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Nominees for 24th Golden Disk Awards 2009 revealed!


The annual music award 24th Golden Disk Awards will be held coming 10th December.

There are about 30 nominees for album/disk award category this year. Go under the cut to see the full nominees list!

Nominees for disk category [See details]

  • Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’
  • GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’
  • SG Wannabe ‘Gift From SG Wannabe’
  • Lee SeungChul ‘Mutopia’
  • Drunken Tiger ‘Feel Good Muzik: The 8th Wonder’
  • Seo Taiji ‘Atomos’
  • Shin HyeSung ‘Side 2: Keep Leaves’
  • Bobby Kim ‘Love Chapter 1’
  • Jo Sung Mo ‘Second Half’
  • Jang GiHa and Faces ‘Living without special things’
  • Epik High ‘e’
  • Lee Sora ‘Winter, lonely and warming song’
  • Baek Ji Young ‘Sensibility’
  • Lee Seung Gi ‘Shadow’
  • FT Island ‘Cross and Change’
  • Park HyoShin ‘Gift Part 1’
  • Brown Eyed Girls ‘Sound G’
  • MC Mong ‘Humanimal’
  • KARA ‘Revolution’
  • Fly To The Sky ‘Decennium’
  • LeeSsang ‘Hexagonal’
  • YoonHa ‘Peace Love & Ice Cream Part a’
  • Im ChangJung ‘Return To My World’
  • Lee SeonHee ‘Love’
  • Outsider ‘Maestro’
  • Dynamic Duo ‘Band of Dynamic Brothers (10.21)’
  • WheeSung ‘Vocolate (10.21)’
  • Ivy ‘Goodbye Tears’
  • Lee SooYoung ‘Dazzle’
  • 2PM first full length album

Nominees for Digital song category award [See details]

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ (The first minialbum)
  2. 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’ (1st minialbum)
  3. Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ (3rd album)
  4. Baek Ji Young ‘Like Being Hit’ (Sensibility)
  5. Davichi ‘8282’ (Davichi in Wonderland’
  6. Son DamBi ‘Saturday Night’ (Type B)
  7. SS501 ‘Because I am Stupid’ (Boys Over Flowers OST)
  8. 2NE1 ‘Fire’ (Digital single)
  9. Lee Seung Gi ‘Will you marry me’ (Same title single)
  10. 8eight ‘Without a Heart’ (Golden Age)
  11. 2PM ‘Again & Again’ (Time For Change)
  12. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ (Sound G)
  13. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ (2nd minialbum)
  14. KWill ‘Tears are dropping’ (same title single)
  15. Lee SeungChul ‘No one like that someone’ (movie ost)
  16. SG Wannabe ‘I Love You’ (Gift From SG Wannabe)
  17. Outsider ‘Alone’ (Maestro)
  18. Hwayobi ‘Half’ (minialbum)
  19. 4Minute ‘Hot Issue’ (Hot Issue)
  20. SeungRi ‘Strong Baby’ (Remember)
  21. SHINee ‘Ring Ding Dong’ (3rd minialbum)
  22. SS501 ‘Love Like This’ (Rebirth)

Nominees for Samsung Yepp popularity award [See Details]

-Voting for this award will open on 3rd November

  • Super Junior
  • GDragon
  • SG Wannabe
  • Drunken Tiger
  • Seo Taiji
  • Shin Hye Sung
  • Bobby Kim
  • Jo SungMo
  • Jang Gi Ha and faces
  • Epik High
  • Lee Sora
  • Baek Ji Young
  • Lee Seung Gi
  • FT Island
  • Park Hyo Shin
  • Brown Eyed Girls
  • MC Mong
  • KARA
  • Fly To The Sky
  • LeeSsang
  • YoonHa
  • Im ChangJung
  • Lee SeonHee
  • Outsider
  • Dynamic Duo
  • WheeSung
  • Ivy
  • Lee SooYoung
  • Davichi
  • Son DamBi
  • 8eight
  • K Will
  • SeungRi
  • SHINee
  • Lee Seung Chul
  • 2PM
  • So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’
  • 2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’
  • SS501
  • Hwayobi

Samsung Yepp newcomer award

  • 2NE1
  • T-ara
  • 4Minute
  • f(x)

HipHop music award

  • Drunken Tiger ‘Feel Good Music’
  • Epik High ‘Trot/Wannabe’
  • MC Mong ‘Indian Boy’
  • LeeSsang ‘The Girl Who Can’t Break Up, The Boy Who Can’t Leave ‘
  • Outsider ‘Alone’

Rock music award

  • Jang Gi Ha and Faces ‘Cheap Coffee’
  • YB Band ‘Still You’
  • BooHwal ‘Think Of You’
  • Cherry Filter ‘Pianissimo’

And 2PM’s 1st album is already nominated..

81 Responses

  1. 2ne1 should of won best newcomer but nooo.. tara and 4minute did they dont deserve it

  2. […] will actually be much more competitive to follow.  You can find the entire list of nominations here. Tagged with: award show, snsd leave a comment « SNSD up for two […]

  3. Yeah~ I know that 2ne1 is like gonna take the Rookie award but still…T-ara hwaiting! I mean a lot of people do not understand their concept and judging on Lies, people say their “cute” concept is boring. Just for clearing up, it was supposed to be a “classic” concept. And the girls did fierce concept well with TTL Ver. 1 and 2. Soyeon’s vocal rocks. Eunjeong and Hyomin’s rap aren’t as good as CL I agreed but honestly, they are better than Kara’s Nicole’s and Amber’s. (No offense to them both thought).

    I remember SME said sth about f(x) can do all concepts and stuff. [Sth like if you change the variable x, the result is gonna be different] I can’t help laughing if they try cute ROFL, imagining Amber lol. Just have to wait then. For me, I think T-ara succeed in different concepts.

    4minute? Gayoon’s vocal is good but the group’s stage presence is bad. Jihyun is kinda, no scratch that, really stiff. She’s my fave so I often watch out for her and yeah, stiff is the world. Jiyoon is good but i don’t get the deal about her and why is she so overrated.

    Also, should have nominated After School thought, judging the fact that they r great and……………UEE is everywhere =.=.

  4. I think SME CEOs are being sore losers. I think they predicted themselves to lose for MAMA because of the good relation of YG and Mnet?? They might grab more awards here so they are participating..wth.

    Anyways congrats to all the norminations!

  5. Oh 2NE1&GD!!

    YG Fighting > <"

  6. Ey, Is YG Entertainment still not considered on good terms with Golden Globe committee?

  7. lol what’s the point of a nominee list if it’s like.. EVERY FREAKIN ALBUM.. lists are so long..
    and wow.. strong baby was this year? seems like so long ago o_O

    -_- It’s kinda akward that 2PM first album got nominated and it’s not even released yet ^^ but wish them
    the best of luck ❤

  9. Soshi Suju!!! and so obvious 2ne1 for rookie hahahaha go go go

  10. Not really a big 2NE1 fan, but for sure that they will win newcomer award. It’s either them or 4MINUTE.

  11. digital song category – 2NE1 (FIRE or IDC)
    newcomer award – 2NE1
    hiphop award – leessang

  12. If this was decided by album sales. Heartbreaker and I don’t care will win hands down.
    Honestly, 2ne1 winning the rookie award is a given. Not being cocky, just honest.

    I really want to see Epik high win too. They deserve to win!

  13. […] the whole list of people who are nominated so if you want to see it you can click on this link! https://sookyeong.wordpress.com/2009/11/02/nominees-for-24th-golden-disk-awards-2009-released/ FYI: If you’re wondering why some albums for example 2PM’s 1st album is even nominated, […]

  14. GO BIG BANG !!!

  15. Sooo much more legit that MAMA. lol
    And sooooo many artists nominated! 😀
    Good luck to them all.

    Dont 2 groups win the newcomer round too?

  16. GO EPIK HIGH GOOO!! And SS501!!! I really want both to win at least one award and then I will be very happy 😀 good luck to the other groups as well… I’m sad that I won’t be able to vote.. 😦 GO EPIK AND SS501 FIGHTHING!!

  17. honestly the only thing i care about is 2ne1 winning best newcomer thats the only award i can honestly say they deserve and if they don’ win i’ll be suprised and disappointed.

  18. I’m guessing this is why 2PM’s 1st album is nominated.
    “Albums from 2008 Dec 1 to 2009 Nov 30 are considered”
    SNSD & SUJU FTW!! ❤

    • Do you know if they will count the sales for ALL versions of Super Junior’s third album? Super Junior outsold everyone this year.

      • I’m not sure but I do know that SM had stated a while back that Super Junior has sold more then 200,000 copies. Hanteo sales has them way lower then that but Hanteo sales don’t count all the stores, only some. So I’m not sure what kind of album sales chart GDA will be looking at.

  19. Dude what ever happened to BEAST or MBLAQ for new comers ?!?

  20. 2pm’s first album get nominated -______________________-

  21. Park Hyo Shin ❤

  22. Okay, why is it that AllKPop listed the album that 2PM is nominated is Hottest Time of the Day which is their first album and Not the new one that’s listed here. I’m so confuse. Can someone clear this up?? Which album is nominated??????

    • i think ALLKPOP got the right one how can 2pm new album be nominated if is not even release yet so is logical.
      2pm Hottest Time of the Day is nominated.

      • Yeah, but i searched up the title listed at AllKPop in Korean and its not the Korean title for Hottest Time of the Day so its most likely the new album.

      • AKP was wrong. The 2pm album nominated under that category did say 1st full length album.

      • It can’t be 2PM’s Hottest time of the day album because that’s a mini album & the MAIN award is for FULL LENGTH ALBUM.

  23. YAY! 2NE1 is nominated!


  24. 60% on album sales.. this is basically just who got the biggest fanbase.. coz we know only fans buy the album in korea.. + vote just making it the fan-pleased award.. I know this is the most prestigious award but I don’t think album sales in korea can count as the quality of the artists. we know how official fans can buy multiple copies of their artists. this will be YG vs SM again

    • 60% on album sales if thats the thats the case then Super Junior, SNSD, GD, and 2NE1 are the most likely winners
      they are the top selling album this year.

      • According to Hanteo the order of Album sales are as follows:

        GD————— 125,217
        SuJu————- 120,040
        2NE1————- 86,100
        SNSD (GENIE)— 82,512
        SNSD (GEE)—- 80,799

        source: http://letsplay2ne1.wordpress.com/

      • @ Yambok
        Hanteo’s not the only chart that counts. SuJu had 60,000 orders of their album on pre-order alone, and their Sorry Sorry album was a best seller in Phillipines, Thailand, Taiwan and other asian countries too. They were the most successful korean band in east and south-east asia this year. They sold way more than that. And so did GD and SNSD.

      • @FlowerPunch…I dont think international sales are counted on this, only the korean album sales.

    • digital song category – 2NE1 (FIRE or IDC)
      newcomer award – 2NE1
      hiphop award – leessang

  25. yeah wers after sckool? what assholes…

  26. Hahah yea! why is 2PM there already gosh..
    seriosuly are these the thigns that are open to VOTING???… o my goodness…

  27. lol.. 2pm album is not even released..

    i think for disk category either g-dragon or super junior will win..
    for digital single it shld be Gee or sorry sorry or again & again..
    popularity shld be g-dragon..
    newcomer shld be 2ne1..
    hiphop will be leessang..
    rock –> i nv heard any of those songs..

    these are my views.. =p

  28. this is such a long nominee list. is it just me but i dont rmb 2PM having an album in the first place?
    and suju to the win pls! ❤

  29. No After school for newcomers award TT_TT. They had 2 singles out this year which were both top 10 and have been extremely active in the first half of the year. I know the chances of them winning it would have been extremely slim but still…even T-ara and Fx are nominated.

    oh well, i’ll except and move on.

    • to bad for After school i think their sales are better than f(x)
      oh well.

      • lol..coz fx dont even have their 1st album yet..
        if you mean the digital sales…la cha ta got higher sale than diva n ah!

    • I totally agree with you! Before 2NE1 and the other groups had even debuted After School were favourites to get this award (ok, i know there werent any contendors at that point but still!) They did have a good run this year, and even though most people know 2NE1 will win (i’m not a fan of theirs but they were successful) i still think after school should have been nominated.

  30. It’s good to see 2pm in the nominee list but now i really cant support them, without mah Jay, it’s not 2pm………sorry TT__________TT

  31. Wow, so many nominees. But I like the list more than MAMA’s (I’m still weirded out by the new MKMF initials). LOL.

    How come 2PM which hasn’t even released their full length album yet is nominated for DISK? Anyway, I think the battle for this one will be SUJU v. GD. I know SUJU has made buckets load with their album. I dunno if GD has matched this yet. Hanteo’s the only chart I’ve seen and GD’s #! there but I dunno bout other sales that are not taken into consideration there. Whoever wins, I’m pretty much happy. Like both contenders anyway.

    On Digital Song, I think it would be SNSD-SUJU-2NE1-BEG battle. But I think SNSD would take this one. Gee was like number 1 for 9 weeks. So, I’m guessing their digital sales would be over the top.

    On rookies, I hope 2NE1 wins! Great year for them. Seriously, they made a mark in the KPOP world. The other girl groups are ok. I like 4minute. Not so much on F(X) and T-ara. Sorry.

    • actually as of recently…I found out that GD has surpassed SUJU…its close but he did sell more than SUJU…but who knows how fair these awards will be … too much lobbying….based on past korean awards…neither could get it too…

      • I thought Suju sales is more based on the domestic and international selling??? Gogooo Suju… I really want Suju wins for album award….
        2PM’s new album is just out, i don’t think they could win (if they win, it would be a bit unfair for those top selling albums like Heartbreak, Sorry Sorry or Gee…)They could win in Popularity Award though… Still feel bad about Jay’s incident…

        I think 2NE1 will win for rookie group 🙂 They are so popular…. F(x) is still new while T-are didn’t really released any albums, only digital songs with group projects

  32. feels bad for not supporting 2pm..
    but, no jay = no 2pm

  33. although i am a hottest, how is 2pm already on here?

  34. big bang and 2ne1 gogogogo are the best<3<3

  35. Ohh long list….You’ missed Hwayobi for > Nominees for Samsung Yepp popularity award

  36. sorry but how how could 2pm’s first album get nominated when it not even out yet??? but if 2pm got nominated then TAEYANG upcoming album should be nominated as well

    • agreed

    • Agree completely

    • except taeyang’s album is not coming out until next year

    • Taeyang’s album is coming out a bit later though, whereas 2pm’s album is just around the corner. But even so, i don’t think it’s right to have an album nominated when none of the public have even heard it. Fans will still vote for it even if they have no idea what its like (though i’m sure it’ll be a good 1, i still think its suspicious that they are on the nominees list). I don’t know any other country that has the public vote based on albums not even out.

    • totally agree!!

  37. My boys SuJu!! Nominated in 3 categories :3 Now this is an award where I know that no biasness will affect the outcome 😛
    Now all I need to know is if foreigners can vote and when the voting will being >_<

  38. BEAST……….

  39. How long does an album/single have to be out before it’s qualified to be nominated??

  40. good luck to all

  41. too many nominees!!!

  42. how could 2pm’s first album get nominated???!!!!

  43. SNSD FTWWW!! ❤

  44. epik high for the win

  45. yeah.. it’s so odd..
    probably mnet had already listened it?
    probably mnet love 2PM too much.. haha =)

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