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Lee Seung Gi, “YoonA and I are just close siblings, that’s all”


Singer Lee Seung Gi talks about So Nyeo Shi Dae member YoonA.

On 3rd November, Lee Seung Gi held an event in Seoul Delight multi purpose hall together with 500 fans. And at the fanmeeting event, he said, “YoonA and I just maintain a close senior-junior relationship. I feel awkward because people would always give the weird look.”

“We are really like close siblings, that’s all. I hope people will not look at me weirdly anymore.”

Lol but after his confessions on Strong Heart? :p



13 Responses

  1. i love both of them…they juz meant to be together….
    publicity is good lol…

  2. i love Lee Seung Gi…

    i wonder is he doing okay now?he’s down with swine flu in last post

  3. Y.s.y,

    you are right. He was not declaring love to Yoona in Strong Heart. Just part of the fun. Like there was no actor done that before. Double sheesh…

  4. Did i heard it right? He just said that he likes and a fan of Yoona. It’s not like he’s declaring i-love-u-be-my-gilfriend? Sheesh.

  5. I think they make a cute couple. The way he was acting on strong Heart was looking real to mel….but so many men are attracted to Yoona… What’s not to love about Yoona?And Seung Gi is adorable as well..again I think they would be a cute couple. Ofcourse he had to make a public statement about it..can’t have Yoona or even seung Gi actually be with each other ..not good for their
    celebritydom..as Mc Mong said Seung Gi will not be able to date for 5 years as long as Mc Mong has anything to do about it! lol..

  6. HAHA he’s a really good actor then. ironically they both are though.
    oh well, i dont care ,they’re cute together heh.

  7. There are ppl that took his words on Strong heart as real? Lolz isn’t that obvious that’s jus for variety purpose? -__-a

    Although the show itself is suppose to be an honest talk show, but love confessions will always be skeptical in the 1st place on varieties, with some exceptions sometimes….

  8. so what?!

  9. sure, that’s what they all say. lol. if they aren’t together, then it was just to attract viewers for strong heart. everyone was fighting over yoona in episode 3 (teuk, brian, seung gi). i’m neutral about yoona, but i really don’t understand all the hype about her…

  10. Haha..maybe he doesnt want to get bashed from Yoona’s ajushi fans..muakaka..and maybe he also doesnt want his noona’s fans bashed Yoona..but then..i really this two to go out together..haha…=)

  11. LOVE Lee Seung Gi and YoonA

  12. close siblings? after all his confessions? Lol, fakes.

  13. hahaha they should try to be more than close siblings and Yuri & Kim Taewoo too, they look cute together haha SHY together !
    They will be on next Strong Heart, i can’t wait for this one !

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