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BEAST HQ individual album shots revealed!


Cube Ent’s new 6-member boyband BEAST individual member HQ album shots have been revealed.

Go under the cut for the individual shots and also get to know each BEAST member better!


Yoon DooJoon

Position: Leader/Rapper
Nickname: 3 sec sharing
DOB: July 4, 1989
Height: 180 cm
Weight: 67 kg


Jang HyunSeung

Former Stage Name: So-1
DOB: September 3, 1989
Nickname: Rancho
Education: Anshan Information Industry High School
Specialty: beat box
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Blood Type: B


Yong JunHyung

Stage Name under Xing: Poppin’ Dragon
DOB: December 19, 1989
Nickname: yonggun
Height: 179cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O


Yang YoSeob

DOB: January 5, 1990
Nickname: 양요, endorphins, siksin
Height: 174cm
Weight: 56kg
Blood Type: B


Lee Ki Kwang

DOB: March 30, 1990
Nickname: Ace Jr., Holly 2
Blood Type: A
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 58 kg


Son DongWoon

DOB: June 6, 1991 [maknae]
Nickname: Sonseuko, 16 D
Height: 181cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: A


c: Soompi

Lol this will be helpful for me.. I can totally get some members from BEAST and MBLAQ mixed up 😡

16 Responses

  1. Amuseo…………… Yo Seob look good here love yah!!!!!!!!!
    i love all the castr of ” BEAST ” i’m your number one fan, i see all the members of beast in Philippines. GMA’s 60 heart of kapuso you are there two yo seob, you and your members dance shock i like it. love you all Beast……………..Mwwwaaaaaaah…………………….

  2. i finally know who i like
    i like Lee Ki Kwang ❤ =)

  3. thanks sookyeong~
    this is really helping me too…
    so hard to remember who’s who with so many boyband flying around… XD

  4. Leader DooJoon is hot. XD And he’s my age^^

  5. Waaa je,je todos Son mis oppas XD!! =D!!

  6. the last guy has that nickhun type of look

  7. thanks for the info! they r very helpful! so confused with so many bands debuting in such a short time.. am curious with yang yoseob and song dongwoon cos i’ve never seen them performed before! wow more BEAST please LOL

  8. Quite irritated with Lee Ki Kwang… He’s trying too much to be GD..

    • huh? Gi Kwang trying to be G-dragon? I don’t see any resemblance between the two of them. I guess u mean Yeoseob? LOL C’mon G-dragon is not even the one who starts this blond hair trend! Narrow-minded people like u is so irritating.

      • ahh.. sorry it’s yeoseob… who said I’m talking about the hair…O_o..

        can i just say this too, “narrow-minded people like u is so irritating”.. ciao

  9. i thought yo seob was the maknae. haha.

  10. jun hyun looks good here….i hope he changes his hairstyle soon!

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  12. CooL.. I keep it bookmark cause I can’t memorize their names but I Love their songs esp Mystery.. Its good for Last Song Syndrome..

  13. Junhyun oh man.. I never realized that was poppin dragon with that new hairstyle >_<

  14. i know what you mean…:P

    i also get them mixed up too…ahhaaha

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