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Super Junior and 4Minute dance to ‘My Ear’s Candy’

As reported earlier, 4Minute HyunA and Super Junior EunHyuk will reveal their couple dance of ‘My Ear’s Candy’ on KBS NDrama ‘Super Junior’s Miracle’.

The show is about giving mentor to strayed students. And for this latest filming, 4Minute has appeared on the show as hope messengers, and was greatly welcomed by Super Junior.

After introducing 4Minute as the group which “shows off all their charms in 4Minute“, they suggested a ‘happy virus dance party” and 4Minute member HyunA did a dance with EunHyuk on Baek Ji Young’s dance hit ‘My Ear’s Candy’.

Eun Hyuk also revealed the ‘boobiboobi dance’ during 2PM TaecYeon’s rap part of the song.

The show was on 24th October at 8pm.

I have a hugh girlcrush on HyunA! ><

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  1. can’t believe hyukkie oppa just got hotter. i mean, where does he get the time to be? look back a few years and he was just plain old goofy lookin. now? he is SMEXIN everything he touches!! and it burrrrrns! ahh~~ oppa. love you so much!

    and i would have to third the girlcrush. she’s so pretty. but i crush on jiyoon a bit more than her. ekeke^^ look at her in the back wearing that cute lil beanie!

  2. I second that crush<3

    I think Hyunah backed off after Eunhyuk got too love aggressive LOL.

  3. I thought theyre gonna perform the whole song…

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