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Netizens choose JaeBum’s withdrawal from 2PM as 2009 top entertainment issue


Netizens have chosen JaeBum‘s withdrawal from 2PM as the top entertainment issue of year 2009.

On cable channel E!TV ‘E! News Korea’ recently, they conducted poll on 2305 people online on ‘2009 Top entertainment issue’ and 640 netizens (27.76%) chose 2PM JaeBum’s withdrawal, and it is #1 on the poll. Following at #2 is the theft of late Choi JinShil‘s remains with polls from 297 people (12.88%) and at #3 is girlgroup dance crazeΒ  with 235 votes (10.19%).

Top 5 results from the poll:

  1. 2PM JaeBum’s withdrawal
  2. Theft of Choi JinShil’s remains
  3. Girlgroup dance craze
  4. Jang JinYoung’s death
  5. Jang JaYeon’s suicide

On 29th October, the episode of E! News Korea, they also ran a report on ‘2009 Entertainment issue.cases best, and after that…’ .

And then there is TVXQ’s lawsuit, and Super Junior KangIn’s case… ><

In the top 5, there is only 1 optimistic issue – girlgroup dance craze

24 Responses

  1. Perhaps, in Korea, those are the top issues for netizens and normal Korean non-netizens.

    In k-pop sites, mostly international fans, more or less the top issues are somewhat similar, like the TVXQ case was huge on forums, Jay’s departure, Kangin’s case, etc, so we think the issues have the same weight in the whole of Korea.

    I myself tend to forget that the huge issues I feel deeply about circling around k-pop sites as a fan, may not be the same ‘huge issues’ that normal Korean citizens feel deeply about. Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  2. I say the tvxq lawsuit issue is number one and 2PMs jaebeum leaving group is second and sujus kangins issue is third.. they should be the top 3… wtf is with the girl group dance craze??

  3. How I hope the ‘2010 Top Entertainment Issue’ would include “2PM jaebum’s return” .

    I seriously miss Jay. 😦

    • I’m actually starting to doubt him coming back after what KBS did and the more news he bring about Jaebeom in Seattle, the less I feel supportive he will comeback.

      We need to leave him alone really. But it’s really the media’s fault.

    • agree!!!! πŸ˜₯

  4. jaebum…

  5. It really is. With all the news about him every week since September has been chaos, I just wish it would die down completely, maybe then we could hear a statement if he plans to comeback or not.

    But honestly, as a International Hottest, I really doubt it.

  6. Jaebum <33333 (Taeyeon is HOT in that pic)

  7. No DBSK? Oh well, I guess it’s a sign that Jay needs to come back! ;))

  8. 2 out of the top 5 news are caused by netizens

  9. So someone leaving a group is more important than a death and a suicide? Fangirls lol.

    • I think sucide become that common in korea. well, quit coz of myspace comments is like the first time ever happened, right? sigh

    • Jang JaYeon was unknown before she passed away..So,it’s sad to said but her suicide is not ”very important”.

  10. I would have expected the suicide case to be a huge issue. I guess not. Woohoo, K-netizens. :/

  11. My guess:
    1. Jaebom’s withdrawal
    2. DBSK Lawsuit
    3. Kangin’s Case
    4. Theft of Choi Jinshil’s Remains
    5. Jang Jinyoung’s Death

    What’s up with the girl group dance craze? That’s not even an entertainment issue.

  12. Wow no DBSK on the list? I guess it’s because the Cassies didn’t make the issue as big as the Hottest? -dunno-

    And that picture of Taeyeon is HAWT.

    • Well, the group claimed that they want to continue as 5 members so the fanbase was more at ease.

      Meanwhile, this was basically the year of 2PM. When a leader leaves, of course it’ll be a big deal.

    • the whole nation was reacting to jaebeom`s case, of course it`s a big deal =( and wow, 3 out of 5 are >,< death, suicide, ash theft O_O the girl group dance craze is really really out of place, what is it doing there ?

      DBSK`s is a rather mild issue compared to suicide, death, and last but not least, a NATIONAL "offense"

  13. Surprised DBSK didn’t make the list.

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