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T-ara JiYeon has a twin brother


T-ara member JiYeon, or more well known as ‘little Kim TaeHee‘, has been known to have a twin elder brother.

Netizens dug out more photos of the twin elder brother and this has been the heated discussion amongst netizens of late.

Photos of JiYeon’s twin brother


Netizens compare the photos with JiYeon’s before-debut photos


JiYeon after debut



I shall not quote the netizens’ responses this time, you know how they all are.


20 Responses

  1. Hey!!! dont teese Park jiyeon she is the pretyest girl I ever saw she is my first fan and dont TEESE HER!!
    Hey jiyeon if you are looking at this, this is an e-mail for you!! Tee Hee
    I really like you’can you add me
    my e-mail is
    I even learnt your song and your group song
    can you please give your e-mail
    I want to be just like you
    My name is Jenny Kim but I like to be called as Jiyeon Kim
    like you
    I watched god of study so many times on you tube now my mum is going to buy the dvd
    I like you so much
    If you want to have some more infomation please reply

  2. how about her teeth?

  3. her eyelids has always been single, she never done it before. when i check ‘Jiyeon plastic surgery’, all that came up was her old photo that look exactly like what she is now, only slightly tan.
    her nose are still the same i can tell.
    and hello, has anyone even heard of the word diet? she got that v-line because she went on a diet, it wasn’t man made.
    her contact and smokey makeup just make her eyes look bigger, no need to get them done at all.
    and stop bashing on them (idols who had their face done)…
    it’s normal for a korean, it’s like an 18th birthday present for them.

  4. i dont think she did her eyes. it’s just the fake eyelashes. for those who don’t know about make-up, fake-eyelashes can make double eyelids as well as eyeliner + mascara makes the eyes bigger.

  5. I always wonder how people brighten their skin from tan to pearl white xD.
    Even though I have gone through the same process from going really tanned (from the sun) to … a lighter tan xD?
    Not exactly pearl white

  6. she looks pretty much the same. it’s the makeup lol. i wonder what whitening cream she uses o__o

  7. The biggest difference is that she was really tanned back then. Now her skin is much much lighter and she has make-up on, probably some fake lashes and circle lenses and she’s older.
    There you have it, that’s the secret.
    Make-up and a new hair-do can drastically change your appearance, just look at America’s Next Top Model lol

  8. It’s the makeup…
    Accentuating the nose-bridge to make the eyes look further apart, plus the suitable hairdo and the smoky eyes…

    Korean netizens like to attack young stars, they should think about their daughters…Moreover, Jiyeon is the maknae…

  9. i know
    everyone is not perfect

  10. Double eye lid, contact lenses & nose??? O.O
    But she looks great now, I wonder how old she was when she had double eye lid & nose done.
    Many Koreans love plastic surgery – real but fake!

    • uhm you look at her eyes now and you say that she had double eyelids ??????? You should check your eyes and also your source of information… In the recent pics above, that’s a pair of freaken single eyelids right there…

  11. Eyes are the same. Its prob just the makeup and stuff when she’s on stage. And ofcourse, when someone debuts, u gotta expect them to look prettier than b4.

    • Of course, make-up and puberty. How I hate those fat korean girls who bash on the pretty stars so they can feel better about themselves.

  12. Her eyes are the same. She got fake eyelashes and smoky makeup on. of course her eyes will appear bigger. If you compare the 2 front view pics, you will see she got the same nose too.

    And god, that’s a long time ago. The only she did not have back then is the white-princess skin.

  13. She look so different?

  14. umm.. it kind of looks like she got her eyes done..
    there. i said it.

  15. he reminds me of what kim bum looks like right now. not before. like now with his loss of ..cheek fat(?) O_O

  16. lol at the last bit. It’s that bad huh?

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