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SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ OST revealed!


The full OST to SBS ongoing weekday drama ‘You’re Beautiful (미남이시네요)’ has been released!

The OST album was revealed on and offline on 14th October, and it features the vocals of Jang GeunSeok, Lee Hong Ki, Park ShinHye and also FT Island ex-member Oh WonBin.

Go under the cut to preview all the songs!

Album Title: U R Beautiful OST
Artist: V.A
Released Country: Korea
Release date: Oct 14, 2009


  1. 여전히(AsEver) – Lee Hong Ki
  2. 하늘에서 내려와 – Oh WonBin, Miss $
  3. 말도 없이 – Lee HongKi
  4. LovelyDay – Park ShinHye
  5. 약속 (Promise)(Feat.정용화)
  6. 가슴이 욕해
  7. 말도 없이
  8. 여전히(AsEver)
  9. 약속(Promise)
  10. 말도 없이 (Ver. Piano)
  11. 여전히 (Ver. Bossa)


Love the drama, and the OST is just great. Great vocals from HongKi, my personal favourite is ‘Lovely Day’ by Park ShinHye


24 Responses

  1. Ok… so when you hear the fisrt version of 여전히(AsEver), its Lee Hong-ki singing, but when they are singing the songs as A.N. gell is it actually Jang Geun Seok? Because if you listen carefully the voices sound different.

  2. I love this drama very much!!!thanks!!!

    can you give me this drama ost list download?

  4. it’s good to hear Won Bi’s voice again >___<b buh i miss his rapping more T__T

  5. LOL – I LOVE the DRAMA!

  6. Lovely day kind of reminds me of Natalie Imbruglia’s Torn in some part but both songs nice.

  7. Hahah, I just started this drama not long ago, and
    omg it’s so good, and YEAH, especially the
    OST !

  8. lol, sorry but UEE did not fit in that first picture. Lol. Kinda mad that they made her the love triangle with JGS and PSH. BUT~! Love the OST 😀

  9. Aahhh I LOVE this drama..
    Park Shin Ye is just sweet!
    Why can you be Geum Jandi!!!
    You would make a ‘normal’ sweet Jandi not ‘over the top’ sweet!!
    Why Shin Ye why~~~~

    • that’s not nice. Goo Hye Sun did a good job. Overall, she still made her sweet. Even if its not the sweet everyone is looking for..

    Hope there will be people who will sub this drama
    so that I’ll be able to understand. Hahs.
    The song all sound great! Hongki looks so cute
    in those picture! Im happy to finally hear from wonbin
    again ((:

  11. aaarrrggggghhh….
    oh won bin!!
    oh won bin!!!
    hes back!!

    wonbinnn !!!!!! xD hehe i dont care if
    this song is not suitable with him
    as long i can heard his voice ^^
    i really miss him,baddddddlyyy ~!

  13. i couldnt help slapping my forehead when i listen to the miss s and wonbin song.
    it’s like the females are rapping manly and the male is singing sweetly

    worst of all, it feels like this song is so wrong for wonbin?
    wonbin ah! dont tell me that this is the kind of music style you are pursuing!

  14. is jgs ever sang ballad? I really looove his voiceee!! husky deep sexayyyyy

  15. hongki lost a lot of wieght… or is it jsut me ?

  16. shin hye is pretty good. i’m suprised! (in a good way).

  17. WONBIN ! ^^

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