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Super Junior KangIn’s official apology


Super Junior KangIn, who was recently involved in a DUI hit and run incident, making many fans shocked has released a statement.

On the morning of the 15th at 3am, was involved in a hit and run incident in the KangNam area while he was drunk. He hit a taxi and right after, he had taken off from the scene of the incident. It wasn’t until 6:50 am did he turn himself in to the police.

He was scheduled to show up for the investigation to the police but had never shown. However, it was to be known later on that he is scheduled to come for questioning on the 17th.

Kangin has released a personal statement on SMTOWN’s Super Junior homepage.

This is Kangin.

I have nothing to do or say other than apologize a thousand times.
I should have been careful after being involved in another bad scandal.
with the pain I have caused again, I can’t show my face

After the past incident, since I disappointed so much people I lived with guilt everyday
It was a time of pain for me. I wanted to forget that incident and pain.

To the fans that have supported me..
for you to see such a horrible person, I am filled with shame and distress.
From your thoughts, I should have been smarter.
I resent myself so much because of this.

And to my members
From Eeteuk hyung to Kyuhyun
From my past incident, I have become a heavy load
and then with this incident again, I cannot show my face to you
I hate myself so much to give so much distress to my members that I consider my family
to the SM family that has believed and trusted me, I am so sorry,
and to everyone again, with my head turned down, i apologize.

SM Entertainment has released a statement about the incident with Kangin and has said,

With this new incident of kangin, it is something we feel so sad for and for such a repulsive act to happen, we apologize for this. The company and Kangin think that with the investigation, we think it is best for us to be given time. We are very sorry and will try in the future to prevent such an issue to happen again.

translation: mihyun294

89 Responses

  1. I love you so much returned to the Super Junior please
    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Please I love you so much returned to the team please I can not watching the Super Junior and I feel you are not where

  3. […] KangIn drink-driving and assault case [Read] […]

  4. […] KangIn drink-driving and assault case [Read] […]

  5. KANGIN oppa be strong!!
    i will support you no matter what!!
    im SUJU’s fan from philippines!!


  6. to Kaingin i think you should take rest from the group, think about the members, and get a HELP

  7. i don’t blame him, i bet after the fighting incident, he has had a lot of pressure n stress frm sm, which of course leads him to drink to relieve himself frm all those. unfortunately, he got himself involve in another incident again. well, its really not his fault, its just fate n luck. i hope he would just be careful next time. it’s a great thing he went n admitted n apologize. let’s not keep bashing him for all tht that has happened n just support him okay. i mean, its no serious matter, it just some no life people making it serious. all other celebrities sure did something wrong. foe example lindsay lohan, britney spears and they still live on with it n even continue acting, singing n all those stuff. so i seriously don’t think that its a big thing. celebrities are human too, its not his fault. give him some time n space people…………

    • I totally disagree. How could you not blame him? Yes, he must’ve felt pressure from sm, the fans, and everyone else, and yes, he is allowed to drink to relieve the stress. But a HIT-AND-RUN? The HIT part is unlucky, but the -AND-RUN part is just really bad judgment, and DUI is bad judgment. I mean yeah, I know many people still do it, but yes, it is still a serious matter. What if it had been a bigger accident and people were seriously hurt? Or even killed? Then I’m sure you wouldn’t say the stuff you’re saying now.

      And yeah, Britney and Lindsay and Paris and a handful of other celebrities all did stupid things (over and over and over again…), but that doesn’t make what he did any better or any more okay. Drinking and driving is a serious matter and should be taken seriously.

  8. This is a serious matter. If he’s responsible, quit.

  9. He need alot of braveness to turn out in police station and admit the case that he’d done..
    i’m not saying that KangIn is 100% correct…
    he was wrong with what he’d done..
    but the point is,he turn out in police station in few hours time..
    ELF,you must know that KangIn is not like what he shown in TV shows or program..
    We musn’t leave him alone to face this problem but support him…
    When nothing happen,you celebrate and love them alot..and tell everyone you love SuperJunior 13 people..
    but when there’s a case or something happened,you ran away..
    If like this,you’re not consider as a ELF…
    As a ELF,no matter what happen,we should stand up and show support to them..Not support them Blindly..
    ELF!!!!Walk on this path alongside with KangIn. !!!!!

  10. I have no sympathy for the guy even though I like him as an entertainer. Having known people who have been hit by drunk drivers I have no sympathy for people who are stupid enough to drink and drive. The fact that he left the scene and is more worried about his fans and reputation then the people that he could of potentially killed doesn’t help matters. I hope he gets the same punishment anybody else would for the same thing so that maybe he will learn his lesson and get help for his drinking problem. When you decide to drink and drive you run the risk of KILLING someone and he should think his lucky stars that noone got seriously injured.

  11. Damn….. Does that mean he’s gonna be away from all suju promotions D=?
    >_< Kangin needs his members right now to guard him and guard the alcohol of the house

    • who cares about his performances, I like the guy and all but he should be in jail or serving community service for this crime.

  12. It’ hard to live a life as a celebrity. You have to keep watch of what you do, and your mistakes are much heightened up than a normal person.

    Shows that celebs are just human beings capable of doing mistakes…I guess he’ll be suspended for a while now…

  13. I Love You Kangin im a girl and a fan of suju but im from midleeast i love kangin donghae all of them i wish he dosent go 2 jail

  14. btw, to those who said apology accepted
    well, dats really sweet
    but remember, u ( fans) is d one who forgive him
    LAW doesnt forgive drunk drivers who hit and run
    thats the truth, just accept it
    bcoz clearly, it is ALL his mistakes
    and he should be responsible for this
    he could have killed the driver n passengers
    and it was HIS choice to drive under influence
    he could hv called his frans, manager or a cab to fetch him but he didnt
    he should be punished although he is an idol

    ok, now about his career
    it is up to sm to decide whether to ban him frm suju or not
    dont forget that netizens hv strong power too
    netizens ard started a petition to ban him frm suju
    bcoz they said that he dissapointed his fans twice
    and i hope u guys knw what kinda company SME is

  15. @amberpark
    yu r the only one who is talkin bout jay here
    yu started it first =.=

  16. He’s such an idiot.
    He needs to punished BY THE LAW for what he did. A Hit and Run is a big deal and no matter what he was going through before hand does not excuse his actions. My god, he waited 6 HOURS to turn himself in. Disgusting.
    I’ve never liked him anyway, so it doesn’t make me sad like his fans. Whether they stick by him and support him or leave him is their own choice, but in the end he needs to be punished and face the concequences like any normal citizen would have to.

  17. i’m really sad with this. 😦

  18. How come he didint apologize to people he almost killed? he only apologize to his fans, members and his company? DUI plus hit n run is a really serious crime. he should atleast apologize to those people first and foremost.

    • why do you assume he hadn’t? is he obligated to tell you or anyone else whether he apologized to the victims or not? this statement was an apology from the official SUJU site. it was directed to the fans and ppl in general.

      he is not a shameless man. he would’ve definitely went to them and apologized to those ppl in person. does he need to let everyone know that he’s apologized to them? would it change anything? no. he would still be in trouble. no point publicising the fact that he apologized. he probably already did. only we don’t know abt it. geez. you ppl.

      • why do you also assumed that he is not a shameless man, after all he just hit them and left. geezz so defensive.

      • as if a drunken apology would be what the victims wanted at that point of time. geez. overly critical.

      • If you are telling people to stop assuming then YOU should stop assuming too, you weren’t there now were you? Do you know what actually happened when he went to the police station?

        The people bashing him are probably Jaebum’s fans waiting to see that something should happen to him like it did with Jaebum, well you are no better than those netizen’s wanting to take the law into your hands and passing judgment. There hasn’t even been a verdict and yet people are already criticizing what the system “supposedly” done, well nothing has happened yet and we’ll know soon enough but get this, yes ELF will STILL continue to support Kangin no matter what kind of punishment he gets and hope that he can get the help that he needs.

  19. He needs and should be punished because drinking and driving is a big douchebag move but man, you should read some of the comments left on the korean sites. Korean netizens seriously have no filter.

  20. i accept your apology… love u

  21. lol when chris brown did what he did he faced all the punishments. he did not come right out to be like i am sorry he waited until he face all his punishments and then he came out. so basically kangin should not be excused for what he did.

    he should face all punishments

  22. if kangin will be sentenced in prison and ELF protests, do you think the move is possible to save kangin from conviction and eventually turn out as a free man? if we have to think of it, there is a law involved here a law that kangin can’t easily get away with…..arrrgh ! kangin what’s with you? what happen to your brain?

  23. Oh wow. Yeah, at least he turned himself in & apologized.

  24. at least he did apologize and turn himself in, that means he know he is in the wrong and he feel sorry about it. thats it. though its a crime, but i hope elfs still support him, hope that hit and run accident not that serious!
    fighhhting ^^

  25. I agree he’s in trouble meaning need help with his drinking habit..ppl who already in trouble (alreadly down) doesn’t need another beating coz it’ll only make him be in a worse condition. I mean I think he got it after being in serious scandals twice in a row. He doesn’t need more ppl pointing fingers at him. What he needs is time off, rehab and SUPPORT. Why? Imagine if u’re already in trouble, will deff receive punishment n then find out NOBODY’s supporting u to get better. So I disagree to whoever said ELFs shudn’t support him. Of course not supporting him to DUI or hit n run, but to live a new life and be a changed man. There, I’ve held it for a long time. Fuuhhhh

  26. Ha Ha Ha! Kangin is going to Jail. He’s going to Prison. And he’s going to have his ASS RAPED in JAIL. There are CONVICTS waiting in PRISON to take their TURN at raping and fucking KANGIN in his ass again & again & again & again. You think there are a lot of fangirls? There are a lot of GAY FANBOYS in prison who want to do it to IDOLS. Kangin really messed up and he’s going to get it when he goes to JAIL. Muuhahaha!

  27. Super Junior has Kangin controversy. 2PM has Jay’s controversy. Kangin may have to go to jail. Jay had to leave Korea. Bash Bash Bash.

    When Kangin goes to JAIL, then the fans will boycott and protest that Super Junior is not the same without all the members. The fans will demand that SM do everything to get Kangin off the hook and out of jail because the fangirls would rather watch Kangin wiggle his butt on stage and not have his butt be banged by the jailboys in jail. The fans will line up at the jail and put post-it notes on the jail’s front doors. Blah Blah Blah Blah.

    • you need a shrink…

    • Wow now that’s a sick thought, I’m an ELF and I DON’T condone what he has done, he deserves to be punished whether it’s having his license revoked, get’s help, get’s slapped by his members for what he has done to them too.
      BUT you will understand that despite this seriousness, ELF will not abandon him, they will still continue to support him even while he’s being punished.

  28. and please don’t bring jay into this after all it was all jokwon’s fault that jay have an impression of korea as GAY……just an instant flashback…….it was jokwon whom jaebeom got to meet and befriended with the first time he landed at jype….jay was with jokwon the longest……SO !! THERE IT REALLY WAS JOKWON’S FAULT THAT JAY GOT AN IMPRESSION THAT KOREA IS GAY BECAUSE ALL THE WHILE HE WAS SPENDING TIME BEING WITH A GAY MAN……JOKWON HAS TO BE BLAMED FOR ALL THESE MESS !! ARGHHHH !! hehehe….just a thought

  29. He sounds very depressed from that message.. I hope he gets help for that.
    What Kangin did was wrong. He was lucky that no one was inujured in the end, but I hope he learns to be smarten up from now on.

  30. go kangin…..go ruin your life, your career, your integrity and keep disappointing your fans…..after all you don’t need anybody to destroy you…..you have a lot of ways smashing yourself down……honestly you need to be psychologically rehabilitated…..there’s really something wrong with your brain……

  31. made mistake, apoligize, done (…..x)
    how easy,,,,

  32. At one side, I suddenly feel sorry cos he’s just a human.
    But still this case is serious with or without anyone injured.
    I thought KangIn was the most manly n corageous coz he act like one. However, the being manly or masculine doesn’t guarantee a great sense of responsibility.
    I personally dislike heavy drinkers esp if they harm others.

    Thus, Suspension is probably the best.
    I feel sorry for the other SJ members n people who care about KangIn coz they must be disappointed, esp YoonJi. She even stated publicly that she trusted KangIn.

  33. im not saying he is right…. but i wont bash as well…..
    ok i know he did something wrong and all and i dunno if he has a drinking problem…..
    all i know is that this sucks so much for us SM family fans…..I hope netizens dont go 2 harsh on him…but well….u r right he should know that after drinking u cant drive!!…u must not drive T_T
    im sad dunno what 2 feel….

  34. suspend kangin?
    uh, so u really love him dont u?

    • Yes I do. He really can’t be in the spotlight right now. He needs to go away for awhile.

  35. Oppa T_T
    please dont drink anymore!!
    i dunno whats goin on, on his life but
    please dont bash him!!
    bashing him is making u guys feel good?
    he is man enough to apologize and he is dealing w/ the concequences!!!

  36. I’m going to be completely honest here, whether fans like it or not.

    I love Super Junior, I love Kangin and all the other members.
    Followed them since their debut until the whole only13 thing got too dramatic, I stopped following them that closely.
    They are still a group very dear to me.

    Kangin’s career is done, no matter how you see it.

    I can understand why everyone is comparing this incident to Jay’s, because it is similar in terms of them quiting from their group.
    But I cannot understand everyone rating the situation in the same manner.

    Jay wrote those comments as a childish teenager, who just wants to rant about life.
    Kangin is an adult, he knows the consequences of drinking and driving. But he still did it.
    To be sympathetic to him, saying he panicked, didn’t know what to do but eventually did the correct thing to confess is not going to help much. It took him about 3 hours before giving himself in.
    Before that, there are other alternatives that he should have considered before driving off in his car, drunk.
    He can: take a cab, call a suju member to help, call a friend/family/relative.
    There are many other ways of getting home, must he really drive?

    With the assault case still fresh in our minds, Kangin will definitely need to step away from him career at this point of time. No matter how Super Junior or ELF want him to stay, for the good of himself, Super Junior and SM Entertainment, it would be best if he leaves. This current case will probably see charges being pressed on him, and it would definitely take time to settle. With Kangin’s apology letter, it is pretty obvious he does not what this to affect Super Junior members.

    It is fortunate that this accident did not cause any injury or death, but let’s not forget that this is serious.
    For those who said “accidents happen”, “nobody got injured, no big deal”, shame on you.
    Being a celebrity does not mean you get priviledges, in fact, you will be judged more harshly than a non-celeb.

    If Jay has to quit 2PM because of some comments, which he claims cannot even remember what he wrote, I don’t see why that will not happen to Kangin.

    If Korea is not forgiving to a teen, I do not see them forgiving an adult that easily.

    The only thing I can wish for Kangin now, and I hope that happens, is to get help.
    Get help for his depression and drinking problem (if he has one, and I hope he doesn’t).

    • As I’m a fan of SJ, I know for sure that KangIn’s drinking problem is serious. He drinks alcohol like water. =.=

    • cause jay offended the whole korea? and who are you to know that kangin’s career is done? you work for sment.

      i’m going to be honest and say this. i feel like the hottest are the ones wanting kangin to leave the group because jay left 2pm and they’re feeling bitter. done. bye.

    • please dont bring jay case up

      • look around. it is mostly hottest going around commenting the kangin should quit cause jay quit for some dumb reason so kangin should deserve the same punishment. so they should get lost too.

  37. *sighs* Kangin oppa, you and alcohol just don’t mix.
    I love you oppa, but you’re going to need to fix your life and the life of the taxi driver and passengers(if their were passengers).

    SM should suspend Kangin. So it can give him time to reflect, heal, and change.

    Geez, disappointed twice with you already oppa.

  38. i..

  39. ^ How can he when he wrote this msg through the Super Junior official site? Maybe you lot will think “So what at least he said something to them” maybe he wants to apologize to them personally and not through some website, we don’t know whats going on now and you don’t have the right to demand things.

    I think that bashers should just stop looking for an excuse to bash and just leave, just like you don’t want anyone to criticize your favorite idol whose in trouble (you know who I’m talking about) don’t try to make this situation even worse for his fans they don’t need this right now.

    Everyone should just calm the hell down until we know what will happen to Kangin.

  40. At least kangin has the balls to face this scandal and stick around instead of running away.

  41. support kangin? yeah right…

    might as well support ALL DRUNK DRIVERS. you think he’s the only drunk driver that got personal problems? he’s just special ’cause he’s a public figure. he’s still like all the other drunk drivers out there…a hazard to society. so go on and support him…by petitioning that he gets some help.

    luckily no one was hurt. he could’ve killed someone, including himself.

    forgive? if he’s truly as sorry as he says he is he’ll go to rehab or something. after that talk about forgiveness.

  42. Uhh, You’re so mean!!!!
    We should forgive him man! It’s so wrong of some of ya’ll who think that he should not be forgiven. Aiyah! Damn shitty!!!! Dont liddt la!

  43. kangin hyung…..be tough……..

  44. He didn’t even apologize to the victims he could have killed????? He apologized to the fans and to his label but not the people who was involved in the accident…just trying to save his career

    • and you know that because?
      he could have apologize to them in person, phone, or something. where you there to know that he didn’t?

  45. “I cannot show my face to you’
    I hate myself so much to give so much distress to my members that I consider my family ”
    Hiding is not the way to solve the problem
    you need time to look back and to overcome this problem , and we ’’ give you time , and wait until you come back
    but please don’t make it too long , just face it , you did such wrong things , and you have to face it , everybody ’’ ll forgive you , believe me

  46. He shouldn’t have been a coward in the first place. He ran away from his woes by drinking too much, then he ran away from the scene of the ‘crime’ and now he seems like he wants to run away from Super Junior, his fans and everyone else. Kangin, face it like a man! And umm, I think you should say sorry to the taxi driver and the passengers.

  47. People should forgive him but…I don’t think it’s easy 2 forget. And he should face the consequences this time. Suspension probably will be the best solution for now.

  48. what Kangin did was wrong . Forget that he is a idol as a person you should know Do not Drink and Drive.
    He has so much common sense usually that this is really making me question what happened to him. The last incident seems to really have put him in a bad state and he is drinking himself out of the pain.
    He definetly needs to stop drinking. His SM family,
    managers,members and Real family need to intervene.
    His apology is sincere in my eyes but that doesn’t change facts. Thank God no one was hurt. I truly hope he comes out of this a better person. Before these incidents Kangin was working his way up the entertainment industry and I hope he focuses on work again and comes out of this a better man.

  49. wow his apology…its serious but not THAT serious. it seems like he do not want to go back to Suju or something. its ok, just lie low for awhile, and by Suju’s next album, everything will be forgotten

    • I hope you’re not implying that a HIT AND RUN is not serious. I mean, yes, a DUI is serious, but not serious enough that many people still do it. But a hit-and-run? I guess it was an empty taxi cuz if it wasn’t, I don’t think he could’ve run away from the scene. Judging by these past events, it seems like (just my opinion, not based on facts) he may have a drinking problem. That would help explain why he’s looking meatier these past few months. Let’s hope that he gets the treatment he needs, (and maybe some jail time but maybe they will let him off though) and returns to us the way he was before. Although I’m not a huge fan of Super Junior now, he was my favorite member when I first got to know them back in 2005, and I truly wish he will get better!

      • Hm, wait, so there were people in the car? Wow, then yeah, he definitely did wrong driving away from the scene. Wouldn’t the people in the taxi recognize him? In my opinion, he needs some jail time. Hanging out with real criminals would probably set his mind straight.

  50. hey,…why you say things like that. when he is on the top, you praised him like no other ,….now when he is down, you talking him like he is true criminal. kangin is human and human makes mistakes… he bring lots of laughs and joy with suju and now when everything tumble upside down,…all the blame is on him. that is not fair. how can people being so smart a** like that? do you thing it is easy to be an entertainer,…. high above at that place they are standing alone….

    • he’s a real criminal now with dui + hit and run -_-

    • I had a friend killed by a drunk driver

    • agree! all we can do now is support him and hope he learns from his mistake.

      after all thats happened recently, are people sure they want to go ard criticising celebrities yet again and make another mountain of a molehill

  51. whats with all these troubles on boy groups this yr? *sigh*

  52. i really hope he will stop all this shit. seriously.. ELF has given like everything to support him.. and now.. DUI? oh please kangin.. grow up and be a man! ur an idol afterall.. stop drinking to much alcohol and please think about your fans. they have given a lotttttt of support to you. dont make them waste their time and love for you.

    and to all ELF.
    i really think we should not support him this time. I mean. i know nobody is perfect and he is just a human. he makes mistakes. but if we keep saying “its okay oppa.. we will support you whatever you do and we believe you.fighting..” then IM REALLY SURE he will keep repeating that mistake. we really should warn him. and please dont get me wrong. i dont want another kick-kangin-out-of-korea or kangin-commit-suicide-petition, i just want him to realize what he has done is not right. its totally and completely wrong.


    And for those that want to bash, don’t even bother, if his fans are feeling sorry for him even though this case is a HUGE deal, let them be, they have the right to feel what they want no matter how serious the case is. It’s not like they don’t understand the situation, it’s the opposite they completely understand but at the same time they are feeling for him as fans would. Don’t bash them for their feelings.

    Kangin…. what are we going to do to you? Even if you are apologetic it still happened, people could have gotten hurt and you could have gotten hurt too, it’s an irresponsible thing to do, especially considering the first case even if it was in self defense it still involved alcohol.
    At least for now he has apologized but I sincerely hope he gets some help, have one of the members first slap some sense into him, stop drinking and have SM stop his activities (even SuJu’s SS2 concerts).
    But whatever happens he’s still part of

    • anyone who is dare to link this matter to jaebum. seriously.. i will kill him or her with my hands.

      • oh please, get over the jaebum issue.
        and GET A LIFE.
        seriously i don’t get why ppl get so angry over these things

      • I think people misunderstood me, I could careless about Jaebum (sorry it if sounds harsh) but it’s annoying how they keep bringing him into every situation where he should be be mentioned

      • @amberpark: relax on the jaebum issue pls. no one is linking anything to jaebum. here you are, bringing in the case yourself. -_-

      • heyy i was just responding to e21.

  54. Got to give it to SM though- at least they let the public and fans know whats going on, unlike JYPE.

    • well maybe the things going on at jype are more bigger than this. im not saying this isn’t big, im just saying that jype respects the privacy of his “kids”. it’s more of jay’s choice to keep what he wants a secret a secret.

  55. awww.. I don’t know what to say. o_O

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