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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

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UKiss comeback title song ‘Insignificant’ teaser revealed!

Coming back with a new song ‘Insignificant’, boyband UKiss revealed the MV teaser to the song on 30th October.

The boys are back as 7 members with one new uljjang member, and they will have their comeback next month on 5th November.


14 Responses

  1. lol!!! they were super duper HOT!!!! falling into ki seop!!!! waa~~~ well dong ho seems really manly now..

  2. lol!!! there were super duper HOT!!!! falling into ki seop!!!! waa~~~ well dong ho seems really manly now..

  3. the song reminds me brave brothers sound ^^;;

  4. waah~ it will be a hit
    like sorry sorry,,
    people will love it
    but they look like
    somewhat shinee in
    ring ding dong mv
    am i right??

  5. i love ukiss yay~ i love the teaser kyaa XD
    they really look manly and kevin oppa
    youre soo~ HOT~ haiszt love their comeback
    bhahahawa, btw i really noticed that when i said why
    is SHINee trying to be manly?? then i though
    wud ukiss try being manly, i hope so!!
    bcoz they really love like kids for me before
    well i really like them, well now i could say i
    am falling for an older guy!!

  6. Why am I getting the Suju Sorry Sorry vibe here?
    Well it’s better tha the stuff they did before.
    I am curious on how the whole song sounds

  7. Song reminds me of abracadabra. LOL. I hope Ukiss gets more recognition. They’re a pretty funny group though a bit feminine. But with this image, I hope they get more fans. And Alexander and Kibum looking good. New member’s hot, imo. Too bad they’re barely legal.

  8. lol…

    this is like every boyband’s concept before put together almost…it’s ok though. i mean with so many boy bands you eventually run out of “concepts” to do right? not surprised.

  9. at least.. they don’t look gay now. -_-

  10. The song sounds good, to dance to. And the new member is soooo cute, maybe he was just added to ‘facelift’ UKiss.

  11. black outfits too with colored hair.

  12. they remind me of super junior – cept smaller

  13. everyones trying to be tough guys now

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