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Kim TaeWoo is crazy for KARA ‘butt dance’ and member Nicole


Singer Kim TaeWoo picked KARA as the girlgroup who made him the happiest.

Kim TaeWoo was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ aired on 14th October where the MC Shin Jung Hwan asked which idol female junior singer made him the happiest and he answered KARA.

He commented, “I’m crazy for KARA‘s ‘butt dance’.” With his truthful answer, Shin JungHwan continued to ask who in KARA is his favourite. And he answered Nicole without hesitation, on reasons that Nicole is very charming and feminine.

Kim TaeWoo also revealed that other than KARA, other girlgroups like So Nyeo Shi Dae stands at #1 for him and f(x) at #2 for him.

10 Responses

  1. Girl groups’ image – marketed to boys; the music – marketed to girls. Period.

  2. i thought he likes snsd.

  3. dude’s hittin all the girl groups these days. this guy should really get some. what a greasy perv.

  4. i love kim tae woo because he loves my idols!!!
    but that’s beside the point his song are awesome!

  5. he’s sound desperate

  6. this guy is a creep, lol.

  7. LOLOL i hope the bitt dance become well known outside of kores :L

  8. It’s really a fun dance and it’s hard LOL!

  9. yay butt dance!

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