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SS501, “About Dong Bang Shin Ki, because we are colleagues it is saddening”


SS501 expressed their feelings about group Dong Bang Shin Ki amidst this time where they are in danger of disbandment.

During their 1st Asia concert tour Persona concert press conference in Taiwan Taipei on 17th October, SS501 said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki is the representative group in Korea, and now that they are in such an uncertain time, as colleagues we feel sad about it. We hope that the situation will turn out well eventually.”

SS501 and Dong Bang Shin Ki have been put in comparison since the 2 group’s debut. But recently with the ongoing trial between the 3 members from Dong Bang Shin Ki and their management company, SS501 has also shown concern to the situation.

SS501 also spoke about recent cases of idol group members and their mishaps and mistakes, “Even though a mistake is a mistake, sometimes we are also under a lot of finger-pointing. Even so, we feel that entertainers should be careful with their actions and words.”


13 Responses

  1. if SS501 only has had one album out how did they have enough songs to put on a concert??? and why did they take so long to release a new cd??? 1 and half years almost that like suicide in the kpop industry we know how fickle fans are

    • huh? Please check SS501 in wikipedia and you’ll see how many songs and albums they have both in Korean and Japanese. LOL! They have tons of songs! They released a LOT of MINI albums! 1 and a half year is not suicide in KPOP if you already have a big fanbase that will surely NOT leave you. Other artists make a comeback after 3 years and they’re still big! Only new artists release cds every so often to make them more famous! And gosh, they’re having their Asia tour how would they have time to record songs when they’re transferring from country to country?

      Don’t talk as if you’re so knowledgeable! Clearly, you don’t have a clue of what you’re saying. SS501 is one of Asia’s biggest idols. You’re embarrassing yourself KPOP newbie!

    • wow…how long have you been a KPOP fan? SS501 debuted in 2005! They have loads of songs! SS501’s fanbase is one of the biggest in Korea (and Asia). You made me laugh! Suicide? LOL! They’re not even active but fans are still chasing after them.

      Gosh, so many new KPOP fans here!

  2. This group..if its not because of BOF, well, because of Hyun Joong..
    They not gonna go this far..

    • LOL really? SS501 got rookie of the year when they debuted both in Korea and Japan. They already have a huge fanbase before HyunJoong got into BOF. Try searching for Dream concerts and you’ll see some green ocean (TRIPLE S color). When HyunJoong was busy with BOF, they formed a sub-group with 3 members and guess what? They still won multiple #1s without HyunJoong. Though I’m a 100% Triple S, honestly, HyunJoong is not the best when it comes to vocals in the group.

      Yeah I’ll acknowledge the fact that BOF helped them recently but before that they’re already big (of course, DBSK and some SM artists was always bigger). My point is, it’s not only HyunJoong and BOF that gave the group popularity cause each member has a fair share of fans. And lots of us fans have supported them ever since their debut!

      Please do a bit more research.

      here, educate yourself.

      • I agree. Hyun Joong is not the only reason that SS501 reached this far. Those who say that are ignorant KPOP newbies! He may be the most popular now but the rest of the members have their own individual contribution. They’ve worked hard for it too!

    • do you know that hyun joong’s not the one with the most fans in tripleS? its youngsaeng!

      so how can you accredit SS501 having the strong fanbase to all of hyun joong’s effort?

      SS501 was alr doing well in korea and japan before hyunjoong started acting. BOF was just a catalyst to push them out to the whole of asia cos it was aired (almost) everywhr. not that they didnt have any fans at all in other parts of asia before BOF.

      they are going far now anyway. Adding on to the fanbase in SK and Japan, 12000 fans in Persona TW! and not to mention the coming Persona SG, Persona HK, Persona MY and tentatively Persona Philippines and Indonesia.

      okay im a green pea so i may be biased. :X

  3. This is why i always have respect to SS501. Though, i’m a Cassiopeia. Respect DOUBLED.
    U R da MEN!

  4. Nice ^^
    DBSK is Korea’s representative group.
    Hope everything turns out well.

  5. True, ever since the two debuted, they’ve always been compared! It’s partly due to DSP and SM artists’ rivalry since FinKL and SES! Anyways, I absolutely love both groups (well, I’m more of a TRIPLE S), but DBSK has always been Korea’s #1. And yeah, Jaejong and Hyun Joong are best friends plus, Young Saeng are friends with DBSK cause he’s an SM trainee. So just goodluck with DBSK! Hope it’ll turn out well.

    • That was well said… SS501 and DBSK are on good terms for many reasons.. Jaejoong always says Hyunjoong is his best celebrity friend.. I am a Cassie well before a fan of SS501 but I love them both..

      Thanx to them for saying that.. and hopefully all this stuff with DBSK will be over soon!

  6. nicely said! ^^

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