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2009 Dream Concert broadcasted on SBS


2009 Dream Concert  was took place on 10th October in Seoul World Cup Stadium was aired today on SBS at 3.30pm.

Performance videos and also fancams (because Big Bang and 2PM‘s performances were not aired) posted under the cut.

Go under the cut to watch the performances

Official broadcasted performances

  • Grand Opening
  • Photo wall
  • SM Town with ‘Let’s Go On  A Trip’
  • Super Junior M with ‘Super Girl’ debut in Korea
  • Super Junior with ‘Sorry Sorry’
  • f(x) with ‘LA chA tA’
  • 4Minute with ‘Muzik’ remix

  • T-ara and Supernova with ‘TTL (Time To Love)Listen.2’ as 12 members
  • KARA with ‘Mister’
  • KARA with ‘Wanna’
  • 2NE1 with ‘I Don’t Care’
  • Park HyoShin and WheeSung with ‘Heal The World’ – I really really love this performance
  • Park HyoShin with ‘After Love’ – I am in love with all his performances
  • SHINee with ‘Juliette’
  • 2AM with ‘A Friend’s Confession’
  • WheeSung with ‘Jureureuk
  • MC Mong with ‘Indian Boy’
  • MC Mong and Kim TaeWoo with ‘I Love U Oh Thank U’ and ‘So Fresh’
  • Kim TaeWoo with ‘Love Rain’
  • ChaeYeon with DJ Koo on ‘Shake’ with Fractal remix
  • Jewelry with ‘Vari2ty’
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae with ‘Tell Me Your Wish’


  • 2PM with ‘Again & Again’ performing as 6 members
  • ‘I Hate You’
  • Fans chanting for ‘JaeBum’
  • Big Bang with ‘Lies’
  • GDragon with ‘Heartbreaker’
  • DaeSung ‘Only Fool’s Tears’

39 Responses

  1. contuine for the last post*
    cuz like there like a emty spot where jaebeom used to stand and dance and sing now it is empty 😦
    here a better version of i hate 2pm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qcTQUtMU-18&feature=related
    i miss you jaebeom ,please come back we the HOtestt willbe waiting for you to come back~! >///<

  2. i only see the opening and 2pm performs and BB that it
    it feels awkard and werid when Jaebeom is not there >///<

  3. sorry to say……but i don’t like the ending…i ike when yg will end the dream concert…and yeah it s more on sm artist..its sm mini concert………….

  4. why did they even add the rest of supernova & t-ara members?
    when only the original ones from TTL the first ones were the only one singing it..

  5. I hope ppl would stop hating. I hope ppl would stop sulking about why this performance got aired and this didn’t and why some seemed to get more airtime some didn’t. Just enjoy the concert. BB’s perf didn’t broadcast but I’m glad there are fancams. 2PM.. still sad Jay isn’t there but they’ll broadcast it when the group is ready (hopefully with Jay). It was so touching how fans screamed for DAESUNG and PARK JAEBOM. And NO, it didn’t seem like a SMtown concert. They did great also. Just appreciate please.

  6. hmmm..i used to prefer this site more before ….but as time goes by…tsk2x..haters come in..

  7. Srsly, no offence but listening to Let’s go on a trip made me sad. The feeling isn’t…right. That was SM Town? SM Town? Where is BoA? Where is DBSK? Where is The Grace? Where is Liyin? Where is Ayumi? Where is Isak? Where is Kangta? What about Heebon?

    Like I get the idea that LSM added new members to the town every year but does that mean he’s trashing the older ones?

    I would much prefer if they put “Super Junior, SNSD, SHinee, f(x)” under the artist catergory, not SM Town.

    They did a decent job at DC, a kind-of-degraded version. Well, can’t blame them, Kangta-BoA-DBSK-CSJH’s voices are epic. And I can’t really feel the SM Town love there.

    • This was just a special stage for DC. If it was a SM Town concert then I would understand, but it wasn’t. Plus, I totally felt the SM town love in that performance. They all danced & had fun with each other, enjoying the performance. That’s how the performance is supposed to be like.
      FYI: Ayumi & Isak aren’t part of SM anymore >.<

  8. gosh

    2PM boys kept JaeBum singing part and dance position as it is TT____TT this is heartbreaking …




  9. Not really loving this year Dream Concert. Maybe because I’m really upset, but I’m guess I’m glad they still did the Dream Concert. Hopefully, next year is better.

  10. I burst into tears when I saw Dae Sung coming out…

    Do you see him standing there, singing with his emotional voice?
    Do you see Big Bang performing passionately and crying happily?
    Do you hear VIP shouting the name Kang Dae Sung out loud?

    that’s what we call “love” 😡
    finally, 5 members as one completed Big Bang…

  11. Is it me…. or did Dream Concert become SMTOWN Concert, at the end there??

    • ok lets NOT start comparing if this is a jyp/sm town/ yg concert.

      lets just put it this way. its a concert meant to CELEBRATE kpop and its a concert meant for ALL kpop fans. no particular company concert.

      lets hope that the oct will be smooth sailing for all kpop artists. =)

    • each SM group only had one song broadcasted because SM wanted to have them perform and broadcast Let’s Go On a Trip? it varies from company to company

      • since SJM is a subgroup of Super junior that will make super junior getting one extra song broadcasted..
        it’s clear that Dream concert = MINI SM TOWN Concert!
        what make this concert more sm town biased is that sm artist get to performed another song together that makes the concert look more like SM TOWN concert.

      • @ Dawn,
        it’s not a mini SM Town concert, it’s just that SM Entertainment clearly has more artists than other entertainment groups. This year alone, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee and f(x) all made their comebacks/debut performance. SBS/SM decided to broadcast one song per group (i.e. SNSD actually performed Gee as well, Super Junior performed It’s You, f(x) perform Chocolate Love, SHINee also did Replay.) because they know they have more artists than the rest.

    • It’s just you -.-

  12. 2Pm… .=(

  13. Not showing Big Bang T.T

    ah~at least can still watch the fancam…missed them singing their old song,,they still sound good..glad to see daesung! 🙂

    did snsd sing Chocolate Love? genie is quite boring, wish they perform Gee instead 🙂

    I love all the performances from BB, 2NE1, SNSD, Kim Tae Woo, Park Hyo Shin, Wheesung… 🙂

    btw, Let’s Go For A trip is quite weird without their original singers…how I missed the old SMTown……….

  14. I thought SJM will only have activities in CHINA. what are they doing in Korea??? or unless SM ent decided to go against their word AGAIN.
    POOR ELFs being manipulated countless times.. And Super Junior’s performances will it be broadcast? Or SBS decided only to broadcast SJM performance since they share the first two initials??

    • They did show SJ… They performed “Sorry Sorry”. Then they showed up again in a SMTown finale.

    • …what does it matter that SJM performed in korea? Their song Super Girl has been doing well enough in korea along with kangin’s absence that SM thought it was a good idea to let them perform.

      • It does matter because when SJM first debuted SM ent clearly stated that SJM and SJ is totally two different group and SJM Will ONLY ACTiVE in CHINA when the only 13 thing started. but now SM ent GO against their words by letting SJM perform at dream concert. Isn’t dream concert supposed to celebrate kpop. yeah I know they sang the song in Korean. isn’t SJM was created to debut and active in CHINA? now dream concert what’s next? attending variety show and all?? and by the way Henry and zhoumi is NO subtitude for kangin absence. This is not SM town Why should SJM perform?? btw SJM stands for Super Junior MANDARIN.

      • @ You,
        It’s not their first time performing Super Girl in Korea…
        Are you against artists to perform in Korea? Who cares if they are only “active” in China. Dream Concert is just an open concert that they invite to sing and have a great time. Just relax, they aren’t promoting in Korea. Henry and Zhoumi aren’t substitutes for KangIn either… Super Junior performed Sorry Sorry & It’s You, they just want to give fans a gift of performing Super Girl because it’s doing so well in the Korean charts as well.

    • You’re an Only13 aren’t you?
      SJM was created to bring the kpop style TO china and to allow SM Ent. to get a good foot into the Chinese market. I know what the M in SJM stands for I’m not stupid. I’m just saying it’s not that big of a deal that they performed and I don’t think half of ELF went to jump off a cliff because they did. Yes yes Henry and Zhoumi don’t replace Kangin’s spot in Suju blah blah blah.
      I hope you realize that when the older members of Suju have to go to the military Henry and Zhoumi will have much bigger parts in SJ. common sense. you’ve completely over-reacted.

      • with new boygroups debuting soon. I think it doesn’t need to wait for the older members to go to the military and to be replaced by Henry and Zhoupig. super junior is done in 5 years time. make it 3 years.

  15. oh my gosh they started again first they complain it was yg concert for the idol big show now this won’t they just give a break….

  16. i thought only BB’s perfs are not broadcasted. but GD’s too??!! YG have lots of explaination to do to angry VIPs

  17. seriously for t-ara and supernova
    poor qri and boram
    they never got a line~!!!!
    whats the point of those two holding mic man??
    like for t-ara’s actual song
    qri never sings~!!!!!
    its so sad

  18. i wouldn’t be surprised if netizens start complaining that it was a SM concert rather than a dream concert –‘

    overall, i thought the performances were pretty good.. super junior m were HOT <

  19. i just watched this on tv!!

  20. SNSD & SJ only had one performance aired, probably cause SM has so many artists there @ DC that they didn’t want to be seen as “SM biased” xD
    I was kinda mad..but OMG that SM town performance made up for it!! They looked like they had so much fun!! Great ending! But the broadcast went by so fast..=/

  21. I was wondering, Super Junior’s performance? 😀

  22. KARA ❤

  23. I think Park Hyoshin + Wheesung collab is the best performance yesterday night…. haha i really love it too
    – watching TVants now.. –

    can you add in Park HyoShin’s perf if you found it at youtube?

  24. thank you sookyeong unnie ^^ but 2pm’s and big bang’s performances wont be shown on tv T-T fancams are our only hope :]

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