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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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Big Bang ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ MV revealed!

The first Japanese OST song by group Big Bang, ‘Let Me Hear Your Voice’ will also be the song in which fans get to see the 5 members come together as a group again after DaeSung met with a car accident recently.

The full MV to the song was revealed on 26th October.

Great song! And the boys just look hot! ><

And Daesung is looking like KWill ever more :p

49 Responses

  1. this song is on replaying mode πŸ™‚
    very japanese style.

  2. OMG!!
    this song r really
    it’s very soft n just awesome!!XDXD
    u guys totally right about it’s time for YG ent
    to take over da entire world!!!
    GD,YB,TOP,SOL n Vi!!!!
    just love it!!!


    although the intonation is not that Japanese and the sound not so japanese at all, i think Johnny’s Entertainment is in to a new competition.

    Seriously, i am more and more amaze to K-pop talents. Not that i am comparing the two countries in terms of their boybands. But the K-pop scene is really booming. I think J-pop should step it up a notch.

    really nice MV. I love eveything about it.

    BUT MOST OF ALL…DaeSung melted my heart.
    I’m glad that he’s back and that voice! oh! I love it.

    Kudos to everyone at Big Bang, they deserve all those out pouring of Blessings.

  4. i’m so happy when see u big bang. seungri. miss u

  5. loves it ^^

  6. This song is SICk!!!!
    Love it!

  7. BIGBANG IS BACK!!! Love them as a group!
    Great song!!! I would love it even more if GD and TOP were singing with the rest in Japanese…=(
    But anyways, I’m happy with seeing them together again…

  8. i tot there’s no GD or TOP’s part, until the end of the song. HaHA. MY BOYSSS! how great can they be! πŸ˜€ daesunggieeeee. πŸ™‚ and i really LOVE daesung and taeyang’s voice over here. GREAT! πŸ˜€

  9. […] **Β credits ohdaiba@youtube + kbites […]

  10. the Japanese was a little awkward! Tae yang an daesung vocals were tight!

    TOP doesn’t even need to open his mouth. He’s just hot standing there. Think he just created another signature move.

    • I know!

      I spent the whole MV just going, “Oh look! There’s TOP again! And again!”

      And then I totally spazzed when he started rapping.

  11. i love the song. great mv! whoever the director of this, i commend you!!! they’re so hot! <33

  12. Love it! ❀
    GD emo is hot! Tae Yang is hotter than ever!
    OMG! Tae Yang & Dae Dae's vocals are amazing! I wanna see them do a duet sometime <33

  13. πŸ˜€ like GD’s hair! he looks fine with this hair style~~ (not the one with fringe behind)

  14. Yay, YG make my day =D
    love BB…

  15. what a waste of an ice cream cone.

    love BB. πŸ™‚ the song sounds good. i miss them.

  16. mv is fine. they reminded me of some boyband like Backstreet Boys. TaeYang’s voice was awesome as usual, Daesung really sounded good. aint liking seungris voice here. too nasal for me. haha
    The rappers, hmm. cant get enough of them.

  17. OMG LOL
    cute MV, though =)

  18. i like the song!!!

  19. love the MV it isnt glamorous the boys look damn HOT in coats. wanna repeat this song again.

  20. OMG! i love the mv… it has a soothing yet intense feel to it… am i the only one the LOLed at 4:01…. πŸ™‚ so random. why did they have to auto-tune TOP? 😦

    Glad all 5 are back… now waiting for the “hallelujah” single to be released… I’m in complete heaven right now.

    Big Bang is VIP ❀

  21. Yes this MV is so beautiful and its great to see them together again.

  22. loved it! they all look so great!

  23. its perfect πŸ˜€ I miss you BB!

  24. something sounds weird about their japanese but maybe that’s just me since i’m so used to their korean ^^
    anyway the song is really good

    mucho love and support to it ^^

  25. 4 minutes into the song where Taeyang is running is hilarious. Pretty sweet song.

  26. man this is so good !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. YG family day! Yes. I totally loved how everyone looked in this video. Compared to their gara gara go, I really liked them in this one. Very artistic and the sound is very Japanese. GD and TOP, although they didn’t get much lines, are totally hot. Their stares melt me. TY, Dae and Ri’s voices really sound good in Japanese. I hope this gets a good position in Oricon. Japanese Big Bang is definitely different from Korean Big Bang. But I totally like both. πŸ™‚

  28. I MISS THE BOYS SO FREAKIN’ MUCH. Next year cannot come slow enough! I need my BB goodness. I miss them altogether as a team. 😦

  29. such a beautiful pv!! many great shots, and the song is fantastic <33

  30. Aww I really like it. It’s such a beautiful song.

    And I do agree w/ ya sookyeong Daesung just has a striking resemblance to K.Will. I’m just glad they both have/are recovering.

  31. GYAAAAAAAAA~~ although i’m happy for bommie for finally getting the solo she always wanted….. this MV is what i spazzed abt ever since news abt it came out.

    BB OPPAS!!!!!<3 god i freakin miss them!!!!

  32. i love the song… its really suit the title… ^_^

  33. Waaahhh… 2 great MVs/songs from YGEnt today…
    Happy happy happy me..
    Thanks YG.

    It’s B-DAY today!!!
    Big Bang/Bom day!!

  34. Finally! I’m starting to really really miss them! πŸ˜‰

  35. Yay to Taeyang having so many lines!!
    Love his voice!! =)

  36. I almost didnt recognize TOP..he looks like a totally different person.. Taeyang is love in this song


  38. Wow!!! YG is so so today.. I thought “Hallelujah” will be released first..

  39. i’m pretty impressed
    i like the song alot

  40. do you know who make the song? is is teddy? or someone else?

  41. Wow fist!!!

    n they look awesome!!! Luv them more ^^

  42. Big Bang is perfect! I miss them! And know how much I love ’em! GD is cute, and Taeyang is might fineeee.

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