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Star galore at “Fortune Salon” Movie VIP Premiere


On Nov 2nd, 2009 the new Korean Movie titled “Cheong-dam-bo-sal” aka Fortune Salon held its VIP Movie Premiere on 8 pm onwards at COEX-Seoul.

Family Outing members such as Lee Hyori, Kim JongKook, and also former family member Lee CheonHee were also spotted among the attendees as they gave their support to ‘sister’ Park Yejin by coming to the event.

Other attendees are : Ok Joo hyun, Sung Yuri, Super Junior Heechul, SNSD Tiffany & Sooyoung, Jewelry Park JungAh, Choi JiWoo and Shin Aera.


‘Fortune Salon’ which plays in the romantic comedy and romance genre will highlight the life of a famous fortune-teller (Park Yejin) who runs a famous fortune-telling salon in Cheongdam.

‘Fortune Salon’ will greet the wide-screen viewers starting Nov 11,2009.

Photos from events!





Ok Juhyeon


Sung Yuri


Yuri unni’s boots n bag are ❤


Heenim of SuJu

20091102202646612SNSD Tiffany & Sooyoung


Jewelry Park Jungah


Choi Jiwoo and Shin Aera

22 Responses

  1. oh juz now i really realized ChunHee is a handsome man! he’s a model anyway…hahahaha miss him & Yejin in FO!! ='(
    Hyori is so stunning as usual!!! =)

  2. miss chunheeee and yejin! must be a good movie that all these stars are showing support for! 🙂

  3. awwww FO members, hwaiting~~

    i didn’t even recognize chunhee… 😦
    i miss those two…

  4. ha3….i was look heechul picture so many times..
    he look different~~~

  5. chunheeeeeeeeee!!

  6. Omo..I thought that Heechul is someone lese…he look like a girl in the picture..haha..
    And Chunhee….i love his short hair…=)

  7. hyori looks gorgeous as usual

  8. why is is that the finkl members are always close together except for lee hyori? when she met lee jin last time it was so awkwards they never even call each other.

    its like 3-1. i wonder why hyori isn’t close with the rest of the girls…. SES is like BFF BFF BFF. netizens can’t seem to get it either.

    • they are still close
      it’s just the other girls have time to meet up often, except for hyori cause she is always busy
      and in fink, ock ju hyun is the one who she get to see more often than the other 2 girls. cause they are singer and are under the same company
      another reason is that hyori is 1 year older than them and long long time ago since finkl she played with her same age friends, for example the 79-ers club which was created in her finkl days 1999??

  9. I like what Sung Yuri is wearing. ^^

  10. anyone think Hee Chul looks like a skinny version of Hyun Bin in that picture….just imagine a skinner, taller Hyun Bin with long wavy brown hair…LOL

  11. I smiled when I saw ChunHee! 😀 I miss him ❤

  12. Stars with casual clothes showing their sense of fashion:
    Bad: Tiffany, Sooyoung, Shin Aera (alert! alert!)
    Good: Lee Hyori (Jjang!), Yuri, Ok Juhyeon, Heechul
    So so : Park Jung Ah

    • i thought the snsd girls looked really cute!^^ they were working the FOB style and the whole retro mismatch thingy which is pretty “in” where i’m living. sooyoung’s long-sleeved black inners have to go though. or it should be a different color.

      other than that, they really do look great. love the support<3

  13. family love <333

  14. lol did anyone noticed that all finkl members attended the movie VIP premiere I wish if they will make come back

  15. Heechul seriously looks like a Japanese girl. It’s the brows.

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