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New Drama “You’re Beautiful” Wins The Heart Of Many Viewers


New drama airing on Wednesdays and Thursday is the drama titled “You’re Beautiful.” Excatly what makes this drama catch attention of  the viewers? It involves some eye candy faces, new faces, and a drama plot that is  bound to have some twists and turns. Don’t worry, KBites be will highlighting these key features.

It’s only the second episode and many viewers are comparing the drama to other great dramas of this year like Boys Over Flowers and Shining Inheritance. The truth is …. the drama had already caused commotion when the stars were casted. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, Jung YongHwa, Uee, and Park ShinHye had the netizens talking about “You’re Beautiful” being the next idol / new faces drama. Primmadonnas were already marking their calendars with the new of the angel voice, Lee HongKi, being casted.



1) Drama Plot

On the 7th of October, the drama aired starting off the drama at a fairly high percentage of viewers. Jang GeunSuk, Lee HongKi, and Jung YongHwa are members of the famous Korean boy band A.N.JELL. Park ShinHye is asked to join this boy band for her twin brother, and she joins the band dressed as a male. This already had the netizens talking about the male-acting of ShinHye would be the next Yoon EunHye and her role in the drama Coffee Prince.

Then, the second episode that was aired, with display of the connection of the band members with Jung YongHwa showing his interests for ShinHye, HongKi questioning the identity of ShinHye, and lastly GeunSuk’s dislike toward ShinHye. Nothing is set in stone as the ending of the second episode leaves the viewers to question if any of the band members had found out that ShinHye had actually been a girl in the band.


2) New Faces / Fresh Faces

Another reason for the attention toward the drama are the new and welcomed faces that attracts many attention from the viewers. In particular, Jang GeunSuk and Lee HongKi were all returning member to the screen. HongKi, along with ShinHye had also attracted attention with their high quality acting that was present in the first two episodes. Newest face, JungYongHwa, was even considered the next rising star with his cute and charming looks. Uee, who had acted before in the drama “Queen SeonDeok” attracts attention from the viewers with the kind of acting that she would bring on to the screen. Here are some character highlights:

  • Hwang TaeKyeong (Jang GeunSuk)

Highly sensitive, clean-freak, and arrogant character present in the band A.N.JELL. He is the type of guy that is tiring to be with all the time. However, inside his perfect shell, is the sweet image of the kid who had been rejected all along.


  • Ko MiNam / MiNuh (Park ShinHye)

The 4-D character that lacks both communication and social skills. Living and seeing only the good sides of the world, she is a naive character. She has no sense of thinking before she acts and imagines the worst case scenario for everything.


  • Jeremy (Lee HongKi)

The rich and famous character from England with such a positive attitude. He is also the center of the balance between his members. With his smile all is forgiven and is the member that shows off the most fan service.


  • Kang ShinWoo (Jung YongHwa)

Different from his luxurious image, in real life he is a expression-less and feeling-less character. He is basically careless about things around him. He has a big ambition and been living his life with a sharp eye for everything.


  • U HyeEe (Uee)

Nation’s sister and fairy. All her life she had been loved by everyone. She is known for her sweet smiles, but the truth is that she has a side of her that is evil and dark. She shows interests for TaeKyeong and plays a big role in messing around with MiNam when she finds out she had been a girl all along.



3) Popular Trends

“Boys Over Flowers” left the screen with the perfect image of F4 and the trends of F4. “You’re Beautiful” as well started to make impacts of the society with nick names, famous lines, and new scenes.

  • “Towel Man” Jung YongHwa

In episode two, there had been the scene where Park ShinHye is standing  frozen in the locker room with “naked” guys surrounding her. Her ticket out is YongHwa as he says his famous lines “I can’t shower if you are here” along with the toss of the towel on her head. This scene gained popularity as he became known as “towel man” and soon after in Korea, kids started to joke around by repeating his lines and throwing towels on each others’ heads.


  • “Sexy” Lee HongKi / Jang GeunSuk

Primmadonnas started passing out when they saw Lee HongKi shirt less already 2 times throughout the drama. Also, Jang GeunSuk’s shower scene showed his skinny, slim figure. Even though they dont have the six-pack abs present, their slim body figure is attracting attention as it is making its way as the most searched searches.




Ji Youn : Gahhh loving this drama. Can’t wait for this week’s episodes!


58 Responses

  1. me to nth power!! i even like this more than BOF! I enjoyed watching this more! although the plot is not very original because of the girl-pretending-to-be-boy story, i love the way the story flows and the characters were very impressive! Kudos to the main casts they really played their character well… I had my eyes for Jang Geun Suk’s Taekyung but it seems that my favorite is still Hongki’s Jeremy.

  2. I super love this drama not just because of JGS (a big fan girl since Hwang Jini). I love the story and all the cast. For me, this is the best drama of the year. Hope it’ll have a second season.

    Can’t wait for the episodes next week. Just watched episode 14 last night and the ending made me cry.

  3. I love you’re beautiful 100000% more then Boys over flower. Boys over flower was just hana yori dango in korean version. it’s a good drama but i already know whats gonna happen. You’re beautiful is such a funny/amzing drama. I can’t wait for the net episode. and I’ve seen a lot of girls that acts as a guy in a drama and cut there hair short, why is that copying??

  4. omgg
    all the guys are so cuteeeee

  5. I like PSH. She can really act…with or without much make up…not like others.

    Saw the remark that PSH was a copy cat. Well… who was the author of You’re beautiful!!! and who makes the final call on the image they are on the drama,

    Well the story was great and everyone did well in the drama.. but i just hate Uee… just really felt that her acting … rather not at par compare to others

  6. esta super chever esta novela que lindos son todos
    chao espero que les vaya bien a todos

  7. i am absolutely loving the last picture ^^

  8. this drama brought the vibe that f4 could never bring ^-^ woohoo to the towel man. I just love that scene. xD

  9. i’d watch the drama after o levels! ahhh Hongkiiiii ❤ he's toooo adorable for words.

  10. i luv this dramas. its really awesome. the storyline is fresh and the acting is superb!

  11. this dram is great!!!
    i really cant wait for the next episode!..

  12. I haven’t seen this episode but I will when I have free time.
    that girl on the 1st pic at first looks Eun Hye but when you take closer to the pic …. Eun Hye is much prettier than her.

  13. I love this drama and the Hong sisters!! The actors are well chosen since they are close to the ages of their characters and therefore are more natural. IMO, the actors in BoF sometimes over-exaggerated their actions which makes it seem unnatural n awkward Yeah, i too find that this drama has kind of jdorama/anime feel in a good way. Looking forward to more eps!!

  14. Love love love this drama! Can’t wait for the next episodes. It’s very addictive. JGS ❤ I'm glad he's back

  15. This drama sure is my new addiction after shining inheritance ^__^
    and unlike coffee prince where Gong Yoo don’t know YEH is a girl untill almost the end of the episode, Jang Geun Suk and Jung Yong Hwa already know that PSH is a girl from ep 2, really can’t wait for what’s next.
    Hong sisters definitely pull it off…. now I’m waiting impatiently for next episodes to come ^o^

  16. “Primmadonnas started passing out when they saw Lee HongKi shirt less already 2 times throughout the drama” LOL. Btw, Younghwa is in CN blue right? So hongki shld be pretty close with him. HAH. This drama is beyond awesome. Cant wait for th next eps. And shinhye is damn lucky. She get to act with THREE eiffing cute/hot guys. Damn. & I love Younghwa character. Damn sweet and cute 🙂

  17. the drama captured my heart too.

  18. Love this drama 100 times more than BOF. 😀 Love the cast! And it’s a classic Hong Sisters production.

  19. awwww hongki
    too cuteeeeeee

  20. I love this drama! And I’m only on episode two!!!!

    haha, I love the last picture!!!

  21. I already watched the two episodies, and I really love it, i’m expecting so much of this drama, it’ll be a hit : D!!
    Many good actors and pretty faces!
    The script and the direction is pretty good 🙂

  22. lol..too much typo error in my last post..i go 0_0 reading it..

  23. i freaking love the drama..
    i kept laughing out loud when watching the first two episode..
    the cast perfectly fit their character!
    PSH is hella adorable..i used to not favor her but seriously, she’s so cute in the drama..i like her now..
    JGS is hilarious..he’s the emo bad attitude man but i like his unbelieveable expression each time PSH did something stupid and involving him..
    YONGHWA@towel man is slowly stealing every girls heart..i also think that he’s like rui in HYD japan..personality wise..
    but the writer that yonghwa personality is more than what eyes can meet..so i think there’ll be twist to his character..
    and lastly can i saw that i LOVE and adore JEREMY@HONGKI?gosh..he’s the cutest and most adorable creature..i just want to pinch his cheek and give him a huge bear hug,,and it couldn’t help that he’s always topless in the drama..his personality is over the top,really comical but just nice..no to the extent of being annoying..

    overall, i love the drama!
    i even like the manager, ahn president with his random english line and the pretty weird coordi noona

  24. i am liking this drama, fast-paced and somewhat the actors are chosen well. park shinye, she resembles a little bit to YEH but she has her own charm, and the guys, they are all cute.

  25. I love this drama and the acting is good. I recommend people to watch it.

  26. i love shin woo in this! he’s like perfect
    he’s exactly how i wanted hyunjoong to be like in boys over flower

  27. Love this drama ❤ But the only thing that bothers me is Jang Geun Suk's hair. Seriously, he's freaking smexy, sexy Geun Suk needs a sexy haircut. I've watched way too dramas, I can predict the ending of it already. I think I like this drama more than BOF.. don't know if it'll surpass Shining Inheritance though 🙂

  28. really love this drama…
    the 4 lead roles are awesome…
    they hav charm on their own…

    hongki is too cute for words.. ❤
    jang keun seuk is handsome as always ❤ .. but his hair is a bit =_=
    shin hye is cute as boy 😀
    Jung YongHwa = actor need to look out for.. falling for his character ❤

    • yeaaaah
      but whats the point of hongki (jeremy) being half british? lol
      and he`s really cute and funny
      but theres no “balance” that he seems to be doing..
      mabye its just me?
      hmm mabye it’ll come out in later episodesss
      either way hes so cute 😀

  29. It’s a really good drama…and if the Hong sisters pull it off, it may become the next sensation to sweep Asia. I am totally head over heels for Jung YongHwa – the towel man. I can see how his lines can become the butt of the joke especially if you say that to a person of the same sex….wow, that was a great scene.


  31. Oh yeah, the last pic is so cute. Hongki is super adorable in the drama. I wasn’t really a fan of his, but now I totally like him more. Also love his fan service. hehehe

  32. I’m happy for Jang Geun suk and for acting’s comback of Hongki !I always think that Jang geun suk need more exposure !

    This is pretty hard for me because i don’t speak a great english ,so now that i have seen 2 episode i feel like every friday (=> when the french sub are ok) i wait for see this drama XD

    This drama is very fun and fresh,that why i hope the next episode will be great too !

  33. OMG I love this drama. Its my new addiction. I TOTALLY melted in the towel man scene. Jung YongHwa is damn hot and cute. This drama kind of reminds me of Boys Over Flower. Jung YongHwa is like Yoon Ji Hoo. Hongki is like So Yi Jung. Jang GeunSuk is like Goo Joon Pyo. Also, I really like Park ShinHye, her character and acting is very cute. The only thing I hate in this drama is Jang GeunSuk’s hair. I can’t wait to watch the next episode.

  34. Omg..I LOVE this drama…seriously..i feel like I would like this more then BoF…i don’t know if it can beat Shining Inheritance though..XDD

  35. i watch this drama with eng subs on viikii.net and i love it. so funny. the guy from ft island is really funny. and the girl who plays mi nam is really charming. cant wait to see the next few episodes. hopefully uee does a good job

  36. I love this drama too ……
    Kang ShinWoo (Jung YongHwa)- he act so sweet!!

  37. i love this drama too!! i def loved every min of this! and man that girl is so lucky to be acting with 3 hott guyS!!!! i love how when i watch this it gives me like an anime feeling…it has a jdrama style or is it just me hhaha..well anyways i love this drama!!!!!! i really hate waiting for the next ep to come out..i’m kinda impatient here!!!!! and that new guy is hott! i mean they all are i can’t choose who’s hotter…

  38. She shows interests for TaeKyeong and plays a big role in messing around with MiNam when she finds out she had been a guy all along.

    I’m sure you meant girl, right?
    hehe ^_^

  39. I’m sorry but Park Shin Hye totally turns me off she is too much of a Yoon Eun Hye copycat. When YEH did Goong she did Goong S, when YEH cut her hair short for Coffee Prince she also cut her hair short and wore the same outfit as YEH, then now she plays a girl pretending to be a boy just like YEH in Coffee Prince. What’s next? Can’t she be a bit original and start a trend on her own?
    And even the media noticed and they called her the “fake Yoon Eun Hye.”

    • One and my favorite k-drmas was Tree of heaven, she is good … and I think it’s just a coincidence what you mentioned-…… but in this drama hasa twisted you need to see it .. not the same argument of coffe prince is similar but they are not equal

      • How many coincidences is it that she’s similar to Yoon Eun Hye? I dont think it can be considered coincidence any longer. She’s always copied YEH. And no doubt Coffee Prince and You’re Beautiful are not equal. Coffee Prince was original and beautifully acted and directed, while You’re Beautiful is just a rip off depending solely on idols and male eyecandy.

        can’t wait to see IRIS trample this sries next week, it will be Goong S all over again!

    • So overall you don’t like her.
      PSH has to make a living. Yeah, I agree the hair is similar to YEH, but don’t say anything about the drama. They choose her for You’re Beautiful. And the storyline is completely different. You could say Coffee Prince is a rip off from Hana-Kimi.

      • Park Shin Hye can make a living but what’s w/ making a living by copying others?
        Coffee Prince a Hana Kimi rip off? I dont think so. Coffee Prince was made into a series from a famous korean novel. Written by bestselling author Lee Seon-mi.

    • for your info,shin hye cuts her hair short like this once in 2007 drama kimchi radish,same year with coffee prince…

    • i really dont think she’s intentionally “copying” YEH. that sounds preposterous. such a talented actor intentionally putting themselves into dramas supposedly “copying” YEH dramas would not be worth it. i really think its a coincidence like someone else. you make it seem like shin hye sits at home reading YEH blogs to copy her style and begs her manager to only place her in dramas related to those YEH has acted in. no talented actor would go to these lengths and if were to say all of this is true, shin hye is one shameless actress.

    • think carefully before being so critical.

  40. I have to admit, this is really good.

  41. This drama is my addiction. Need more!

  42. this Drama is so good and funny to bad for Yunho drama will continue Heading to the Ground.

  43. i love the drama too <33
    it happen so fast and make u don't need to wait..
    you have to watch to understand whta i mean 😛

  44. i like the last pic!!!! ❤

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