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Jang Ri In’s new MVs to feature DongHae and Henry


On October 15, Jang RiIn (Zhang Liyin) ‘s new teaser for her single was revealed on Sohu. Despite it only being 34 seconds long, it created a huge reaction from fans.

Since her debut, Liyin‘s MVs have mostly featured her seniors in her SM Entertainment company. In “Timeless” and “I Will”, this girl with such outstanding vocal capabilities has seemed rather shy on-camera.

However, in Liyin‘s new single, “Sunny Day, Rainy Day”, she not only acts in her own MVs, she also works with Super Junior M‘s Donghae and Henry.

Donghae has worked with many female artists before in MVs and in commercials: BoA, Girls’ Generation, Ariel Lin… The well-experienced Donghae now create “shocks” in Zhang Liyin’s new single. How will the on-screen chemistry be like? A fresh MV shot after a rainfall to capture the calm peaceful mood, how was the shooting actually like?

Henry, being the member from SJM to have experienced the most change the past year, will now be given the opportunity to show his masculinity. This time, he guests in the “Love Me” MV – a first MV guesting that everyone will surely anticipate.

Liyin is to guest on Sohu’s “Star Online” on the 19th at 2pm, as well as reveal the full MV then. She will discuss how it was like to work with SJM’s Donghae and Henry.

Source: Sohu
Translations: Wendy @ Chocolyn

21 Responses

  1. WOW,I love the teaser!!!I hope Ri In comes out with the Korean version of this song..Im sure it’ll be a huge hit.=D

  2. Henry too?! I wonder what his role will be.
    I think Donghae and Liyin look really cute together.
    The video will be revealed soon, then? YAY

  3. Sick, Henry is gonna be feature? Yay πŸ™‚
    I think Donghae should really be an actor…

  4. yes..total comeback!!! win the chart ri in-unni!! πŸ™‚

  5. Aw… LiYin….<33
    Those who don't know about LiYin are probably new kpop fan n it's understandable coz she's not active in korea. She only released 1 single in Korea back in 2006. She's more of a C-POP singer now. I actually want her to promote in Korea…

    • i totally agree with u
      i’ve been listening to her since her debut
      its sad that SM doesnt promote her that much all he promotes are these girls who cant even sing as well as LiYin.

      • it’s not important who can sing or not, but the matter is who can sell albums more..n it’s all about business, dont need to compare..
        btw, i love all sm girls, dont ever talk shit about them!!!
        cant wait for her to be active in korea, since i dont follow cpop.
        JRI hwaiting

  6. I was surprised when the first time I saw this teaser from SM ent youtube. I was about, “What? After Siwon and Hangeng, it’s time to Donghae?”
    Liyin kinda like to feature SJ members in her MVs lol
    Btw, can’t wait to see the full releases! Go Liyin~

  7. Not my type of song but that girl can sure SING ! O___o

  8. i think she did her nose haha i love her voice πŸ™‚ she pretty as usual loll for those who dont know her, back then she has duet a song with junsu ‘timeless’ its a beautiful song

  9. Donghae is so handsome :]

  10. don’t know who she is but Donghae loolks awesone πŸ™‚

    • she’s also an artist of SM..:)

    • It’s too bad she’s not very popular, because she is damn talented ! I love her πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for her comeback

      • yeah i think shes kindda underrated cant wait for the full mv πŸ™‚

      • Have you heard the song “Timeless” sung by her featuring Xiah Junsu ??? Its so good PLUS it features Siwon and Hankhyun from Super Junior . 2 Parts to the mv but its a pretty good song !

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    • how can you not know? lol well … i dont blame ya.. she hasn’t really been active …

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