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KBS Music Bank 16.10.2009 – Kim TaeWoo wins 3rd consecutive #1!


Today on KBS Music Bank, singer Kim TaeWoo won his 3rd consecutive #1 on the show’s K Chart with his hit song ‘Love Rain’.

Other highlights to the show include:

  • SHINee comeback stage with ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  • Debut stages! BEAST, Secret debut stage on the show
  • MC Mong and Lee SooYoung‘s comeback stages with ‘Horror Show’ and ‘Don’t Call My Name’

Special|Comeback|Debut stage

  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  • Woo Yi Kyung (feat. 4Minute Ji Yoon) with ‘Look at Me’
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl’
  • MC Mong (feat. Jang Goon Ee) with ‘Horror Show’
  • Lee Soo Young with ‘Don’t Call My Name’
  • T-ara+Supernova with ‘TTL Listen.2’
  • Secret with ‘I Want You back’

Usual Stages

  • Cherry Filter with ‘Pianissimo’
  • TaeGoon with ‘Betrayed’
  • LeeSang (feat. Jong In) with ‘Changing’ and ‘Girl who can’t break up’
  • SHU-I with ‘Bomb Bomb Bomb’
  • Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’
  • Gavy NJ with ‘In A Pallid State’
  • Lee Seung Gi with ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • Wheesung
  • Mina
  • Lee Seung Chul
  • Big Queens
  • Rumble Fish
  • Yoo Sung Chan
  • YoonHwa JaeIn


  • GDragon with photo bank

Still updating on the rest of the videos as they are uploaded

24 Responses

  1. LeeSang and Jong In “Girl who can’t break up” has got to be my favorite performance, nothing beats an awesome song being performed by talented people.

  2. Lee Seung Gi!!!…..no one else.

  3. I thought BEAST did a good job and congrats to Kim Taewoo on 3rd mutizen!

    Yeah T-Ara & CSS did not perform TTL listen 2, they performed the first one which I still love!! Great performance!

  4. T-Ara and Supernova performed TTL this week, not part 2. 😉
    Lee Soo Young is back? Awesome!

  5. Go Kim Taewoo!!!!

  6. Soon, it will be SHINee’s turn to win. VERY soon, as well.

  7. I’m impressed by all the recent newcomers like T-ara, B2st, Secret, HAM, etc.

    Although the music and the concept are getting cheesier, most of the members can definitely sing live. Finally we can now enjoy an era of Kpop live performances without cringing!

    *thumbs up for the managements in finally picking singers right*

    I’m digging B2st perf, but not the kongrish. “I wanna come to me girl”, seriously? Is that some kind of sexual innuendo?

  8. Yaay, SHINee! 😀
    I’m digging the song and Jonghyun and Keys new hairstyles, but Taemin’s jacket! >.< I really didn't like it, but the performance was great! 😀

  9. is it just me… or are Tara and Supernova singing the original version of TTL? and that there are only 7 ppl… LOL

    Love B2st and SHINee’s performances!!! THEY ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!

    • They are, kind of confusing since I thought the rest of their performances were going to be TTL ver. 2 .

  10. why didn’t GD perform on MuBank?

    • He’s going to perform on inki this week.
      Going to perform a boy and MJ’s Billie Jean.
      I guess he’s done with breathe?
      that was what? 4 performances?

      • ¬_¬ I think people are actually moving off of G-D now, we got MBLAQ, BEAST and SHINee now to enertain us.

  11. t-nova perform the first version of TTL, not Listen2. wonder why it’s called hot debut then..??? thought they were going to start performing the second one with 12 members… anyway, i really like eunjung, esp. when she always did the adlibs perfectly.

  12. Congrats to Kim Tae Woo!! ^_^

    B2ST’S debut perf!! <333

  13. Kim Tae Woo deserves it
    that’s REAL music !!! not some catchy tune with crazy repetitive

    • I agree with u I hope this year he will win Korea’s best male singer

    • Don’t understand what do u mean by REAL music…imo, all genre of songs no matter how childish you think the sound is, it’s still music…..

      • I’m just saying his music is the REAL Deal one, i’m not saying others NOT music
        His music not just some catchy tune with meaningless lyrics that been repeated over and over which make me think they actually not singing other than just those particular words over and over again.
        A song can be so Good w/o lyrics but can be so annoying and irritating when they put some ridic lyrics into it until the point it’s ruined the supposed to be good song

  14. I guess Korea’s old school singers dominated music bank congrats kim tae woo last night he also won in M countdown so I guess he will win in Sunday

  15. congrats Kim Tae Woo! i love Love Rain..lol 🙂

  16. B2ST Daebak DongWoonie is mine

    where’s M-BLaQ perf?

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