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Overwhelming responses for UKiss comeback ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ in just 1 day after release


Group UKiss has received overwhelming response just 1 day after they revealed the MV to their comeback song ‘Man Man Ha Ni’.

UKiss revealed the full MV to the song ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ on their homepage on 5th November at 3pm. What was eye catching is that UKiss has dumped their usual cute image and are back with smokey makeup and a more charismatic image.

It is also known that the producers to the new single album includes one of Korea’s most famous producer the Brave Brothers. And ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ is an electronica number with hiphop gangster feel.

Meanwhile, they are back as 7 members with 1 new uljjang member Lee GiSeop who joined the group recently.


Images: Ukiss soompi thread

19 Responses

  1. I like the song 😀

  2. blah only good thing is the beat

  3. the first rapper is mad cute xD whats up with the new trend? guys in korea now a days are looking more prettier than girls. i mean they always were but dam the make up makes them look so dam pretty.

  4. dongho looks like cheungdong from mblaq in their promotional shoots. theyr ok but to tell the truth they were a bit ** boring… (sorry) the startup was fine ever stellar but during the part end i just want them to end the song and pose like mad that way i can concentrate on their faces… being honest here.. T_T

  5. they all look the same!!!!
    I meant all the boy bands, geeze…even the outfits and colors and background….its been there done that a million times now…

    I need something refreshing..*sigh* Big Bang, please come back T^T

  6. good for them!! i love their mini album. Brave Brothers did a good job again. i’m a new fan!

  7. I like the beginning of the song a lot lol
    their dancing is not bad either ^^

  8. they have a lot of potential..im liking U-KISS..good thing they undergone to 360 degrees transformation..

  9. everything is so electronica sound these days. the songs sounds pretty catchy.

  10. wow. kim kibum looks a lot like brother kim hyung joon of SS501.

  11. Yeah… Good for them ^^ I also love their new song.. The dance is very nice.. Me like it ^^

  12. their SONG is total winner this time.
    the move though not so interesting..haha

    n i’m just confuse,
    which one is the new member?!

  13. oh gosh i have no idea who is who….can somebody help me out….

  14. Somehow, i actually like the first part of the dancing with their body moving. Its really cool. The song is quite nice too.

    Now, i’m off to dance that body moving dance of theirs.

    • lmao that’s exactly what I thought! The song is awesome and that dance is friggin’ infectious. Love it.

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