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SHINee JongHyun’s perfect rendition of SuJu KyuHyun’s ‘7 Years Of Love’

On KBS radio show Sukira on 26th October, SHINee member JongHyun performed a live rendition of Super Junior KyuHyun‘s recent hit ‘7 Years Of Love’.

The performance immediately sparked off the interests from netizens.

Seriously, how can the song sound so good when he sings it?

The original version here:

20 Responses

  1. SM got the best singers~

  2. Now I know why Yoo Young Suk picked Kyu to sing that song.

    Jonghyun did a good job, but like what most commented Kyu still holds the title for this song. It just fits him better.
    The song is hard to begin with. He had some difficulties with breathing and singing with consistency in long notes.

    Kyu would actually make someone cry when he sings it. It’s hard to top him.

  3. he’s good but still waaaay under Kyuhyun
    kyuhyun vocal is magical and hypnotizing
    while jonghyun vocal sometimes sounds annoying

    if you never listen to kyuhyun version you will think jonghyun the best but after you listen to kyuhyun version, then jonghyun version sounds just ok not wow

  4. agree with ‘sm has the some of the best idol-singers’
    kyuhyun oppa~~~~~~

  5. jonhyung’s voice made me cry…he’s singing was more emotional.truth is i almost slept when i heard kyuhyun’s voice

  6. It’s nice to hear a softer version of his vocals instead of the powerful pop-dance songs he sings!! ^^

  7. SM’s boybands produce very good singers eg, Suju’s KRY, DBSK’s Junsu, SHINee’s JH.
    Actually, scrape that, he didnt even produce them. he just happen to be Very lucky that he has such fantastic singers to groom. My fav singers are from SM but yet i cant get over this hatred thingy. How ironic lol

    • true that.
      i personally think SM has some of the best idol-singers (as in some who ACTUALLY sing with their real voice LOL) and all my faves happen to be in SM BUT SM as a management company SUCKS BALLS (and this is an understatement). it`s ironic, really, how the best ones are under the worst company =(

    • and let`s not mention CSJH, jang ri in, etc coz it`s really frustating >,>

  8. definitely different version
    is hard to say which one is better for me since I think they’re both unique
    you can tell the song is not easy to sing
    SuJu and Shinee fighting!!!!

  9. I love both versions! Kyuhyun’s voice suits perfectly to the song! But Jonghyun did a beautiful cover! Suju SHINee Fighting!

  10. I love Jonghyun’s voice but to me his version was a little to breathy and stilted, whilst Kyuhyun has a deeper voice better suited to the song and its lyrics. The 1st time i heard kyu’s version it made me want to cry for some reason, and then when i watched it with subs i liked it even more. Don’t like the line: “Seriously how can the song sound so good when he sings it” coz i think it sounds better with Kyu, but its still a great cover from Jonghyun.

    • its undeniable the original version by kyu is the best.. but jonghyun’s version is surprisingly good too, if u know what I mean..

      not everyone can pull the song (:

      • Yeah Jonghyun’s good too, i didn’t mean i don’t like him aswell coz i do! I just thought that line suggested that the song didn’t sound good when Kyu sang it! But i know thats not what u meant!

  11. I really liked the song when Kyuhyun sang it and OMG Jonghyun did such a nice cover of the song! Both boys are so talented!! =)

  12. i personally think jonghyun is 2nd only to junsu. he does need to work on controlling his breathing more, both the QUALITY of his voice is ahhh heaven ^^

  13. great vocals but he need to practice controlling his breathing. i guess he’s struggling for air after each lines.

    (kyu’s version is still the bomb, it’s soothing and haunting at the same time. one of my “before going to sleep” songs)

  14. I think Jong Hyun did a great job… though his breathing was a little disruptive to the flow XD
    Personally, I like the bass quality in KyuHyun’s voice better so his performance was still the best to me ^^;

  15. Really beautiful! Each have their own different way of singing it but for me, I prefer Kyu’s since it sounds more melodious. I could just release my stress by listening to his voice. Thanks for sharing it.

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