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FT Island to unleash unique group FT Triple


FT Island will be revealing an unique group FT Triple comprising of members Choi JongHoon, Lee JaeJin and Choi MinHwan. And the teaser video to title song to the unique group ‘Love Letter’ will be revealed on 19th October.

In the teaser video, Lee JaeJin will be in charge of vocal and guitar, and member Choi JongHoon will be playing on the piano. And Choi MinHwan will be in charge of the rhythm in the band.

The MV to the song was filmed in Cebu in Philippines. The full version to the MV will be revealed on 26th October.

6 Responses

  1. i’m from cebu,
    kinda sad that i didn’t get to see jonghoon during their stay here -0-
    i only came to know about their stay the day they were supposed to go back to seoul -0-

    i also can’t determine where they filmed this…
    fort san perdo perhaps?
    or some church ruins at the southern part of cebu…
    hhmmmnnn…oslob? hehehe

    anyways, can’t wait for the song and mv release 🙂

  2. yes, time to show off what the rest of FT got 😀 other than HongKi. But where’s SungHyun?

  3. oh yeah..this was the time when they got stranded in the island because of the typhoon.

  4. OH YAY~ T^T Something for them to do while Hongki’s out. But.. What’s Seunghyunnie going to be doing now? D=

    • yeah, i was hoping for more seunghyun exposure too. 😦

      can’t believe i missed the boys while they were here!
      argh, if only i knew, i wouldn’t have waited in the airport. 😐

    • Yay! shot in cebu, phil….cant wait how the MV will turn out….and by the way do you guys know Kim Bum and Maja (a Filipina actress) CM was out saw it on youtube…the cm was nice its a romantic kind of feel of “lovers”…even though its short.

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