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Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits ‘husband’ Jo Kwon’s dorm for the first time


Brown Eyed Girls GaIn visits her ‘husband’ Jo Kwon‘s dormitory for the first time.

For We Got Married aired on 31st October, GaIn visits Jo Kwon‘s dormitory for the first time, she also met with the other 2AM members and also did cooking for them.

Early in the morning, Jo Kwon was seen at the door of the dormitory with holding a flash which writes, “Noona is my endorphin” which had GaIn smiling.

GaIn then visited JoKwon’s really neat room. And even though Jo Kwon spotted that GaIn was shy sitting on a guy’s bed for the first time, he said, “Almost not awkward. You’re like someone who has been in and out of my room often.”

The other members were caught flustered when they woke up to meet GaIn. But SeulOng, who is usually friendly, has got Jo Kwon confessing , “I’m a little jealous seeing them close? Something like that.”

Also when the other members said, “Sister-in-law, we are hungry”, GaIn got down to prepare breakfast for them.

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  1. i really2 like this couple.. anyone knows where i can find jokwon-gain WGM subbed..? =[

    • Time2sub2 is subbing it. I know they’re finished EP1, almost with EP2. this ep is still not subbed yet, but it will be by them.

  2. That’s cute lol

  3. thats sweet …. cute noona-dongsaeng couple ❤

  4. is gain older than jokwon? how old is she?

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