you don’t try to understand and just immediately blame someone,
    then you guys are the ignorant ones.

  5. wow really? If I ever met Big Bang, I’d be all over them. Netizens need to get over themselves. They don’t own these people.

  6. At first I thought the same thing like “what’s wrong with a hug…?” buuuuuut….

    You have to remember this Korea. So hugging someone you don’t know personally is really weird, not to mention doing it in public.

    I don’t know if Hyori cared, but I’m sure fans were iffy about it.

  7. that’s kinda sweet.. not the having to apologize for a hug part.. the “really happy day” because he got to meet his ‘ideal woman’ part.

  8. At least it wasn’t like Adrian Brody when he mouth raped Hally Berry at the oscars

  9. Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable and thats respect for apologizing.

    • true.. but she’d probably understand if kim sungmin was like her huge fan..

      i love nation’s siblings. .lol!

  10. what is the big deal.. so he hugged her! he probably is a fan.. and who wouldn’t want to hug hyori.. i mean HELLO??? its LEE HYORI!! i love hyori unnie ^_____^

    its like me “oh stand like 10cm next to DBSK but don’t hug them!”

    who gives shit about what netizens think anyway! i say Fuck Netizens.. i hate you forever for what you did!

    • LMFAO! It’s the same for me. Except for me it would be Big Bang. haha I’d be hugging them haha.
      Nice point! (:

  11. it is ok ,

    Where is the big deal ??!!!

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