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B2ST to become BEAST after debut; title song ‘Bad Girl’ revealed!


New idol group beast team B2ST has changed their group name to BEAST.

Their company revealed, “Through MTV B2ST, the group has revealed themselves as B2ST. But after their debut, they will be changing their name to BEAST to show a more developed side of them.”

Also, the group will be releasing their 1st minialbum with the title song ‘Bad Girl’. The minialbum will include 5 songs and is produced by 4Minute‘s producer Lee SangHo and ShinSaDong HoRaengEe.

The group will be having their 1st independent showcaes on 15th October at 6pm in MTV reveal hall.

Check out their MV teaser:



14 Responses

  1. they can’t sing if there lives depended on it

  2. go to hell

  3. kinda dont like their debut song…but I like more the teaser song…bring it back..

  4. Great, I have 2PM, SHINee, B2ST, MBLAQ in my top boy groups now. Two 2008 groups, two 2009 groups.

  5. Beast? 2PM Much? lol

    • Yeah i too dont rly like the fact that they came out with group name beast soon after the netizens called 2pm the beasty idol. It just seems like they’re trying to ‘steal’ the title frm 2pm. Moreover cube is jyp’s sister company. Whatever though. I know beast is not copyrighted by 2pm. Best of luck to beast

  6. i love all their song

  7. Not a fan of Bad Girl, but the rest of the album is really good! The other songs are much better than Bad Girl imo.

  8. song sucks

  9. hmmm.. don’t really like their song.. I like MBLAQ’s more.. but maybe I’m a bit biased by their mv &hot looks…XD
    Can’t wait to see Beast’s debut too tho..
    Oh yeahh for boygroups!! 😀

  10. Yep. I will definitely will have 2 more groups as my favorites now. B2ST (BEAST) and MBLAQ both have potential.
    Debut performance will be fun to see. Can’t wait.

  11. Besides Shinee, BEAST and MBLAQ, another girlgroup also released a single…haven’t seen any publicity done but they released it anyway, the group is called “Double-u” (Same name as the Morning Musume duo but the korean group has 5 girls), Allkpop didn’t report it too…correct me if they’re not a new group…

  12. this song is soo bad.

    their teaser song was alot better

  13. first yay :)))
    ooh these boys sound fierce…
    looking foward to debut stage :]]

    cant wait

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