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SuperStar K winner Seo InKook unleashes 2nd hit ‘Rally Ver.2’


Mnet audition show SuperStar K final winner Seo In Kook has revealed a new song on 30th October.

The new song ‘Rally Ver. 2, With. Bigtone’ is a remake of the song ‘Rally’ by Jewelry and Nassun. It is also the theme song to Mnet Superstar K, and is the remake song is produced by famous producer E-Tribe.

Listen to the new song under the cut!

E-Tribe has changed the song ‘Rally’ from a power dance number to a R&B version love song. It features Bigtone of group Happyface.

The song ‘Rally Ver.2’ is currently up #1 on Mnet’s realtime chart.

My personal favourite will still have to be ‘Calling You’.

Just curious, what do you guys think about Seo InKook so far? Live performances?

9 Responses

  1. omg omg omg the song features BIG TONE!! of happy face aka iM!!!!

    i so love it!

  2. I love this song, and I love, ‘Calling You.’ I rooted for him throughout SuperStar K. He is really talented, and he is already a star. Personally, I want him to improve better on his live performance. Maybe it was his first time (well, he performed on SuperStar K), I thought he was trying to show too much emotions, and hid his voice.

  3. lol i went stragiht to hear the song & didn’t read tge article. the song sounded so similar to another song but i couldn’t figure out which, then i finally got it, it was “rally” & i read the title of the song, i was like
    OOHHHHHHHHH! haha fail.

  4. OMG , Im so into this song ~ SIG , he sings so beautifuly ^^ luv it , luv it …..
    though therer some akward moment , I feel his huge talent and passion ….

    SIG is Jjang ~ more more pls…

  5. good songs. i love all of em. and the new one is by etribe?? thats cools.

  6. i like calling u and young love ^^

  7. is there suppose to be the 2ne1 clip?

    oh wells, i still watched it. =] i’m missing 2ne1 these days.

    i still want to hear inkook’s song tho.

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