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SBS Inkigayo 01.11.2009 – SHINee wins Mutizen with ‘Ring Ding Dong’!


For SBS Inkigayo today, SHINee wins their 1st Mutizen with their current hit ‘Ring Ding Dong’! The song is also #2 on the digital mobile ranking chart on the show.

Meanwhile, check out more performances under the cut:

  • Comeback stages by SeeYa, Andy and Ivy
  • Other hot stages by SS501, SHINee, 4Minute, T-ara, Secret etc

Comeback Stage

  • See Ya with ‘His Voice’
  • Andy with ‘Single Man’
  • Ivy with ‘Touch Me’

Hot Solo Debut

  • Hwan Hee with ‘Because I missed a heart’


  • SS501 with ‘Love Like This’
  • SHINee with ‘Ring Ding Dong’
  • Whee Sung with ‘Trickling’
  • MC Mong with ‘Horror Show’
  • Park Hyo Shin with ‘After Love’

Fresh Music

  • One Two feat. Seo In Young with ‘Bad Girl II’
  • Secret with ‘I want you back’
  • Mina feat. Mighty Mouth’s Sang Chu
  • In Soon Ee with ‘Father’

Hot Music

  • 4Minute with ‘What A Girl Wants’
  • T-ara and Supernova with ‘TTL 2’
  • Mighty Mouth feat. In Soon Ee


  • Digital Music Chart: Beast’s Ki Kwang and Yo Seob

MC Cuts

23 Responses

  1. im goin to miss ttl2. T__T sob2

  2. Arghhh missed Inki live, but I mainly wanted to see the Mobile Ranking. x]

    LOLOL KIKWANG+YOSEOB! Super cute together. ♥
    The fake tears! XDD
    Wish BEAST performed tho.

    Key looks cute in that screencap! Congrats to SHINee! ^^

    Aww Taec & Woo!! Only You was wonderful. Bad Girl too?!!! ^^ ♥ The girl MC was cute too.

  3. ohh Inki is lacking for me this week…no YG artists…and why no mblaq and beast too =(

  4. Ki kwang and yo seob are so funny ahahhaha

  5. ki kwang & yoseob are so cute!

  6. *sigh*

    oh well… xDD

    congrats shinee

  7. hmm i guess i take for granted YG artists always being on stage. now i feel like something’s missing..

  8. i like secret’s i want you back too.
    ivy vocals are great.

    shinee and ss501 are awesome as well.
    ss501 are so goodlooking 🙂 and love like this = very good song
    shinee do deserve the win too. rdd is a hot track. not many ppl can sound good using those ear mics. i can only say it’s indeed shinee, who are known for their very good live singing.

    and yea i miss beast and mblaq. beast was cute during the mobile countdown. 🙂

  9. woah secret performs really well O_O this group is a grower, seriously
    ivy is flawless like usual and me likey the new seeya =)
    hwanhee seemed like he’s still injured ?
    mc mong is the best, though LOL

  10. BEAST Ki Kwang and Yo Seob were so cute between the ranking of #4 – #2.

    And I loved SHINee’s performance and congrats to them winning again.

  11. wow..no B2ST and MBLAQ perfs..i miss `em already.

    keep replaying the digital mobile countdown with B2ST’s AJ and yoseob! 😛 LOL, they’re soo cute together.

    congrats to shinee in winning! i knew they would win the crown today. taeminnie’s vocals=improving! it’s better now. 🙂

  12. did Wooyoung say somefing about Jaebum can some1 translate plz

  13. Wooyoung and Taec is loved <33
    they look more cheerful !

  14. keep up the goodwork!!!

  15. congrats to shinee.. love the song.. they deserved it..

  16. Congrats shinee but I hope next week SS501 will win ….Ivy is a great performer Im so amazed with performance she doesnt even sound breathless or tired when she pefrom

  17. no MBLAQ and B2ST perf today?
    anyway, im happy for SHINEE! super happy for them! they deserve it!

  18. Anyway at 4minute’s performance 2:21 Sohyun almost danced wrongly. Haha^^

  19. Yay!!! Anyway no B2ST performance today?

  20. Congratulation, SHINee ^^~
    I am not really a big fan of them but this time…
    I think SHINee do well with their song ^^~
    Really like Ring DIng Dong ^o^

  21. Congratulations to SHINee ❤

    They REALLY deserved it. I mean, they're competing with Wheesung, Leessang, SS501 (especially), and much more.

    SS501 will probably win next week so I hope SS501 fans don't get all pissy and think SHINee didn't deserve it -_-

  22. Congrats to SHINee.

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