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TaeYang for one-off live performance of ‘Where u at’ on SBS Inkigayo coming 25th Oct


TaeYang will have a special broadcast performance in 1 year and 5 months.

He will be having his comeback stage performing his latest hit ‘Where U At’. Coming 25th October, he will be performing the song on SBS Inkigayo. Initially it was planned that he will not be doing promotions for the song.

But with GDragon‘s performing of ‘A Boy’ on SBS Inkigayo on 18th October, we know about TaeYang‘s comeback stage. At the end of ‘A Boy’ performance, GDragon has flashed the message ‘Next week TaeYang comeback’, much to the surprise of the audience. This is will be a pleasant surprise for fans since YG has decided earlier that TaeYang will not be promoting the song.

According to YG Entertainment, the song is not the title song of TaeYang’s upcoming full-length album, it is just a teaser to the full length album release. And after seeing TaeYang’s dance and choreography, a MV was produced for the song.

The title song to the full length album to be released in early November is supposed to be ‘Wedding Dress’, but YG Ent said, “It is really a waste seeing TaeYang’s dance and choreography for the song. Hence fans have a chance to see TaeYang perform live.”

YG Ent also revealed, “With fans’ request, TaeYang will perform the song on stage for just once. Because of the tough dance steps, the song will be a hard song to perform live, but TaeYang has been preparing since last week since this is his comeback stage after so long.”

22 Responses

  1. youngbaee is comeback baby~!
    cant mis thatt
    hell yeahh i gotta buy th cd

  2. ha with all this hype for TAEYANG’s song of course YG gotta go with atleast 1 show case he cannot resist and with this 1 showcase oh its gonna make it all more hyped up! and that kid every time he is on stage itts totally different vibe from some of the other artists…..

    anyways i def cannot wait for this hearing this news im deadly excited!!!! and mad thanks to all those fan who could request YG to let him showcase atleast 1 time

  3. I love how inkigayo gets all the YG artists to make a comeback on their show…I think YG prefers it over the other music shows like music bank and music core

  4. woot hoot yahhhh can’t wait to see it

  5. one thing gd bout YG is that they listen to what fan says or YG artist says :))

    YG family hwaiting!

  6. Aaaaaaaaah, so excited. The first time I saw the MV and the choreography I was so gutted that he wouldn’t be performing it live. Now my wish has been answered. Gotta love YG, he always changes his mind about things xD He listens to the fans 🙂
    Taeyang’s vocals do go quite shaky when he has demanding choreography but I don’t really mind. Hope Shaun and Lyle will be backing him up 🙂

  7. the choreo is a killer! but i’m confident that taeyang can pull it off. i wonder if shaun and lyle will be his backup dancers. i bet ratings will go up since many Korean dancers will want to watch shaun and lyle dance haha. YG have bizarre marketing tactics which i disagree with at times, but sometimes they simply make me squeal like a fangirl. so true that the choreo will go to “waste” if its not performed at least once! way to hype up the album release too

  8. how much you want to bet GD wanted YB to perform, and YG was like “no we’re not letting him on”, so GD just announced it during his perf and forced YG to let tae yang on? XD
    i’m just bs-ing..
    i could totally imagine that conversation though
    i’m so glad he’s going to perform this song.. it looks amazing

  9. Kyaaaa! Can’t wait! Thank u YG!!!!

  10. yes youngbae!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhh*runs ariund*

  11. I found GD helping him out like to be so cute and sweet. I cant wait to see Taeyang on stage again as a solo artist after so long.

  12. this song is seriously epic. crazy slick dance choreography too. yeah hopefully shaun and lyle will be there too ^^
    GD shoutouts wooot

  13. i hope shaun and lyle will be his backup dancer ^^ that will be dope!

  14. since taeyang is an amazing performer, i have a great anticipation for this upcoming guesting. no matter how difficult the choreo is, i believe he would kill it. so excited to see taeyang once again…cant wait, im getting impatient.

  15. Half the Choreo is prolly gonna be cut for him so he can sing the song. or half the song is gonna be MR’d. Hope YG doesnt let him or he decide to lipsync it only more problems will arise from that

  16. oh my Gosh! Hes gonna perform it…knew it fans will always demand haha…true the choroe was really tough…Fighting!!!

  17. OMG awesome news! =DDD I cannot miss next week’s Inkigayo. It’s gonna be good! ^^

    The choreo for Where U At is so intense and cool…. can’t wait to see Taeyang’s perf. ❤

  18. Haha, passing the torch!


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