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Star galore for MBC Infinite Challenge Farming Special eps 3


KARA, Kim Bum, Epik High, Bada and Jewelry were some of the stars who appeared for the 3rd episode of farming special on MBC Infinite Challenge aired on 31st October.

The IC members were excited to see that the rice they have harvested previously were growing well. And at about 9am on the day of filming, actor Kim Bum appeared. Jung JoonHa had called him over and he came with food for the IC members and also put on a pair of boots to help out.

An hour later, girlgroup KARA also appeared and did a butt dance performance for the IC members to show them support.

Singer Lee MinWoo also turned up after receiving a call from JunJin.

At noon, Epik High came down and did a special hiphop show for the IC folks. They came down on accord that Gil has called and told them about the project they were working on.

Following, singers Bada and Jewelry also appeared. Yoo JaeSeok has called Jewelry down to show support, upon seeing his girlfriend Park JungAh, Gil was flustered, he said shyly, “How to call you down when it was regarding work.”


First part to the episode here:

Watch the rest at DwarousKpop

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  1. lol thats so cute but since when did park jungah and gil started gg out?

  2. I wonder how the netizens reacted after seeing Kim Bum’s commercial with.. whatever her name is. It was Maja or something.

  3. omg .. gil must be happy cuz his gf is there ^^
    wow so many celeb ^^

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