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2PM, Super Junior and SHINee amongst others for Hope Concert


The top singers of Korea are going to stand on stage in Busan.

The Busan Association for the Disabled revealed on the 28th that “Super Junior Happy, 2PM, SHINee and others are going to open for the 1st annual Korea ‘Hope Concert’ held on November 14th in Busan Asiad Stadium.

At the concert, these 3 teams are each going to perform 6 songs, kind of like a semi concert style. This is bringing about a lot of attention from fans.

Stareast, in charge of the ticketing and promotion, has stated, “Because the sponsors want a safe and organized concert, we created a special fan club seating area,” they went on to add “The promotion for ticketing is going on in the Stareast entertainment homepage, and we are getting a lot of attention from fans at this time.”

C: saradah@2oneday


They cut out Taec from the group photo on the poster ><“

19 Responses

  1. Where’s taec??
    That’s an official announcement, but they cut the wrong person??
    but i hope they didn’t cut them, just make it 7 ^^

    and, Shinee ^^ ❤

  2. Oh no! They DID cut out Taec! Lol

  3. That’s ridiculous.. Jay is there and Taec is cut out..

  4. ACKK, they cut out Taec ! O__O

  5. lol.. they cut out my most fav idol member in 2pm… ><

  6. i was gonna say there are only six members on the 2pm poster thinking that they cut out jaebum but then i realised it was taec that was missing xD

  7. haha i think it´s kinda funny that they cut out the wrong person xDDD

    • Agree! At first, I was like, aw, they already edited the picture to exclude Jay and then I was like, wait… isn’t that him right there? LOL Imagine if Jay was like at the center of the pic. That would’ve been a bit more difficult to edit out. 😉

      By the way, it says that Davichi will be guest performers, some extra info for any Davichi fans here. ^^

    • LOL I was thinking the same thing. XDD
      Fail on the whoever’s part that was.

  8. lol yeah, i dont think they realise they cut off the wrong person for 2PM.

  9. hahah..taec~ahhh!!!sarang-hae!!
    i think taec dun mind bc0s he loves jay as well!!! ^^

  10. just hope no one gonna boycott this concert T.T
    the other six need support too .

  11. Shinee <333333

  12. @mango
    Because that’s Super Junior Happy. ._.

  13. yeah taec was cutted
    but don’t take it serious SUJU was cutted seven members as well ^^

    • SuJu member aren’t cut out, it’s their sub group that are performing in this concert ^^

      BTW, I’m super excited to see SuJu in this concert, and what make this concert special is that it’s for a good cause and they can talk to the fans too :3

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