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SuJu EunHyuk and 4Minute HyunA for couple dance with ‘My Ear’s Candy’


4Minute HyunA and Super Junior EunHyuk revealed their couple dance of ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

4Minute recently appeared at the filming of KBS NDrama ‘Super Junior‘s Miracle’. The show is about giving mentor to strayed students. And for this latest filming, 4Minute has appeared on the show as Hope Messengers, and was greatly welcomed by Super Junior.

After introducing 4Minute as the group which “shows off all their charms in 4Minute“, they suggested a ‘happy virus dance party” and 4Minute member HyunA did a dance with EunHyuk on Baek Ji Young‘s dance hit ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

Eun Hyuk also revealed the ‘boobiboobi dance’ during 2PM TaecYeon’s rap part of the song.

The show will be aired on 24th October at 8pm.

19 Responses

  1. Well, I watched it and.. it really wasn’t a big deal at all. Probably not even a reason for Korea to write an article on it and they never mentioned that Gayoon and Shindong danced too

  2. […] source: kbites […]

  3. why Hyuna??Why not Mini or Nicole??I don’t like that Hyuna mouth always open while her dancing

  4. oh c’mon now. ELF are really gonna enjoy that bit of the show. actually, any chance to see hyukkie oppa dance his sexy self is daebak to me. agree with e2i. give us ELFs a break pls. we’re soooo much better now. and i actually like hyuna.

    excited to see it.

  5. the picture LMAO!
    his hair looks like a coconut husk!

    i’m excited if she’ll get antis. but i guess ELFs cool if their oppas dance with any girl celeb these days. like leeteuk’s partner in SSII. they did a “kissing scene” there. ELFs didn’t give any violent reactions. however,she’s not even known.

    imma excited!!!!!

  6. oh cmmon …. hyuna is a great entertainer and she only does this because of the producers to get attention for the show …
    so she did the dance with eunhyuk..so what? its not like they got married… geez those hate comments bother me… -.-

  7. Oh, don’t worry. I think ELF has gone a long way from the rabid fangirl phase.

    They’ve become more mature now, really. Haven’t heard any crazy things about them lately, just a lot of good ole support for the 13 boys. ^___^

  8. Weeh…i’m anticipating the dance with hyukie…

    yeah i agree with e2i give ELF a break!

  9. Umm give ELF a break I’m sure they won’t even say anything (rolls eyes) it’s only a show, everyone sure likes to make a big deal don’t they.

    I for one I’m really looking forward to this dance, even though I’m not a fan of this song anything Hyukie dances to is a big hit on my list :3

  10. Eunhyuk pic gaves me a laugh…hes so young then eh!..tsk the hairstlye man…I think it still exists…

  11. 4minute already has loads of haters now this??? gosh!

  12. What’s the boobiboobi dance????
    Is that when he puts his hands on her hips??
    Hope hyunha don’t get antis. Can’t wait to see.

  13. ah~

  14. I smell antis!~ Kidding, all the best! ^^

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