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JYP to keep contract with JaeBum, “Time is the problem”


JYP Entertainment will maintain and keep its contract with 2PM member JaeBum, who has left the group recently and is currently staying in the States.

The contract period for JaeBum is 7 years. Currently, it has been over a year after his debut, and there are still 5 years left on the contract. So what remains now is when he will return to Korea to resume his activities, and what many calls “the problem of time”.

JYP will be holding an audition in Seattle coming 7th November, and through one of the officials from the company, JaeBUm has also been scouted during the audition by JYP in 2004.

It is still not decided if Park JinYoung will be present at the audition in Seattle. An official said, “Because of JaeBum, there has been much concern about the audition this round.”

JYP Entertainment has also been very careful when asked if JaeBum will return to Korea and resumes activities sooner. But what we know is JaeBum’s contract with JYP will remain.

An entertainment industry expert said, “Because his contract with JYP will be kept, it is high chance that he can return and resumes activities naturally, but time is the key here.”

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  2. i hope jay will come back when he’s ready..
    and at that time jyp will still accept him to be part of 2pm again..

  3. Just curious, when they say that THE CONTRACT PERIOD IS 7 YEARS……..does it include his trainee days?? Because I’m sure he trained for about 5yrs+ already. So do they subtract those years from the 7year period stated in the contract? Does it work that way?

    • No, I’m pretty sure the training years are not included in the contract. Although, it would depend on when the contract began. I remember with Big Bang, from what I saw in the docu, YG offered contracts to the members (minus G-Dragon and Taeyang) after their training, just some time before their debut. But for G-Dragon and Taeyang, they were already under contract when the docu was filmed.

  4. imaging if jay was under dbsk’s contract, he’d be screwed quite bad ne? lolx

  5. Im really afraid tht he will be back as solo artist
    he has tht potential to go on solo neways
    im a guy and i agree tht Jay is cool!

    So let him be for now & hope he’ll
    come back soon =) Don’t over react lol

  7. Now wasn’t that hard to say JYP officials? All they had to do is to reassure the fans. They should have said this long time ago than causing all these commotions with their hopeless official statements before geez.

  8. i just felt a lot of weight off my chest. hoy crap i’m soooo happy to hear this news. i just HOPE jay is willing to come back. i seriously hope there is no force or anything and that he wants to do it. i don’t want to be greedy but i want him back. but at the same time if thats not what he wants than i guess thats how it’ll be even though i’d be heart broken as hell. but this really cheered me up. i’m really glad to hear this news. that there is a possibility of him coming back, i just hope it’s not too long. man, i knew JYP was the man. i love him best producer out there hehehe i can look at my signed poster and smile again! =D and be certain that he’s not messing around.

  9. Yeah, since Jae is still under contract, then he is getting his share of the royalties.

    Also, related to this is that JYP is making sure that Hyunah Kim is still benefiting from once being with the Wonder Girls. She should still be getting royalties for the songs she did when she was active with the Wonder Girls. But if you also look at the Wonder Girls new “NOBODY” CD single in the United States, you can see the credits for the CD that the Additional Vocals include “Hyun Ah Kim”. It actually says that. I think that JYP took a tiny vocal snippet previously done by Hyunah and included it when mixing all of the Wonder Girls songs *AFTER* Hyunah left. So Hyunah is still part of the Wonder Girls but in a tiny vocal mixed into the music. JYP is loyal and sentimental about who has been responsible for since he is the one who is making that happen even if Hyunah is no longer actually physically with the Wonder Girls anymore.

    So when the new 2PM album comes out, look to see if Jaebeom’s name is included in the credits as Additional Vocals on the album or at least on one of the new songs. If JYP can mix in a tiny Hyunah vocal snippet into Wonder Girls new songs, then you know that JYP will do the same thing for Jaebeom with new 2PM songs to somehow still keep Jae as a part of 2PM even if Jae is not currently physically with 2PM. Jae will get a tinier part of the royalties for new songs but he’ll still be part of 2PM.

    • not the same hyuna (the one on Nobody)… also Nobody was recorded during summer 2008, Hyuna had already left a year before.

      but yes, I’m sure Hyuna is still getting royalties from the songs she participated in.


      Obvioulsy JYPE’s goal was always to bring Jay back, but people rather believe some silly conspiracy theoris, then think about timing. JYPE even saying that Jay will come back might anger a lot of netizens already. The situation is very sensitive so the company can’t risk it right now.They kept everything intact, they are only waiting for the right time to have him back.

  10. baby steps guys, baby steps. at least now there’s confirmation that the contract is still good, and only time will tell when he can come back. what they are waiting for i really don’t know, but at least it’s something, other than the nothings for the past two months.

    you wouldn’t have wanted something like “we now officially terminate jay’s contract with jype, with respect to his wishes and the company’s. we wish jay the best of luck in his future.”

  11. we will wait for that time to come that he is really ready to come back. :)) Jae ❤

    HAVE HOPE. 😉

  12. Seven Years. That just means Jay is locked in with JYPE and can’t work for anyone else. If Jay wants to come back, then he can only come back to JYPE. After the 7 years, then anything goes.

    If Jay wants to come back BUT if Jay wants to work for someone else and not work for JYPE, then JYPE may want to enforce the contract for the full 7 years, and therefore the idol can’t work for anyone else during that time. That’s like the maximum non-compete situation. So if Jay wants to come back during the 7 years BUT work for someone else, he can’t and he’ll have to sit out the remaining time left.

    This means that Jay’s only options are: (1) give up being idol for the duration of the 7 year contract and that means his idol career is essentially over; or (2) come back to JYPE to rejoin 2PM during the remaining time on his 7 year contract.

    But afterwards after the 7 year contract is over, then the idol can walk away like a free agent and do whatever he or she wants.

    Of course, in the short term, Jay’s interest would have to be to come back to work for JYPE and rejoin 2PM. Logical, yes? That’s how things look like it will EVENTUALLY HAPPEN. Yes? Eventually? Maybe.

    It’s up to Jay as to what he wants to do for the next several years which practically means does he want to return to the fish-bowl life of being an idol where he is adored by the fans of 2PM – but while also being under the terrible critical scrutiny of the media and the netizens. It’s really up to Jay because it’s HIS LIFE that we’re talking about here.

    The smart thing that JYPE is doing is leaving the contract intact to give Jay the opportunity to come back. But by also keeping the contract intact, JYPE is making sure that NO ONE ELSE will get Jay. If you can see that JYPE is keeping the contract intact, then people should see that JYP is on the side of the HOTTEST by holding onto the only thing that JYP has in this situation by leaving the opening for Jay to come back and making sure that *IF* Jay wants to come back then that legally means that Jay can only come back to JYPE to rejoin 2PM.

  13. ~ Time~

  14. So basicly… JYPE is still paying Jae while he still in Seattle, and since nothing in his contract is changed, he still get royalty checks from 2PM’s past albums. If he is in the new album then he’ll be still getting paid from royalties? What a life.

  15. it’s expected that he would return to 2PM.
    there’s way too much that JYPE has invested into training these boys, and his role in 2PM is without a doubt very important to the team.

    i think hottests really should wake up and stop demanding an answer as to how long it would take jay to return.

    the more they try to destroy what the other six’s promotion, the worse 2PM will get, meaning the less their worth will be to JYPE as a group… and ultimately this leaves no open door for Jay to return to 2PM….

    a very good case study to use would be that of Shinhwa. although the dynamics were different in that Andy left for “personal reasons” but it was shown that during Shinhwa’s 4th jib, the boys and SHCJ worked REALLY hard to ensure Shinhwa’s position in KPOP. i remember them saying that they wanted to work hard and show to the world that they are capable so that they could bring Andy back…

  16. Oh the irony with contacts in Kpop. People hate contracts due to DBSK case. But love contracts in regards to Jay’s case. I myself included within these people. lol. Time is definitely the essense and only time will tell what will happen. But hope in the end, I’ll be seeing my 7 beastly guys together again. Miss them!!!

  17. happy to hear that but at the same time is that what he wants what ever he decide wish him the best of luck 🙂

  18. gosh keeping his contract made me really happy… one step at a time.

  19. yesss!!! OPPA! COME ABCK WHEN YOU WANT! the hottest will be hwaiting!!

  20. Hmmm hmmm only time will tell I guess..

  21. I bet he will come back solo

    • hmm…
      dunt think so…
      like the expert says time is the key…and i dont think he will throw away what he had built and what he had to go through to get whe he’s at and start anew all over again…
      he seriously needs to come bak REALL soon….best wishes for both parties, JYPE n, Leadja

    • i think the khottest might have a hissy fit if he does that… cuz it’ll still be 1:59pm according to them

      whatever i wish him the best in whatever he does ^^

      • just watch when this whole thing turns out to be a ploy and there’s this big ending bash where Jaebum will surprisingly return w/ 2pm…..i like conspiracie theories

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