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WonderGirls for Sina interview in China


Currently on a visit to China, the WonderGirls did an interview on local Sina channel on 29th October.

And the girls were spotted with new styles – especially SoHee who was spotted with bangs and blonde hair.

Go under the cut for the full interview and transcript.

More photos:



The transcript:

Good afternoon to Sina netizens!

Host Zhao Ning (ZN): Welcome all Sina netizens. I am the host, Zhao Ning. Wonder Girls are here again. They came to Sina in June this year, & have returned again. Besides sharing their American experiences with netizens, they will also share news about their Shanghai concert. Welcome to you.

Wonder Girls (WG): Hello everybody. We are the Wonder Girls.

ZN: Today the 5 girls have changed their fashion styles. The last time was summer, everybody was neatly dressed. Today is a little sexy.

Taiwan netizen: Wonder Girls achieved a great result in America. All Wonder Girl fans are very happy & proud. Sincerely wishing you all the best. Awaiting the new album.

WG: Thank you (in Chinese).

ZN: Let’s help our netizen friends to ask what the American working & living experience is like.

Yeeun (YE): 7 months or so in New York, but there are many Americans who like our songs, so still very fortunate.

ZN: Yeeun just shared about their 7 months in America, which obtained a very good result. Any meaningful events, some hardship moments?

YE: Many (in Chinese).
Living in America has its inconveniences. Many food & beverages are unfamiliar. During our performances, we must put the prepared Asian food in the vehicle. Eating meals in a rocking bus was very difficult.

ZN: Just now the lovely Sunmi appears to have something to say.

Sunmi (SM): In America, the harder & tiring part is when really wishing to meet the fans.

ZN: So today here at Sina, we can see many netizen friends. At this juncture we have prepared a VCR, Wonder Girls USA concerts footage.

[Wonder Girls USA concerts segment]

ZN: Welcome back to our live broadcast. Everybody extols that American concerts can be crazy & especially good to watch. Wonder Girls come to Sina & have very good news to tell all. Do we have very enthusiastic & happy news to announce?

SM: 2 pieces of good news. The first is that Wonder Girls have successfully reached #76 in the Billboard Charts. December 1, we will hold our first China concert in Shanghai.

ZN: Everyone promptly gets the 2 pieces of good news. We know Wonder Girls are the first in Korean history to enter the Billboard charts, & have reached #76 in the Top 100. I wish to know, what was the feeling when hearing the good news? How did everybody celebrate?

Sunye (SY): Firstly, we were very pleased, very honored in particular, to have such good results in just 5, 6 months in America. Because so many people paid close attention to our music, we feel we must work harder down the road.

ZH: Greater efforts. We have many netizens with things to say.

Netizen: Please eat more the good stuff when in Beijing. Really want to send some over to you all.

SY: Thank you (in Chinese).

ZN: Last time Wonder Girls were our guest, we also prepared a few special Beijing delicacies. We know what they like to eat when in Beijing?

SY: Roast duck, skewered lamb, lots (in Chinese).

YE: Chinese snacks.

ZN: Hope you all like China, & Chinese fans too. Which established Billboard artiste do Wonder Girls like?

YE: Everyone is different. I like Madonna.

ZN: Everyone has their own idols.

Netizen: Not long ago, Wonder Girls took part in the Jonas Brothers World Tour opening concert. What was the feeling like? Can share with us?

YE: We were on the Jonas Brothers tour from end-June to end-August, playing in 48 cities. We were the opening guest, for a total of 48 cities.

ZN: Chinese fans wanted Wonder Girls to come to China earliest for a concert. Today we got 2 pieces of good news. December 1 will have a Shanghai concert to meet with everyone. Netizens wish to borrow this platform to convey that December 1 is not a special rest day. Please look out more for students & the working when organizing the next concert.

SY: Foremost, very sorry for not being to arrange a concert on a weekend or rest day. For various reasons, it is December 1. Sina has specially created, for us, a special webpage that is devoted to matters related to the December 1 Shanghai concert. Hope more people will comment there online, helping to suggest how to draw fans with future concerts & projects.

ZN: Please hold more concerts here.

Netizen: Sohee sitting near the host hasn’t spoken anything.

ZN: You know what? Many Chinese fans affectionately call you ‘Little Mantou’ [steamed bun.]

Sohee (SH): My face is a little cherubic, hence I’m called ‘Mantou.’

ZN: Do you like this address? Quickly speak adamantly, ‘I don’t like this. You all must replace with a lovelier name.’

SH: I also like this name very much.

ZN: Sohee doesn’t speak half the time. Yoobin is even further away from us.

Yoobin (YB): It’s not that I won’t speak. The team members nearby have been constantly speaking.

Netizen: Heard the good news of the December 1 Shanghai concert. Want to ask this: for this concert’s guests, will the JYP Family come over?

YE: Our company has sent prominent artistes for previous concerts. For Shanghai, it hasn’t been fully ascertained whether many artistes shall come to help. Much better if the company boss JYP Family can do so.

ZN: Everybody is probably most concerned with the concert repertoire. Today we have also set up a little contest. The web interaction is open, & each of the 5 lovely girls will give hints. Netizens can make guesses. We have 2 signed Wonder Girls CDs. The cute Sohee next to me shall start.

SH: Don’t know. This time we will sing ‘Nobody’ & so on, now still don’t know.

ZN: We are letting netizens guess. Yet our very cute & outspoken Little Mantou directly reveals the song name!

[Wonder Girls motion animatedly.]

ZN: This motion is the song characteristic. Let netizens guess.

Netizen: So hot.

WG: Yes.

Sunmi: (motions.)

Netizen: Nobody.

WG: Yes.

ZN: Would our 2 friends leave behind the front 4 & last 3 digits of their cellphone numbers. Call our 62675688 line to contact with our colleagues.
Let’s find out whether the concert will have a live interactive session with the fans.

YE: Our company is readying the Chinese version of ‘Nobody.’ We hope to perform the Chinese ‘Nobody’ at the concert. Hope the netizens can sing along with us. There will also be meticulously-prepared segments, the audience can interact too. Please be alerted, everybody.

Netizen: Looking forward to the Chinese version of ‘Nobody.’ ‘Nobody’ shall set forth from China.

ZN: Hopefully there will be an experience of thousands chorusing by then. Next, let’s ask about plans for the visual aspect. Today we see each of the 5 girls with new hairdos. What about the concert performance?

SM: Firstly we are retro, & also reproducing the ’60s-era retro feel. Yet during this retro, there will be a brand new appearance to show to everyone. All of us have carefully prepared something, hope everybody can enjoy it.

ZN: In short, lots of surprises. Netizens who like Wonder Girls have a little suggestion; it is for Leader Min. Many people recall especially fondly your ‘bangs’ look. Your thoughts?

SY: A long time ago, I constantly kept short hair. Short hair with bangs. In America, frequently it didn’t require much maintenance, hence the hair was cropped shorter. I myself agree short hair is very pretty, but I still want to try something new.

Netizen: Wish Sunye’s family elders all the best in health.

SY: Thank you (in Chinese).

ZN: Speaking of design, many friends wish to ask this. The 1st album was very cool. The 2nd changed into young ladies. The 3rd changed into a retro sexy. What about the next album? Will consider a sweet image?

SY: We are very lovely now. As everybody knows, we have been going retro. Early next year, we will be releasing our American album. Design-wise, we have ideas to make changes. But the American market doesn’t have any other group going for the retro feel like us, so it is regarded as our unique side. Maybe for the next album, we will still continue the retro style.

ZN: Looking forward to the new album. Just heard that it may debut in America first. When will there be an album that includes not only English songs, but also Chinese songs? For the next album or a future China-released album, will Chinese songs be considered?

WG: Of course (in Chinese).

Netizen: It’s not easy to buy any Wonder Girls album in China. Please take care of us in the future.

ZN: As well, here are some netizens from Taiwan.

Taiwan netizen: Wish you all can come to Taiwan to do promos. Can we have a concert, you know? Wonder Girls are very popular in Taiwan.

SY: China is too big. Shanghai is a bit far, many in other places cannot see the Shanghai concert. But don’t feel sorry. We will fight to have concerts in Beijing, in Taiwan, in many more places. Wherever they need us, we will try our best.

ZN: That’s why besides the Shanghai concert, everybody is also most concerned with the just-mentioned new American album.

Netizen: Are the new songs single-handedly by Park-PD, or involve other collaborators?

SY: This album’s overall planning & execution is definitely done by our company’s Mr. Park. Certainly there are other outsiders who have participated. Many composers. Right now we are also preparing a ballad version of ‘Nobody.’

ZN: Yeeun’s creativity has been demonstrated before. Will this album have her or other members’ songs?

YE: I’m composing a lot of tunes. The next album is to be American-released, but details remain indefinite. Until now, I find it very difficult to do stuff in English.

ZN: Too modest. Looking forward to your new works.

Netizen: Will you continue to tour with the Jonas Brothers next year? Any chance to write songs with Jordin Sparks?

YB: The company has plans to likely stand on Jordin Sparks’s stage in October, there is such an opportunity. As for cooperating with the Jonas Brothers, if there is any request next year, we will be very honored.

ZN: Netizens are really special in their enthusiasm.

Netizen: Among the Jonas Brothers, whose relationship is better with?

YE: Our team members are all very familiar. Some team members are similar to Sunmi in age, there are no significant age difference, we are all very close.

Netizen: Did our lovely Sunmi grow taller after going to America? Feels like she’s grown taller?

SM: (laughs) In America, I don’t think I’ve gotten bigger. But I feel I’ve gotten fat. A lot.

SM: (laughs)

ZN: We did a test on whether Sunmi is the most gluttony.

SM: (nods)

Netizen: Long time no seen on Korean recorded variety shows. Hope can record some. Has it been too long away from home?

YB: We have all been living at the USA offices. Only with some advertising work can we return to Korea. This time was our 1st trip home in 4 months. We’ve gone back to Korea only twice in 7 months.

ZN: A little homesick.

SY: Ah, very.

Netizen: Beijing concert isn’t on the agenda?

SY: As I’ve said, not only in Beijing. We want to go to the other cities too. But until now it’s been to only Beijing. Yet to visit the other cities. If there is such an opportunity, we hope to organize concerts in more places.

Netizen: The people of the capital city welcomes you. Beijing welcomes you.

YE: Right now in America, we do not speak Chinese (in Chinese).

ZN: Hope the Shanghai fans will teach you the Shanghainese dialect when you go there.

YE: For the Shanghai concert, we will definitely work hard to speak Chinese beforehand. Hopefully we can use a lot of Chinese to communicate with the fans by then.

ZN: We 5 girls are not only cute, but also very smart, have talents, is there a chance to allow team members to solo more, not just in singing, but also hosting, film & TV areas?

SY: Everybody has her own areas of concern. Sohee has previously acted in a movie, so she has become a thespian. Our company hasn’t mentioned anything about other entertainment pursuits yet, besides the album activities. With the American album release next year, we will stayed focus on American activities.

ZN: Cute Sohee is embarrassed again.

SH: (laughs)

ZN: A lot of friends got to know you all from before ‘Nobody’. Like former member Hyuna is now a member of 4minute. Does everybody still stay in contact?

YE: We are still very close with Hyuna, especially Yoobin. She had originally quit the group because of bad health. Now to see her healthier & joining another group, we feel very pleased & proud.

ZN: Most memorable for netizens, & most popular, is the song ‘Nobody.’ What if no future song can top this song’s peak, what are your own views about this issue?

SY: No worries, because we have a particularly outstanding producer.

ZN: I still remember, JYP. Sunye really appreciated him. I also really wanted to hook you two up.

SY: (laughs) I respect Mr. JYP a lot, not only as between group member & music producer. Sometimes also like a friend. The longer our American stint, the more contact time there is with him, hence the more familiar & good the relationship.

Netizen: Sunye, your Chinese ‘Say Word’ [i.e. Cyworld?] hasn’t been sorted out for a long time.

SY: (laughs)

ZN: Today I see 5 very well-outfitted girls.

YE: The clothes aren’t my own, the company sponsored us. The clothing material is my preferred type.

ZN: Everybody has their own style. Everybody has a special jewelry. Yoobin has a cute ring.
Sunye also has one. Sohee’s is cuter as a match, it is red in color. Sunmi is wearing a lovely bracelet. Thus to continue, Yeeun what do you have?

YE: I don’t have (in Chinese).

ZN: Today, we have many Wonder Girls friends who are watching. We have also invited a fan representative to present Wonder Girls with gifts.

Fan: This is related to Sunmi’s love for science-related stuff. A video of the solar eclipse for Sunmi.

SM: Thank you (in Chinese).

Fan: This is a report of the June trip to Beijing. This magazine reported everything.

WG: Thank you.

ZN: Everybody might not have heard what this fan representative said. The small gift for Sunmi is their self-produced video of the solar eclipse, because they know that’s what she loves. The other gift is a magazine, this magazine has a lot of info about the Beijing promos from June.
Sunmi already cannot wait to open the gift. Also thank you to the large number of netizens & friends. Everybody is concerned how we chose our fans, we have message boards before each programme, everybody can post to compete for opportunities to interact with the idols. They can also leave messages at the respective Star Activities departments.
We thank once again Wonder Girls for coming to Sina. Hope your American album can be quickly delivered. See you next time, thank you to our weary translator-big brother. Thank you.

WG: Thank you.


More photos of the girls at the event


Thanks to hotdog09 for the headsup!

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  1. Yoobin looks prettiest. So Hee, her hair suits her i guess but ive always thoguht she looked like a cat πŸ˜›

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  3. Shohee should ditch the blonde hair and the bangs. Her dark hair looked great and the long layers helped to give the illusion of a thinner face. The bangs really do accentuate her fat cheeks which is a double whammy since she’s already UGLY!

    Sohee does have a nice body but her face is just ugh! Hopefully she’ll get her face fixed when she’s a bit older…she can afford the surgery.

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  5. Sunmi and Yeheun are looking gorgeous! They’re just getting prettier each time I see them. Just radiating with beauty!

    Sunye looks old and tired. She needs the bangs back. This hairdo just increases her age and how tired she looks. It’s a no-no.

    Yoobin and Sohee look okay. I don’t think bangs suit Sohee though. Her face is already round as it is. Bangs don’t go well with people who have round faces and chubby cheeks.

  6. I love YeEuns outfit. She Yubin and Sunye are the entertaining ones.
    Yubin got thinner with her tan skin.
    MiMi got hair extension.
    Sunye look like she gain weight a little.
    I dont find SoHee cute “chubby chicks”.

  7. Yubin, su and Yenny are Sexy. Mimi is cute. Sohee is ugly especially with that blonde hair. Ugly Sohee! Ugly, ugly, ugly!

  8. They look all so pretty! I love Sunmi’s hair…I’m so glad they got rid of her weird red/blonde hair from when she was in the States.

  9. Love the new banner … Bommie <333333333333333

    [hahah, yes this has no relations to the article but theres no where else to exclaim this so yeah]


    • in my opinion, i dont think kbites should get a shoutbox. itll keep this place clean.

  10. They must be getting tired of performing Nobody and wearing those outfits. Maybe a little bit.

  11. Thanks for the translation. It is so great to see the girls again!

  12. I miss the WG! But some reason I think they all looked rather tired, esp Sunye. The locks/curls/waves make her looks older >.< Sunmi, Ye Eun & Yu Bin look great! I don't know about Sohee though, she still looks normal lol.

  13. OMG Sohee and her new style. It looks cute for her, her face is just so cute.

    And Sunmi, I think she looks better with long hair, thats just me though.

    Wonder Girls Fighting!

  14. Sohee was so freaking cute throughout the whole thing. she looks like a blinking doll. gosh shes not my fav but dang, shes so freaking cute.

    • Mimi is cute. Sohee is UGLY!

    • they’re all cute!

      whats even more special is how much they’ve grown. strange how you usually dont notice growth if youve been seeing people consistently but its different with wg for some reason. you can easily tell they’ve grown tremendously in terms of appearance. they still might have the same lovely personalities though

      • I heard that Sohee is a complains a lot which doesn’t help her UGLY appearance. When she gets older, I reall hope she takes advantage of the good plastic surgeons that Korea has to offer and singing lessons as well.

  15. WG <333 miss them

  16. Sunye looks weird without bangs. Can we fire her stylist?

    On the other hand, Yoobin is extremely hot with that new hairstyle.

    The girls have changed quite a bit. They seem more matured and less playful. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not but I kinda miss thier ‘Tell Me’ days…

  17. first πŸ˜€

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