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Super Junior Kim HeeChul, “Sulli is a cute and cheerful child!”


Super Junior Kim HeeChul talks about f(x) member Sulli.

He wrote about his memory of f(x) Sulli on his minihompy on 14th October. He uploaded a photo taken together with f(x) and SHINee at the waiting room during Dream Concert, which Sulli has also uploaded on her me2day account, and said, “I will talk about Sulli.”

He wrote, “When I first saw Sulli, I was 23 and e was 12. Back then, many female trainee are cold to me because they thought I was scary, except for So Nyeo Shi Dae Jessica, and there was no female trainee whom I was close to.”

He added, “But some kid came up to me and said ‘Oppa hello’ and then started laughing happily away with ‘Hee hee hee hee’. I was flustered.”

He continued, “Sulli who was from ‘SeoDongYo’ was a really cute and bright child…. And now she has become f(x) Sulli. Next time when I take a solo photo shot with Sulli, I will reveal it again.”

Meanwhile, many fans who have read what HeeChul wrote commented, “SM siblings are really close”, “It’s good to see this, envious” etc.



Sulli, "With HeeChul seonbae's encouragement, we gained strength. Listening to what seonbaenim said, I will be the kind Sulli who listens to leader Vic unnie"


23 Responses

  1. I totally love HeeChul.

    Just HeeChul. I don’t care about the Sibling Love or whatever you call it. But even though with that, i would totally support HeeChul all the way, He deserves all the love he could get. HE deserves us.

  2. Hee Chul is really kind ^^ he’s not scary and crazy at all T___t … i like him !! he’s really nice to Han Kyung :)) and that shows me his kindness ^^

    Sulli is really cute too..^^ f(x) fighting !! SM fighting !!

  3. sulli…<3 yes, love her. But LOL at all the female trainees except jessica being afraid of him.

  4. i really like heechul he so funny and cold im pretty that why he’s besties with ice princess . sulli seems funny and happy all the time

  5. […] source: kbites […]

  6. LOL, oh Heechul.. obviously, he’s Heesica. Course Jessica and Heechul are close. Sulli is really cute… she looks so bubbly and friendly.

  7. heechul oppa has always scared me. but i know he has a really kind heart only he doesn’t show it. he’s lovable once you get to know him. kangin oppa always says that he’s a really good hyung. just that his mood swings tend to make him unapproachable. he has a short fuse this man. but i still love him even though until now i’m still very scared of him. he’s funny and adorable, but you still have that sense of, “i better not mess with this guy or i’ll be dead meat” haha^^

    anyway, i’m srsly not a big fan of SM’s girlgroups nor am i that fond of dbsk at all (sorry my only SM bias is SUJU and SHINee) but the SMTown love is JJANG!<3

  8. I just love the SM family relationship <333

  9. I love SM Family. They’re so close. I think I saw Luna holding EunHyuk’s hand during Dream Concert when they were going down the stairs. I awwed.

  10. Heechul totally looks like Taemin in that pic (or taemin looks like heechul i guess since he’s younger!)
    heechul doesnt seem like he has a whole massive posse of friends or anything, but the friends he does have he seems super close to and has lasting friendships with (hongki, mithra, jessica etc).
    Its cute to see someone as young and cute as sulli could befriend an initially scary guy like heechul +)

  11. aaaaaw! SM love<3

  12. I also think Heechul looks scary…hmm, I should say he looks like a cold person. But his behavior on air is always hilarious…
    Anyway, I agree with him. Sulli is cute and bright child! Her smile brings energy!

  13. SulLi’s gonna be a beast in 2 years. She’s tall cute, and already with a nice body, in 2 years she’s be a complete sex bomb.

  14. Reading that i don’t know how netizens though sm siblings are close, they actually seem more distant (since Heechul say’s he was only close with jessica before Sulli). Though SM is such a HUGE ent it’s probably hard to be tight with everyone.

    Anyways, i agree Sulli seems so adorable and cute. She’s my favourite in fx because of her cute dancing and how she’s always smiling.

  15. HeeSica!! they are really good friends ^-^
    SM family <3333

  16. hahah. this is so cute. . SM is looking like a high school for singers. LOL XD

    pause. gosh. come to thing about it, there is ALOT OF SM ARTIS’s. suju has 13, snsd has 9, shinee with 5 and the list goes on.. holy cray. this is really is a BIG company!

    • and they’re ALL good looking! And I bet they also have lots of trainees…who are also good looking..=D Gosh, it must be fun to visit SM headquarters some time..XD

      btt.. Jessica must be brave enough to be the only one who’s not afraid of HeeChul.. well, she’s the ice princess after all..XD

  17. ^ IGNORE this person please, not worth it.

    Anyways, Heenim always had that image that makes it hard for people to become close to him but I guess he needs someone like Sulli who’s straight forward and is not afraid >_<
    Nice family they are and I hope to see more of it ^^

  18. now where are the SM fans outhere…GO FLOCK HERE…Praise and make Good comments about your artist and if you like, YOU can make stupid comments as well….

  19. Aw~~ SM Family is so lovely! I love their bond so much.

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