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SNSD Jessica caught in fan hug raid incident in Vietnam


An incident where a fan had gone up for a hug raid during So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s public performance in Vietnam Hanoi has raised much interests amongst netizens online.

According to SM Entertainment on 19th October, “After the public performance, there was this time where the audience can take the stage. And at this time, there was this female fans sitting at the first row in the audience who ran up and hugged Jessica.”

Guess what happened next.

Jessica was shocked, but it didn’t make her mad or angry. She handled it with a smile, for a case where a fan shows her love for herself after a public performance. So Nyeo Shi Dae‘s popularity in Vietnam has increased much seeing the many fans who turned up at the airport.”

What happened to the female fan? She was taken off the stage by bodyguards.

Meanwhile, So Nyeo Shi Dae participated at the Korea-Vietnam Friendship festival on 18th October in Hanoi national convention centre. They also performed ‘Heal The World’ by Michael Jackson during the ending performance at the festival.

Watch the moment at 0.26


47 Responses

  1. lol why would someone want to hug her?

  2. lắm chuyện thế…mỗi ôm thôi mà pải bàn tán…chúng nó gen tỵ à…đc fan thyk thế lại chả sướng qá còn j bố mấy đứa lắm chuyện

  3. I am vietnamese, and thought that the girl who hugged her was litte to over exited.. But this is actually normal when fans get to meet their favourite idol. This has not just happend in Vietnam but also over the whole world. I think that SNSD didnt thought that they were so popular in Vietnam, thats why they didnt have enough with security guards. I wish that they could visit Ho Chi Minh City instead, because the city is more like the western, hehe… I

    I hope that they will come back and have a concert in Saigon (ho chi minh city).. One thing i have to appoint.

    I think that the vietnamese audience is way much louder and supporter too the girls than korean fans. You can see how the girls really liked when the audience was screaming their name etc. I hope that the companies have learned a lesson for next time when Korean celebrities come over to Vietnam, so they may be more secure, and has
    more guards and so on.

  4. awwww, I just think that she was a bit shocked… I mean the girl just ran for her and gave her a hug. That was cute 🙂 at least the world now knows that SNSD has fangirls as well.

  5. i saw the fancam airport…it was kinda chaotic the fans surrounded them…I dont know is it me, I have just this feel the girls dont feel very happy to be on that stage >_<….nahhh snsd…

  6. […] SNSD Jessica caught in fan hug raid incident in Vietnam « K Bites. […]

  7. I don’t see anything wrong with it. hehe. Maybe because here in the phil we’re used to hugging too.

    It’s a good thing it’s a FEMALE FAN. Things would be different if it’s a male fan or an anti fan.

    Anyways I think SNSD after it were happy to receive so much love. hehe.

  8. 무서워요 >.<
    형편없는 보안!

  9. haha.. maybe because vietnamese girls are too used to hugging. I’m a Viet girl too and I live in Hanoi too, and sometimes I get upset when a girl friend suddenly hugs me out of boredom. I do sometimes hug my close friends to greet them instead of saying hello LOL.. but when some girls who are not that close to me do that I’m annoyed. Last time there was this group of Korean dancer coming to hanoi and performed, they were great and lovely so at the end of the show lots of fans rushed to them and hugged them after taking photos with them.. and they were not even their idols.. LOL

  10. What are you guys talking about? This kinds of fans are very typical not only and Vietnam. You can see this kind of fans in Korea and Japan too, the only problem I can see here was the security ws pretty weak.

  11. wow i be shocked too. that’s pretty scarying. just imagine a total stranger with a bizarre expression rushing towards you. who wouldn’t be shocked? the fan is really…overexcited

  12. yeah I think she was just shocked because the girl rushed up there…I also fans need to know their boundaries it doesn’t give you the right to invade their personal space unless they give you permission

  13. sica was shocked and i think must ve felt a little uncomfortable but even with all the chaos im sure snsd was flattered with the amount of support they get in VN

    but i still feel a bit annoyed with all the touching and groping the fans are doing to the girls LOL

  14. i think the story would be seen differently if a guy ran up and hugged her lol

  15. No one was expecting SNSD is that popular in Vietnam. I read a fanacc, they requested more security guards, but the guards didn’t believe them. 600 fans at airport without being separated by fence is crazy. SNSD themselves didn’t expect their popularity is that big. In a way, I think they’re happy, shock & scare at the same time.

  16. creepy fans….crazy and idiot thing to do so.

  17. oh man, even Koreans are performing in Vietnam. Ouft, come to Australia! LOOOL
    I should go to VN in case Big Bang comes. hehe

  18. well, jessica is hot…
    haha, at least she makes that girl go lesbo for her…lol

  19. No big deal…. It’s a girl who hugged her. ^^
    Sica was shocked but I bet she wasn’t mad at all.
    It’s good to have people support u.
    Just blame the lame security and at least, she’s not an anti.

    No worries Viet… Those videos won’t change my mind about viets. Only close-minded people would generalize a particular ethnicity for a few people’s action.

  20. I don’t see anything wrong, or any reason for me to have a different impression of Viets after seeing this. It’s usual for fans to get over excited, especially if it’s kinda rare for big artists to visit a certain place. That’s why I have this ‘huh?’ expression when I read comments like “don’t get the wrong impression blah blah”. The only thing I could say is that the security wasn’t that efficient. This doesn’t have anything to do with the place being not modernized and what not, IMHO.

  21. That’s is Sone in Vietnam, not all of us!
    Please, don’t misunderstand us!
    We don’t like them!
    We’re Cass in Vietnam!
    We know what to do
    Once again, please don’t misunderstand the other!

  22. It’s no big deal. I understand. that happens sometimes & somewhere.

    i love viet~ i love vietnamese!

  23. im from a chink/viet descent
    and first of all, every teen whether your from america to australia, if u see an idol who doesn’t come often, strange things happen, im suprised that even at the airport that the exit area wasn’t extended by a couple of metres to allow the girls go through. the last famous person i saw was hilary duff without makeup at 11pm at night, and i treated her like everyone else.

    i understand that they are fans etc but snsd should have their own space, i know when people dont like it when im in their face, so fans should respect their space

    even the fancams of their exit of the airport showed that some fans got wild, no one likes to be groped, especially jessica

    anyway byez

  24. Not gonna blame the fans, but seriously security sucked. What if it wasn’t a fan? I don’t even wanna think about that. It’s a scary thought. I hope SM gives the security a piece of their minds.

  25. i’m vietnamese and i can’t blame them. they’re just too overexcited to see their idols considering korean idols rarely ever go to vietnam, and hanoi of all cities too!(i expected saigon) so it’s pretty much a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

  26. Thank God it was a fan and not anti-fan.

  27. Hi, everyone…

    I had chance to attend this show. We have to go through 2 security gate… even no water allowed…

    Really, not only SNSD but also Ukiss, Sohn Ho Young make many fans there excited… I am really surprised about their excited supporting as a viewer but I think It’s fine… They Screamed, left their seats to go closer to them… just to shake hand and holding them… nothing more…

    Sohn Ho Young even be kissed by a girl… but it’s really friendly… And I believe it make him know he is loved by Vietnamese…

    Appearing in the hall, I saw SS501 logo also though they are not there…

    • Hey, you type with 3-dot separations too… 🙂

      No bashing people…it’s not nice to the vietnamese, at least the girls didn’t get hurt or get assaulted by an anti…

      Hope nobody lost their job, like the security guards or something…

  28. haha, walked pass all the other girls and hugged Jessica…I would have hugged Yoona! ^^

  29. That’s Nuts. No Security at all. What if that was a real CRAZY with a Knife or a Gun. Fans can be Crazy. But some Fans can be INSANE. They need better Security. It doesn’t look good for whoever was in charge of security or management for this over in Vietnam. First the airport and then on the stage. Someone is going to get Fired. Thank Goodness that it was only a fan who wanted a hug. But it could have turned into an awful catastrophic event. You know how bad things can be and that’s not because it’s Vietnam, but because it could be anywhere. They really have to turn up the security to protect for just in case some awful bad person wants to take advantage of the situation to either hurt the girls or even kidnap the girls.

  30. it’s the insoles…she must’ve wanted the insoles…

  31. well, i’m a Vietnamese too. I have spent 18 yrs of my life in Hanoi until I started college in the US. I agree w/ ur first sentence that “NOT all Vietnamese Fans are like Fanatics.” However, i think you underestimated Hanoi and Hanoians (i guess that how ppl living in Hanoi are called). The problem is not whether Hanoi is a modern city or not. Its just most of SNSD’s fans in Vietnam…are teenagers. Some of them sometimes are overexcited to see their idols and lose control.

    And I dun really understand how do u associate modernization w/ fans’ reactions in this case.

    • I just meant fans who live in more Modernize city like Saigon get more opportunities to see different big celebs and there are frequent concert activities so they have more opportunities to learn fan etiquettes at these events. Rain was Saigon once for a concert and it never got this hectic. That’s all I was really saying.

      • plz learn about the city u talk about b4 badmouthing it. I’ll really appreciate that

      • I didn’t even mean to badmouthing so chill lol.

      • Rain was there twice. ANd it’s not Saigon anymore, it’s Ho Chi Minh city, plz appreciate because Sai Gon is the name used by US Government. And the reason why there weren’t any many chaos back then is because those concerts were carefully prepared and Rain as well as his company acknowledged his popularity so the security was particularly emphasised. This is all due to the lack of preparation of the production companies.
        A lot of celebs have come to Hanoi too. Read some news plz! Not only Korean stars but Global stars like Black Eyed Peas and most recently Ronan Keating and Brian McFadden. But it never got to be this crazy.

  32. Haha, Jessica is amazing.

  33. I’m Vietnamese Myself (Living in the US though lol)and I can say NOT all Vietnamese Fans are like Fanatics reported in the news. Hanoi isn’t the most Modernize city in Vietnam so they never expected them to visit and lost their control over the once in a lifetime opportunity.

    I hope people don’t get the wrong impression Vietnamese people. I hope there will be a day where there’s a Vietnamese idol in Korea like Nichkhun who is Thai or HanKyung who is Chinese. Make it happen peeps! I would try out but I’m 20 and that’s too old to start lol

    • I don’t think thats too old! Victoria’s debuted at the age of 22 and Heechul was recurited at the age of 20!

    • You just feel old, but it’s not true. It’s better to debut when you are older b/c if you debuted young then you have to worry about school and everything. Stress man.

  34. it’s look normal

    • normal? hahas. omg the camera person i think was screaming
      “troi oi! (Oh My god), chuong mai loi!”
      meaning troi may luong (if reversed, lol, my parents ay it)
      “oh my god, i’ll fight you for her…” in a way i think. hahas

      lol. viet fans are just as crazy for snsd as anyone…

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