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SBS Inkigayo 25.10.2009: Kim TaeWoo wins Mutizen for 2nd consecutive week


Today on SBS Inkigayo, singer Kim Tae Woo wins Mutizen for the 2nd consecutive week with his comeback hit ‘Love Rain’.

Also for today’s show, we have some great performances lined up:

  • Special stages: GDragon and TaeYang‘s special stages with ‘A Boy’ and ‘Where u at’
  • Comeback stage by SS501 with ‘A Day’ and ‘Love Like This’ performances!
  • Other hot performances by 4Minute, SHINee, BEAST, MBLAQ, T-ara and Supernova..

Comeback Stage

  • SS501 with Only ‘One Day’ and ‘Love Like This’ – I love their performance of ‘One Day’, wished they have performed more of the song
  • Mighty Mouth feat. Naomi with ‘Smile’

Special Stage

  • GDragon with ‘A Boy’ and Seo Taiji and Boys ‘I Know’ – His hair
  • TaeYang with ‘Where U At’ – One word: perfect


  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’ – I’m hooked to the song and the choreography
  • Kim Tae Woo with ‘Love Rain’
  • GDragon

Fresh Music

  • 4Minute with “What A Girl Wants’ – Only thing I don’t dig is JiYoon’s mushroom hairstyle, love the performance!
  • Kim Tae Hwa with ‘Fallen Angel’
  • Woo Yi Kyung (feat. 4Minute‘s Ji Yoon) with ‘Look At Me’
  • Lee Soo Young with ‘Don’t Call My Name’ featuring Jin Bora at the piano

Hot Music

  • MBLAQ with ‘Oh Yeah’
  • T-ara+Supernova with ‘TTL Listen.2’ – I wish they will get to go on Take 7 next week
  • Run with ‘Strong Girl’

Power Rookie

  • B2Y with ‘Jeez’


  • Digital Music Chart: BEAST Doo Joon and Yo Seob
  • MCs interview with MBLAQ and BEAST – my attention was on Taec and Youngie instead :/

Overall, a great show today!

44 Responses

    GD n Tae Yang owez rock da house!
    for sure they goin raise the roof y’all!!

  2. need i say more !!!!
    GDTY , absolutely kill everyone
    I believe in a win for GD in the next week ( he deserves it)

  3. yg family !!! GDYB was epically hot. enough said.

  4. duhhh…another again…

    • crap…this reply was supposed to be for “krook”…

      anyway….INKI INKI…I always lovin INKI my tag for the show haha…

      Its ALL BOYS BOYS BOYS and they all did great…
      SS501 though not a fan…Im sure Triple S are happy the song is ok…
      GD…man! love the stage effect and performing the BOY now Im digging it.
      TAEYANG!…Hes comin back…the choreo is sick! So R&B the moves and “Where U At”…
      SHInee…I must agree Ring Ding DOng is a hecka hooked song…the choroe and the live singing they never fail but “Juliete” was a Fail…
      It’s MBLAQ…Gosh! theyre my new fave rookie group…good looking guys, SEXy and Im all for “Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah”..and I can say thyere getting better in the live perf….
      BEAST…I love the perf., they are doin good also…
      thats all…

  5. i doubt there has ever been such an EPIC Inki tonight!!!

    Taeyang simply rocked the dance!! of coz i expect nothing less from him. i’m so confident that he can pull it off. AND HE DID!! i still can’t believe there’s only one perf of Where U At. this song and dance deserved to be perform on a weekly basis!! my jaw dropped the minute i saw the stage set and remained hanging thoughout the whole perf haha.

    GD is the sex today!!! his HAIR!! after shocking us with the ahjuma curls, he rewarded us with this dragonball hair which i totally dig!! he looks sooo gooooood. and the dance break was awesome!! please keep that hair GD. hahaha.

    SHINee was sooo neat and precise in every single moment. and its good hair-and-clothes day for them!! Ring Ding Dong is forever stuck in my head. and i thought the intro part which Jonghyun did before he started singing was HOT.

    Beast!! my new found love!! they seem to just keep improving everytime!! i always found myself smiling when i watched them coz they seem to enjoy performing so much that its contagious. and they seemed like such cute dorky boys in the interview!! they looked totally at ease haha.

    MBLAQ..hot and matured all the time! their vocals have improved too. but after watching the interview, i can say for sure that Beast suits my taste more. MBLAQ is too…grown up for my liking haha. hope they can loosen up.

    sorry for typing an essay. you are a superstar if u finished reading everything haha

  6. sbs is definitely yg biased

  7. SS501~~~

    they sang only one day :]]]]]

    and i love the fan chants :]]]] xDD

  8. Taeyang killed it! Damn, it was perfect. His dancers were badass as well. I am so in awe of him, I’m all big eyed, blushing, squealing. LOL, for reals.
    GD looked so damn cute. His hair made him look skater-boy, so friggin’ cute. He knows how to kill them all off with his smile.

    After watching the whole show, I feel sorry for the other performing artists, cause I couldn’t even enjoy their performances because I was longing for GDYB’s part! =( It was a big BANG for YG though!


  10. gdyb, you made YG and the fans proud of you!

  11. i like gd new hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 its so nice pls dun change to ajuma hair again :c

  12. taeyanggg!
    this boy just oooozes talent…not to mention soooo goddamn sexyyy

  13. B2ST is OFFICIALLY the BEST MALE ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!<3 like in my book, it's all they are. haha! i mean MBLAQ be the SEX and i'm freakin head over foot in love with Thunder but damn, B2ST be rockin all over. they're more open and chatty and outgoing. well, it figures that they'd improve really fast cuz all of them have experience performing and have been in training for a long time with experiences from different companies and all that, so it's no surprise. but srsly, personality-wise they're way more likeable and approachable compared to MBLAQ. right now, compared to B2ST they're too timid. need to loosen up more.

    but of course the spotlight is all on my boys GDYB! woot! love em soooo much!^^ i missed YB chocolate A LOT! and i didn't even realize that. ahhh~~ can't wait for BIGBANG to make a comeback!

    tonight's show was indeed a very awesome one.

    p/s: i miss taec and woogoo baby too! =(

  14. i notice beast is really improving… alot… i don’t know them and not interested in them before this but i realized they are getting better and more confidence… i think bad girl is not a bad song as well.. i couldn’t understand what MBLAQ wearing… beast costum gotten better…but the ribbon of the blonde really look ==”

  15. i quite like GDS hair the way it is only a lil shorter but you know WHAT?
    LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!! YB is my LOVEEEEEEEEEE.. where can i get one ?

  16. Oh my god. This was the BEST. SHOW. EVER.

    Okay, well not ever, cause I mean, 2NE1’s debut was off the hook. But practically ALL the performances were awesome!

    Haha, I don’t know if it’s because we’ve had so many girl groups lately, but the show of testosterone tonight had me fangirling like CRAZY! First of all, GD/YB OWN. IMHO, ‘A Boy’ is my favourite of GD’s whole album, and even though it may not seem as ‘cool’ as heartbreaker, he has this stage presence that makes him so… yummy ^^ Nan areyo was freakin’ awesome! Haha, his hair was a bit to ‘surfy’ for me… but anything is better than the ajumma curls LOL ^^;; OH and YB = perfect. I didn’t realise how much I missed him 😦 gosh I can’t wait for the BB boys’ comeback yah… too long Mr YG! AND when YB put up his shirt… I’m pretty sure I died.

    Oh yeah, and I died when MBLAQ performed, as usual. Mir is officially the sex. That boy is one hot rapper.

    Oh yeah, and I also died when Lee Kwang Ki (?) took off his jacket. I actually shouted at the computer ‘THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!’ Because… it really should. Far out, all this manliness has killed me tonight. SS501 and SHINee have gotten all manly with their new concepts and the whole show tonight was hotness overload.

    I’m not complaining though. πŸ™‚

    • And one more thing to add (yes I know I’m rambling):
      how cute was the MBLAQ/BEAST interview?

      Haha BEAST seem a little more comfortable, MBLAQ seemed reserved or even nervous haha. It reminds me of the You’re Beautiful ep where we see how nervous A.N.JELL are on the variety show when they debuted. Hahaha. Cuters.

  17. awsome performance by YB and GD.
    i didn’t expect anything less,cuz i know they’ve got mad skills.

  18. MBLAQ!!
    Were the same. My attention is on Taec and Yongiee instead. Haha

    Joon! Mir! Thunderrr! ❀

  19. GD + YB = win! This is why I love Big Bang. Equally amazing on their own but explosive when together. This is why they’re at the top of their game. You can totally see that they’ve got the experience on stage. I might be YG family biased but with the set + stage presence, you gotta admit they blow away everyone else’s performances. I wonder how YG family will be if the rest of BB and 2NE1 were there. Dang, that would be one hot stage.

    GD’s hair is just too awesome for words! I hope he keeps that minus the kilt. I loved the hoodie so much. I think GD might bring back baggy pants soon (I hope its not the kilt!). The mix with nan arayo was cool. Wished that part was longer.

    YB is too hot especially the choreo. The set is so cool. His moves are so slick and smooth especially with Shaun and Lyle as backup. My only complaint is that he shoulda showed more of them abs and his face

  20. I LOVE GD’s hair. So much better than the miss piggy curly blond hair!@~

  21. big bang really did a very awesome job when it’s live perf ! that is their power anyway .. and that’s why i love them !! i’m proud to be vip !! ^^

    wonder why secret dont have perf..

  22. GD look so cute and hot with his new hair he looks like the Japanese pop and rock artistes also he started to remind me of the actors that I saw in the movie zero I think in general YG family is very influenced by Japanese fashion I think that’s why they stand out with their style and I remember watching GD saying in show that he enjoyed shopping in Japan and he love the J fashion

  23. yb*

  24. i dont think gd was overshadowed by yg . in fact i thought he did slightly better with his stage presence.. lol but both of them were definitely the best

  25. taeyang pawns all..nuff said..hahaha

  26. hahas. when i first saw gd’s perf i was like ‘Dayum thats a lot of products in the hair!’ hahas
    Only the best baby. He can rock anything, love his 'baggy' look. gahhh, he's so cute!

  27. If only 2NE1 was still promoting then we’ll see some YG FAMILY lovin` on stage. I mean come one! Taeyang + GD + 2NE1= Total hotness. But what I would like to see is BIGBANG + 2NE1 promoting at the same time. That would be epic!

    *Taeyang’s perf was beyond great. It basically pawned over all the other artists/groups’ performances. I think even GDs. Though I have to say that GD and Taeyang’s performance was THE BEST throughout the whole show. Even though SS501 had their comeback, 4MINUTE with what a girl wants, BEAST and MBLAQ’s debut, GD and YB is like the main highlight of the show. Even the stage decorations was like so over the top. All the other artists/groups had the normal stages while GD&YB had special stages. Beyond beyond infinity epic!

  28. GDYB ftw!!!
    their live performances are so good..what else can you expect from Bigbang when it comes to live performance
    GD’s hair..omg..so sexy!!!

  29. very good performance from both GD and YB
    YB’s live is sososososo good with the dance
    have to say i really miss 2NE1 though…..

  30. gd and taeyang ‘s performances has the X factor that attracts ppl


    anyone knows the brand of the hoodie which gdragon was wearing? or is it their on YG custom made?

    • GD’s jacket is customized. So I don’t really think it will out very soon, but maybe in the future. You can see the G on the middle of the jacket. Just like during his heartbreaker promotions, he had a shirt and a wife beater with a heartbreaker logo or icon whatever you call it on the side ends. I do hope YG would sell the jacket cuz I will definitely buy one.



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