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2PM on MBC Infinite Challenge ‘Rice Farming Special’ revealed!


Fans get to see JaeBum, who has left group 2PM, on MBC Infinite Challenge.

On the 175th episode of MBC variety program Infinite Challenge on 17th October, the special episode of ‘Rice Farming Special’ was aired.

The ‘Rice Farming Special’ was a large-scale project between the Infinite Challenge group and 2PM on growing all the way till harvesting of rice to help the needy.

And as the project has started earlier this year, it also features JaeBum from 2PM.

Go under the cut to watch the video!

The production team to the show has decided that they will not edit out JaeBum’s part of the project.

This is the preview to next week’s Infinite Challenge!

I miss Jay ><


26 Responses

  1. we shall see @loljoke..
    even if ima like B2SY @ MBLAQ, you wanna know a fact?
    it’ll just remind me to 2PM with such ‘beasty’ and ‘acrobatic’ things..

  2. yay! being wait to watch this.

  3. Aww They look so happy joking around :{ Miss JAYYYY!!!!!

  4. oh i miss him too ;(

  5. i miss jay..jay comeback plssssssssssssss…2pm hwaiting!!

  6. WOOT!
    I can’t wait to see this episode~

  7. T ___ T Sookyeong your opening paragraph really heartbreaking

    I’ve been used to to 2PM beastly have-fun-go-mad attitude ever since the early 2009, they were my last resort for comfort to better my nightmare days and now things gone bad, omo, I missed them so much

    admist K-pop troubles again and again and again, what will happen to MKMF this year?? and Gayo Daejun show??

    I can’t even get myself excited again

  8. u are pretty ignorant especially since the hype about B2ST is so great right now , though i am not a fan of them ( SUJU WOO ) , its pretty obvious they are equally or better than 2pm .. 2pm is going down bros

    hail the new beast

    • You’re probably right. Seeing 2pm’s situation atm

      OK HOTTESTS lets keep the Boycotts going! no need to keep following them when new groups are coming right? If theres no jay just let them crash and burn!…. unless you dont want that to happen?

      • “OK HOTTESTS lets keep the Boycotts going! no need to keep following them when new groups are coming right? If theres no jay just let them crash and burn!…. unless you dont want that to happen?”

        somewhat i second that…(~~!)
        it’s now Hottests that makes 2PM become like this…why don’t support them even if it is a fact that they are 6 now? call them whatever but they still 2PM,even without Jay…we all believe & keep in our heart that Jay is forever part of 2PM,enough with that!
        i miss 2PM damn much & seeing them facing such situation at the moment, it’s really heartbreaking… T______T

    • whatever. dont even care about your comment. why the heck are u trying to make their fans go against each other when b2st/beast and 2pm is pretty much brothers themselves? silly fan -_-;

    • i don’t see how they are even remotely close in comparison to 2PM. they debuted like what? 2 days ago? and you compare them to a group as superior as 2pm? please, don’t kid yourself. jay’s gonna come back and once he does 2pm will put those babies back in their cribs.

  9. 2pm is going down . B2ST is the new beast taking over them . lolololololololololol its true guys ^^

  10. awwwwwww………god I miss all 7 of them. =)

    can’t wait!

  11. Aww looks like fun πŸ˜‰

  12. mM… momusu???

  13. it should be “2pm” not mM lol. πŸ˜€
    aw I’m so excited! πŸ˜€

  14. I really want to watch it but not sure if I am able too.. Its gonna be soo sad.. I just know it~~


  16. ”group mM”

    Oh Yeah,jay is a Morning mosume member !*_*

    I can’t wait >_<

  17. Can I really watch this? 😦
    But,I really want to see him smile and laugh…That’s all!
    πŸ˜€ We have to be strong for Jay!

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