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SBS Inkigayo 18.10.2009 – Hot debuts and comebacks!


On SBS Inkigayo today, the highlights to the show are:

  • 2PM Taec and WooYoung are back as MC on the show!
  • Hot debut showdown – BEAST vs MBLAQ
  • KARA says goodbye with ‘Mister’
  • New music by: GDragon and MC Mong (‘A Boy’ and ‘Horror Show’)
  • Kim TaeWoo wins Mutizen!

Go under the cut to watch the videos!

Comeback Stage

  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’

New Release

  • GDragon with ‘A Boy’ and ‘Billie Jean’ – His hair ㅠㅠ but I love the performances. And last page of his notebook, “Next week, TaeYang comeback!”
  • MC Mong with ‘Horror Show’

Goodbye stage

  • KARA performs ‘Mister’ as goodbye stage – I’ll be missing some of the butt dance for a while

Hot Debut

  • MBLAQ with ‘Oh Yeah’
  • BEAST with ‘Bad Girl’


  • Lee Seung Gi with ‘Let’s Break Up’
  • Gavy NJ with ‘In A Pallid State’
  • Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’

Fresh Music

  • JB with ‘1987’
  • RUN with ‘She’s Strong’ – I thought the song sounds good

Hot Music

  • f(x) with ‘LA chA tA’
  • TaeGoon with ‘Betrayed’
  • T-ara+Supernova with ‘TTL Listen.2’

Power Rookie

  • B2Y with ‘Jeez!’ – I actually hope the group will make it big! I like them!


  • Digital Music Chart: f(x)‘s Sulli and Amber

48 Responses

  1. OMG GD HAIR!!!!!!

    like MBLAQ better than B2ST
    lee joon chuwa………

  2. gds hair!!! i thought it was a wig at first!! AND WHEN IM FINALLY USED TO THE BLONDE HAIR HE CHANGES IT!!! 😦

  3. hey what song is number 2, well they said number 4, please tell me!!!! 😦

  4. Congrats Kim Tae Woo! =) mannn I miss G.O.D.
    ohmahgosh. Lee Seung Gi on the piano! =) he’s such a cutie.
    I can’t believe G-Dragon pulled off that performance. That song has killer falsetto in it. It’s pretty cool how they meshed in Billie Jean too. i must add that I love the choreo for A Boy.
    I don’t like Ring Ding Dong as a song but I love watching SHINee perform the song. they always give perfect lives.
    the f(x) girls have gotten so much better! I haven’t watched a La Cha Ta performance from them since they debuted because they were so boring to watch before but now they are so much more comfortable on stage and they much more charismatic. keep up the good work girls!

  5. love GD, i agree the hair is kinda funny, but the performance was so good. I love the little mix with michael jackson’s (R.I.P) song, and the ending with TY’s sign about his comeback was so sweet. I’m waiting for their joint performance of Korean Dream.

  6. B2Y!!!! i love them too

  7. INKI INKI Im always LOvin INKI…

    nice to see Taec and Wooyoung…
    I enjoyed GD’s Perf, do u guys saw GD and SO-1 talking on the sides of the stage…..and cant wait for TAEYANG..”where u at, where u at”…were right here waiting…

    MBLAQ is hotness..cant deny that..the song is fine with
    BEAST is fine…thats all…
    Shinee…their choreo is always been complicated yet nice moves….I enoyed the perf.
    KARA..goodbye….see u agian.
    all in all the K artist wears the same color…BLACKSSS

  8. Beast needs to really stop relying on a loud backing track. They may have sounded better but the intensity of their backing track is to the point of lipsyncing. MBLAQ was definitely shaky but I think they performed better considering they went almost completely live with minimal backing track. Considering their choreography I have to give them respect for going at it live when many of their sunbaes have lipsynced when the choreography was intense.

    Performance and vocal wise Shinee definitely has the newbie boybands beat but I just really cannot stand the song and the clothes.

  9. I’m just so happy that Taec & Wooyoung are back!
    Loving Ring Ding Dong, the boys are so hot!
    Congrats to Kim Tae Woo, he really deserves it. The song is great.

  10. B2Y should win #1 next week. I hope they make it big.

  11. wow. GD never learns does he? Now he’s doing falsettos. EPIC FAIL.

    also looks like he got blonde pubes on his head

    Kudos to KTW!

    • he’s always been doing falsettos. in BB’s song “Babo” he did the whole falsetto parts and a few other songs as well. you just dunno cuz you’re clearly not a fan.

      pubic hair? some imagination you get there.

      and yes, kudos to Kim TaeWoo.

  12. love GD’s performance!!…i don’t care for the hair..it suited him…
    i’m started to love more of Shinee…the have good stage presence…and a big congrats to Kim Tae Woo!!! love rain rocks!

  13. wooyoung and teac <3<3<3<3
    but no 4minute? ;(

  14. wooww…. this week is the week for fangirls!! yayy for boys domination!!XD
    Shinee – I loooove their more manly looks… I think i’m starting to have a crush for Minho altho he’s much younger than me..XD
    GD – dreadful dreadful (it’s really dreadful!) hair, but very awesome performance. I love the song & the concept of his perf.. esp the last part when he mentioned Taeyang..^^
    Beast – i don’t really like their song, but they sing good live..
    MBLAQ – hot boys!!! hot song, hot dance.. but their voice are kinda shaky live.. maybe bcoz they dance so hard..
    hahaha.. but all of them r so good.. I’m so loving this week…XD

    • oh! and yayyyy for Taec & Wooyoung’s comeback… I’m so missing 2pm….T.T
      I’m really scared that they will be forgotten if they don’t make more appearances soon.. coz it seems like the Kpop scene is now so much flooded with the manly/beastly concept..
      add that with the boycott issues…sigh…T^T

  15. wow applause for Taec and WooYoung

    you go boys!!!

    after girls groups flooding K pop scene now boys groups tsunami, not to mention male solo singers comeback and new boys debuts. pretty tough competition but not much of a variation

    missing the boys doing parody on girl choreo …

  16. The most important and epic comeback for me isn’t with the performances. It’s with the MCs. Sorry but I couldn’t help but be happy seeing Taec and Woo again. Its been so long since we saw them in any show, live. I mean with all that’s happened I’m happy that they get to work again!

    On the performances, I’m only commenting on the boys. I got too much overdose of girl groups.I really loved GD’s perf despite the poodle like/little orphan annie hair (maybe i should just be thankful he didn’t dye his hair orange). He has such stage presence even if he’s alone/solo. He pretty much puts everyone’s stages to be lacking. Sorry but his clips as a young boy was more interesting than the debuts/comeback of other artists. I love his shoutout to VIPs and the promo for Taeyang. YG family love.

    Shinee was good as usual. Nothing new. They’ve been consistent performers since their debut like most SM artists.

    MBLAQ was obviously nervous and it shows. Even if the vocals are better, they showed more energy in m countdown debut. But I see potential to be better. I hate the outfits.

    BEAST has really good vocals but I still don’t like the song. Its too popish. I want Beast is the Best, Yet or Oasis -better imo.

    Lee Seung Gi and Kim Tae woo have great vocals.

  17. and by the way, KARA’s goodbye stage in Music Core was awesome LOL they glow in the dark.

  18. Shinee needs to win #1 next week. Well, they’re already #1 in online charts. SS501’s comeback is next week and their album already has massive pre-orders. Gosh! I can’t wait.
    I love Shinee and SS501!

    And I’m really liking BEAST too!!!!

    Awww, KARA will have to say goodbye! DSP! KARA says goodbye and SS501 makes a comeback??? Darn, when will you give me the KARA-SS501 collab huh? Anyway, I hope SS501’s still promoting when KARA comes back, oh please give me a collab!!!!

  19. didnt shinee performed in inkigayo also? u forgot sookyeong..

  20. MBLAQ ftw
    they did great
    keep it up

  21. MBLAQ! Lee Joon’s expressions are all cute

  22. Oh mo, why isn’t Aj doing the intro part?! hehe~
    WOO’s mushie head~~~ ahhh~~ xD so cute

  23. i thought gd did great. he brought the chrisma others lacked.. and the perf was very creative

  24. IT’s all abour BEAST !! xD

    AJ FTW!

  25. G dragon hair is just o.O sorry but he looks so gay

  26. wth is wrong with gd hair its was okay for jokes and stuffed under that horrible fur hat the other day but this is to much. i couldn’t even pay attention to his performance because of my laughing and feeling secondhand embarrasement if he was trying to distract people from his singing then he did a hell of a job

  27. At first, I thought G-Dragon’s perm was bearable, but the more I look at it, the more I start to cringe. However, in other words, the performance was pretty okay. (:
    & SHINee! I really hated the song when giving it the first few listens, but now I actually really like it. Still hating the weird “ring ding dong” crap though.
    Oh, man. I’ll be missing Kara’s performances. Nicole and Hara are ♥. The gold pants are adorable. Haha. Will definitely be missing the bum dance.

  28. oh, and i dont think shinee gets enough credit. lol
    even though their song ring ding dong has a funky ass name, the song isnt that bad.

    but like i said, i dont think they get enough credit in terms of their dancing. the choreo for their songs are pretty difficult. i learned noona is so pretty and its a pretty dawm complicated choreo haha. lets hope that they’ll rack up some awards – always gotta credit people who work hard for a long duration

  29. Really???Taeyang will have comeback stage next week????
    I thought he wont have any stage performance for ‘where u at’
    Can’t wait^_^

  30. eeheheh, sulli and amber !! <3!!

  31. beast <333

  32. cant wait till you post up horror show!

    personally, i loved indian boy but not so much of horror show but i still like it nonetheless.

    i feel for stars going solo. seems like groups are the latest trends and solo artists will be to work extra extra hard to appeal to the audience.

    the choreo for a boy is kinda girly, lol. it was pretty feminine until gd started to move his feet a lot more than his hips. he did impress me in his michael jackson tribute though and the idea and aesthetics in his performance was really good. the whole desk and paper idea

  33. I won’t even comment on GD’s hair
    his perf was good and effin loved the cross promo at the end for Taeyang.

    B2ST was so good!
    I actually didn’t like the song until they started performing it, now I love it.

    MBLAQ is hot but they need to work on their vocals kinda shaky.

    Bye Kara, have a good rest(unlikely in Kpop)

  34. Hate GD’s hair too but the performance was great. Really? The last page say Tae Yang comeback next week? Oh my … Please let it be true.


  36. i think you mean a boy not breathe under gd’s performance. but it’s ok
    loved his performance, but i hate his hair, haha cross promotion of taeyang ❤

  37. Did you mean G-Dragon performed “A Boy”?

    Pretty sure he didn’t perform “Breathe”

  38. oh crap second. LOOl

    but um, really glad kim tae woo is winning. i saw him perform at last years Hollywood bowl and the atmosphere when he and the rest of G.O.D. performed was amaziinggggg. sure, there was snsd, ss501, and shinee and what not but idk, seemed like G.O.D. really lifted the crowd when they performed.

    sigh, sad to see kara gone. aside from the butt dance, ill also miss Hara partially lifting up her shirt giving some fan-service haha.

    gd should stay away from that hair as much as possible.

    aw, sulli and amber are cute

  39. Lol GD’s perf was EPIC~!!!
    I thought it was EINSTEIN at first LMAO XD
    Seriously I thought it was like a flashback kekeke~!!!!
    So thats why he permed his hair huh? Gosh XD

    &nd a little promo of TaeYang’s album at the end.
    YG family ftw<3

  40. first!

    its my first time being first, let me soak in the glory (:

  41. oh my gawd! you are absolutely wonderful for posting this soo fast!~

    err…GD kept his perm. >.< but oh GOSH! he is sooo cutes!!~

    and MBLAQ….might just be my next big fangirl crush. teehehe

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