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BTS to Taekyung-Minam “bedscene” on ‘You’re Beautiful’ eps 5


Following the hype about upcoming “bedscene” between TaeKyung (Jang GeunSeok) and MiNam (Park ShinHye) on episode 5 of SBS drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ to be aired later today, a video on behind-the-scene to the scene was revealed.

2nd part under the cut!

I love how they are doing exaggerated imagination for scenes like these. Can’t wait for the episode tonight!



Posting this up because I’m a biased fan of ‘You’re Beautiful’.


28 Responses

  1. I don’t understand why the ratings in Korea are only around 10%. This, to me, is this year’s best drama so far, and that means it’s better than Boys Over Flowers, Shining Inheritance, and even Queen Seon-Deok. I get that IRIS has been hyped up, but this drama is so witty, comical, and flawlessly edited, it deserves to get a better response. Just glad they’re having a good time on set and hope the ratings do pick up.

  2. I LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE this drama…can’t get enough of it!!!!tthank youoyouyouo

  3. lmfao it was awesome.
    JGS and PSH have super awesome chemistry. I love them together. Been watching her since Stairway to Heaven, big fan!!

    thanks for uploading this!!!!!

  4. OMG HAHAHA it’s so funny watching this! they seem to have a lot of fun on set =P

  5. I ❤ This drama so much : )

  6. This drama is wayyyyy better than *cough*overratedBOF*cough*..
    The plot is good, the acting is sweet, but not too sweet *cough*Jandi*cough*..
    I hope they get a really good ratings!
    YB Fighting!!!

    • Ditto. Why is people like BOF so much?? *scratches head* I would prefer Hana Yori Dango ANYTIME. YB is good, unconventional doesn’t stereotype. My type of show.

  7. They are so cute together!!! Omg!!! KYAHHH!!

  8. they are so cute.

    he is such a seducer!!!

  9. omo!!!
    so cute^^
    i want to watch the full ep 5!!!!

  10. OMG! thank you!!!! I L.O.V.E. this drama! Love it! 😀 can’t wait for the episode. It is the drama I have ever watched. :)))))

  11. i can’t wait to watch tonite ep…hmm wonder if this is all minam dreaming? i love this two…fighting!!!

  12. Waaa q’ envidia..!!! pero.. se ven lindos juntOs =D!!

  13. i don’t even know this is consider bedscene lol………
    so excited for today’s episode. 😀

  14. my gosh im alr excited enough for this episode! CANT BLOODY WAIT NOW.

    thanks a bunch! im so glad you’re a fangirl of such a lovely drama 😀

  15. that was so funny…..can’t wait to watch ep 5!!!!!

  16. Thanks for being biased!! Cuz I love this drama too! I also agree. This is one of the funniest dramas this year, and I hope its ratings will go up too!

  17. They must be my favorite actor, actress and couple =((
    So cute ><~

  18. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was squealing the whole time!!! I really can’t wait for the next episode!! I love how you are biased! hahaha it benefits us You’re beautiful fans!

  19. OH i love your’re beautiful^^ ❤ awesome drama

  20. ohhhhh… thank youuuuuu for uploading this!!!^^ can’t wait until this is aired.. i love this drama and its casts so much..=D
    I hope the rating’s gonna be good..=)

    • btw, Park Shin Hye on the last pic looks pretty… arghhh can’t really wait to see this tonight!!!!!

  21. can’t waittttt!!!
    tonight is the night!!
    hopefully the rating will be great!!

  22. dear lord … if Geun Seok went THAT CLOSE to my face, I am in no way responsible for whatever happens to him. LOL!

  23. omg.. omg..
    the new ep is tonight..
    so excited!!!!

  24. i just hope the rating would really give them justice.
    This drama is far better than all dramas aired this year and unfortunately, the ratings doesnt suffice the worth of this drama! argghhhhh….

    so excited to watch ep 5. woot,,,woot,,,

    geunnsuk and shinhye looks so cute together XDDD
    i cant wait for tonights eppieee!!<33333


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