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Kpop reviving the trend of coloured hairstyle this Autumn?


This Autumn in Kpop, we see the trend of many Kpop singers going with the ‘autumn leaf’ hair colour trend.

For example, the fashion was spotted on Big Bang GDragon, BEAST Jang HyunSeung and Yang YoSeob, FT Island Lee HongKi, GaryGoldSmith’s Smith and HwanHee etc.

It seems that the trend of hair dying, which surfaced in the 1990s when  idols like HOT and Sechskies were sporting the style, has been revived again.

The reason for the hair dying craze only after 10 years – why?

A music industry expert said, “Back then during the 90s when the idol culture was growing rapidly, the dying of the hair was a sign of defiance and deviance. But now it has become a fashion style.”


And also recently sporting the trend: FTI JongHoon and SHINee JongHyun

Whose style is your favourite?

49 Responses

  1. jonghyun’s the best. hongki too.

    aaaah, seriously. i don’t want hongki and GD to go back to black! blonde suits ’em well!

  2. People kept thinking that Jonghoon was following the trend when he was actually the first of these to dye blonde =.=

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  4. I liked them all BEFORE! T__T!!

  5. @ SMITH..


    U R SO RITE.

    Noh Hong-chul the trend setter

  6. Even tho I’m GD & Yoseob bias ❤
    I think JongHoon is the only person who pulls off blonde the best!

  7. I think de guys look better wif coloured hair..They look more gorgeous..esp for hwanhee,i think he looks better wif black hair then wif de blonde wig..Anyway, my faves r jonghoon,jonghyun n hongki..They look charming n sweet s alwayz.. :p

  8. reminds me of SUJU back in Dont Don days where they have coloured hairstyles ❤

  9. btw i love g-dragon, hongki, jonghoon and jonghyun’s hair!!! they all look hot!! ❤

  10. sorry OT, BOM’s single:

    really love it!!

  11. Blond suits some people like TaeBin from 1TYM. He rocked it well. And JaeJoong, SungMin and HyoYeon. MinHwan had a little blond in his hair in his earlier days and I liked it.
    Then the orange and red were best seen in EunHyuk, Jessica, Joon, Jeajoong and MinHwan(dark red?). Keke.

  12. reminds me of suju’s don’t don days. oh my.
    i prefer dark coloured hair..

  13. GDRAGON instantly became a HOT icon with his blonde hair. He is, of course, hot in whatever trend he sports. The others look good too. But i just hope that it doesn’t stay long.

    Everyone looks good. But as a GD fan, i bet his changing his look now, he wants to stand out and having other blonde twin doesn’t seem to please him.

    GOOD TREND. Not much a fan of it.

  14. yo soeb!!!

  15. jonghyun’s is the best!!!<3 he's my SHINee bias. ekeke^^ and i don't want either hongki and GD to go back to black. they soooo rock the blonde look. jonghoon looks fine too, but he's the smexiest when he has dark hair. fits the bill of FTI's tall dark and handsome prince.

    and then as far as redheads go, i'm lovin hyunseung's hair. i love it. ppl have problems with his hair…. i don't. i like it^^ and as i recall, yesung had orange hair for awhile too right? he looked good with that color. too bad he went black so fast. teukie had a more subtle orange and he looked great. and hyukkie went red for the first SS2 didn't he? he looked awesome! too bad he changed it after awhile.

    all in all, i like this dyed hair trend that's going on. LOVE IT!!<3

  16. JONGHYUN <33333

  17. It’s strange. I don’t want Hongki to go back to black hair. Blonde suits him so well.

    • It looks weird because th eblack is a wig… it’s from a flashback in You’re Beautiful. But I agree HongKi is lokkin hott in blonde.

  18. Yoseob is the cutest whether he dyes his hair blonde or not.



    JongHoon LOOKS hotttt

  21. hongki is working the hair..i love his blonde hair!
    it’s weird but i don’t like seeing him in black hair..

  22. Jonghyun is sporting the new ombre colour trend, which is actually pretty cool and he pulls it off.
    Hongki can work the blonde too.
    Thank gawd Hwanhee’s was only a wig.

  23. The only one who pulls of the fruity hair color WITH the ridiculous hair cut is GD….really, no one does it better than that boy

  24. GD FTW

  25. They all look fugly and gay! They look best with dark hair…including the girls that are coloring their hair as well.

  26. I think YoSeob looks so cute/hot with his Blonde hair!
    GDragon always looks fine.
    Sorry but I always think HyunSeung looks FUGLY.

  27. Jong Hyun’s is really nice.

    Gwang Soo of Supernova also rocked the blonde/white during the early days of TTL performances.

  28. blond is the trend. not coloured.. the red heads don’t work it very well.. and i’ve yet to see many of them.

    but LOL @ smith

  29. Jonghyun… simply gorgeous!!!!!

  30. Even though they aren’t on the list Jaejoong and Hankyung for me rocked the dyed hair the best.

    But totally agree with Smith

  31. on top of my list are JONGHYUN and HONGKI ❤

  32. honestly most of them look better with the darker hair.
    darker hair suits more their skins and eyes.

    i always say whatever looks more natural is better.

    i don’t mind seeing changes from time to time. i just hope they don”t stuck with this color too long

  33. @smith hahahaha
    jaejoong #1

  34. The trend starter is
    Noh hong-chul

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