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    TVXQ members Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu release new Japanese album 'The...', much to the delight of fans.

    Check out the song 'Itsu Datte Kimi Ni'.

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2PM ‘Heartbeat’ MV revealed!


The MV to 2PM‘s title song ‘Heartbeat’ from their 1st full length album ‘1:59pm’ has been revealed on 11th November!

Love it or not?

Love it but it’s just weird to see a 6-member dance formation ㅠ

100 Responses

  1. i seriously don’t know why alot of ppl are find “heartbeat” disappointing and boring. i thought it was refreshing and captivating, both the song and the mv.

  2. Whatever happen..2PM will always be in my heart..=)
    Love their new songs…<3

  3. i honestly…………

    LOVE THE MV. The ‘dark’ concept that you guys discuss about, the whole ‘died’ at the end.. totally killed me. XD

    the one thing i dont get is… WHY NIC HAS A PONYTAIL THAT LOOKS LIKE DARA? hahhhaah!

    no.. Mr ‘Perfect’ Nic ponytail no no. very biiiigg no no. =) u handsome yes yes. =)

  4. the mv was good but the song itself is pretty crappy.

  5. i didn’t really like the song but i thought the mv went well w/ it.

    i’m curious as to how they’re going to perform this on stage. will be interesting to see

  6. actually i loved the mv.
    its so different that the others.
    the choreo is different, that”s what makes it special.
    and the dance moves in the “listen to my heartbeat” parts, are quite catchy as the again and again dance movements..

    i wish them good luck! it isn”t easy to transform into a new image and still look confident about it.
    2PM ^^

  7. I love 2pm alot
    wishes jay will come back to 2pm
    and love the video
    junsu looks really hot!

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  9. actually…i loved it..
    you know it’s hard showing the emotion through dancing and they did it great…i can’t wait for their comeback since the song is one of my faves ^^

  10. the song is a little boring but i have to say, the mv was pretty awesome. i thought the dance was really innovative at the some points, esp the pyramid and the acrobatic move at the end.
    but i can’t bring myself to enjoy and fangirl over it like i usually would because whenever wooyoung sings in the chorus, i keep thinking it would most likely have been jay’s part if he was here.

    the absence of jay is very distracting.

  11. i LOVE men in suit *Q*
    i want jay back <___<

  12. I LOVE IT.

  13. I liked it!!! I thought it was very 2PM the emo style the dancing the singing…the song. I was surprised quite a few commented they dislike the song heartbeat and prefer the other two songs “tired of waiting” or “i was crazy about you”

    I love those two songs, they were catchy but uses too much those alteration in their voices…autotune is it? while heartbeat you can actually hear them ‘sing’. I personally loved the song.

    The MV was alright. some said it reminds them of MJ thriller? I had Backstreet Boys in my mind :p “Everybody” song LOL maybe thats just me. I quite like the dance move… I think the only thing I can point out as being a little weird is the hair!!! what the? hahaha… man I use to not like chansung but he fits very well with the concept. he looks hot and the rap he did after taec whoaa…loved that bit.

    I cant wait for LIVE performance!!!

  14. i like the MV, even though its emo-ish.

    and looking at the comments here…seems like “forgetting jay” is working. maybe not forgetiing, but more like accepting a 6-member 2PM. somehow i know this will happen. but their new style is really too epic to ignore or boycott even without jay…

  15. song is still so-so to me, but i think seeing the MV really does help. its definitely something unique. looking forward to their live perf. although i wished they would promote Tired of Waiting after this.

    and damn it must be tiring to perform this live. just imagine all the emotions they have to pour into this song. and that dance

    love the dance…

  17. AWESOME. I love how JYP tries out different thing and tries to creat trends rather than follow them. Look at the dance routine of all the other boybands, their just your typical 1-2 step with a bit of cool hand movements. I love this routin because it so unique and awkward, it leaves you mesmerized. I’ve never seen anything in kpop that was cool until this. 2PM are definitely setting the bar high for all other groups.

  18. i hate it another poser EMO clip btw forget about Jay hes history lol.

    J Kwon
    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  19. I like it,,
    as 4minute says,,, PLEASE DON’T STOP THE MUSIC

  20. hurmm…

    why dont we just get over “jay” for a moment,
    yes,it would be lovely and complete with Jay presence as they originally are 7..
    but just for the sake of their comeback,
    just accept 2pm as it’s now,i.e. w/o jay, and enjoy their music!
    no one cant deny the music n dance are superb!
    different..and that’s new bout 2pm..
    dont compare..pls..

    • agree…
      those people are narrow minded
      the fact is …. JAY is hiding somewhere,,,

  21. I don’t like it. That may be because I miss jaebum too much and cantseem to accept anything 2pm comes out with but I do think I just don’t like it.

    The chorus is the best I guess… It just seems so bland and the mv may be deep but it freaks me out… I got scared. You don’t really get to see the guys faces and I don’t think the song does justice to anyones voice.. But yeah the chorus is the best it’s got oomph whereas the rest seems bleh.

    I miss 2pm good old days. I miss jaebum!

  22. no jay..

  23. they “died” in the end. Anyways, i like the MV.

  24. BORING. X2.
    the song has nothing catchy or something nice that will keep me listening. mv’s kinda boring oso. it kinda feels empty when jaebum’s not there too.


  26. love it love it love it

    i miss Jay like hell but these boys worked hard for this.
    I can’t for Jay to return! he will complete the icing on the cake!

  27. though am not Hottest…the MV is something new and the boys did a big a change, I like what Im seeing. Its also surprsing they ddnt color their hair like other boybands comebacks (SuJu, Ukiss, Shinee, Beast etc.) more matured Beast man.
    WElcome Back 2PM!

  28. wow very good!

  29. first time is see vid and…… I LOVE IT. Am i the only one? lol..i thought this is EPIC lol… it’s so uniquely awesome. Nothing disappoint me in this vid, except the pony tail, but the rest is awesome. LOVE IT. I’M IN LOVE AGAIN 2PM THEY BACK! i haven’t feel this exciting since big bang time and wonder girls time. 2pm bring me back to the excitement in kpop. I’ll be overly obsess again for the rest of the year. 😀

  30. i can say that its totally different than what most groups are doing. some people find it unoriginal; maybe im just being biased bc im a fan, but there are a lot of things that were unique in this video to me.

    like the heart beat thing was kinda cool. just the whole “story” of the MV was different to me. I had no idea what to expect, but i can surely tell you that what i watched wasn’t it either.

    It was cool all in all, not too disappointed in everything, satisfied in the end. (:

  31. what’s with the same concepts over and over again….MBLAQ already overdid the weird dark concept, I was hoping 2PM would step away from it but this is just depressing, not to mention the voices during the rap sequences sounded SO weird.

    I’m not a fan not anti, just someone who didn’t really find the song OR MV up to par with what they usually produce.

    Here’s hoping Taeyang bring something fresh to the table~

    • oh and the random spiked ponytails or whatever is really weird looking, why can’t they just keep their hair normal?

      • idk about the hair, but as everyone argued, they’ve slowly been transitioning into the “dark” side.

        like with again and again? that was kinda dark, but just as dark as it is now.

        well, point being; they kinda had this concept for some time now.

      • they had the dark clothes and thats it. their songs were upbeat pop. Now it just went emo like GD and some of mblaq’s songs.

    • hope you’ll not expect alot form TaeYang’s comeback coz u might get dissapointed too…

      • I’ve never been with anything he has done, I won’t lose my faith on him now and if he does, oh well. =) I’ll still support him!

      • There’s not much to expect. He’s going with a Justin Timberlake concept. But I’m hopeful too. Netizen have already criticized his Engrish when pronounced Wedding Dress in Wed-Ning Drezz in the 31 sec preview.

    • The song is essentially about a breakup – I don’t see what is so inappropriate with using the ‘dark concept’ as you label it so. Would it please you if they used happy colours coupled with daisy flowers and big smiles?

      ddalgi basically counteracted all of your points, and pretty well at that.

      • you are a genius. i was hoping someone would take notice of this. i posted a comment above and coincidentally said nearly the exact same thing you said without ever reading your comment until now!

        im glad we have others who’re very observant here.

        again&again wasnt a dark concept. i dont understand why people say so. the clothes were black/purple in the mv but that doesnt even justify anything for being a “dark” concept. dark is something moody, unfulfilling, something probably like big bang’s haru haru, although not completely. its the tone and atmosphere coming from the song. again&again just felt like a clubsong to me, anything but dark despite the mv being about feelings and what not.

        but yes, the song is essentially about the breakup. with every member, staff, jyp, etc knowing about the recent events of jaebum, who in their right mind would produce and promote a happy go lucky song right after these series of events with jaebum? really…

        but yeah, yuna, you are a genius :>

  32. i like it 😀

  33. i see why some people are whining.
    but 2pm is pretty original in the korean scene.
    theyre the first beast idols.
    ive never seen an acrobatic dance boy group like them.
    and yeah, there has been a trend of “dark” concepts going around boy groups, but not in this way.
    shinee wasn’t exactly dark, mblaq they just dress in dark colors, beast- their song is dark, but their concept is just as bright as any others, etc.
    2pm’s is fully dark & they had that going on during again and again and i hate you.

    their choreo is fresh compared to the same-old boy-group-ish dances that errbody else is doing.

    it’s creepy and not really “2pm style” but theyre doing something new. i appreciate that. -0-; id rather not be bored.

    i thought this mv was brilliant.
    esp woo.
    he mustve made a resolve to try extra hard for this album……..

  34. wow ! nice ! 2pm never fail to impress me…. perfect 6……

  35. fighting 2pm

  36. oh my…i dun noe what to feel here… d song is juz weird but i guess d mv make up wif d song… but it juz doesn’t feel right coz some part r supposed to b Jay’s part & we all noe that but there’s someone else taking that part…juz plain weird…=(
    but i love some choreo in dis mv & d 1st & last part of d mv was EPIC!!

  37. I LOVE IT

  38. I’ll be honest…. the mv was fine, but I found the song not that good. Now… really, is it because of 2PM that you really like the song, or that you just like the music yourself…. I don’t like the music as much because it feels the whole song is missing something that makes me don’t like it.

    It really seems that they were just talking or rapping throughout the whole song… which sometimes can make the song a bit boring.

  39. i can say simply that something was missing…obvious.

    but…they did well in the video. it was original compared to the typical k-pop videos…slightly emo.

    i loved chansung’s rap part.


  41. I like them but they really lack something without Jaebum…. Vocal wise n choreo wise….
    The choreo is unique…it looks like they were playing a short musical. However, the formation looks odd n the power seems kinda off. Maybe coz I’m used to jaebum’s present that brought the chore to life.
    It’s like DBSK losing Uknow in terms of dancing.

    N this song lacks of adlibs unlike their previous songs. Adlibs is usually the climax of songs… Adlbs make me like SM idols n also JYP idols coz they have powerful adlibs.
    I’ll still support 2pm though. That’s what my fav Jay will like, isnt it?

  42. I actually really liked the video (Junsu looks hot!) and I Really LOVE the song so I dont know what people are talking about. I think its very catchy (I found myself singing to it….well the english parts, lol) ^_^

  43. somewhat disappointed…but i liked tired of waiting better. song doesn’t seem to be really catchy. o-o is this really jyp’s creation? ehh

  44. i like the MV, really nice effects but the song is not so good unlike again and again…. it seems rushed, idk. it feels weird too without jay….

  45. Hmmm I think Tired Of waiting is much better
    than heartbeat … I wonder why it’s not the title music of the album
    and the MV is cool but what’s wrong with khun & junho hair O_O
    AHHH ~~ I just like the intro but the rest of the video -_- I’M KINDA SHOCKED not what i was expecting really

  46. honestly, its really hot.

    but it just doesnt feel right.

    their tears in the starting of the mv, just make me think that they’re crying for a reason. 😦

  47. WOW

  48. I don’t like the song much but it’s much better than Ring Dong Dong x___X The MV is sooo emo-HOT XD

  49. chansung looks hot!

  50. when i heard the song i really liked it that i thought i’m gonna love the mv no matter what.. so i might be a little biased here.. but i think the mv is really awesome.. and i like the choreography even though i admit it’s a bit weird.. but at the same time it’s unique and very ‘fresh’ in kpop scene, just like the song..
    but just as everyone here, i don’t really like the ponytail hair.. it just doesn’t suit the atmosphere..
    but overall the boys do really well.. but yeah, it’s still not complete without Jay..

    • on a more positive view, it’s nice to see Junsu taking the role as the lead dancer in some scene.. he was kinda ‘invisible’ before.. I like his hair here.. and I think he looks much hotter now.. kekkeee,,

  51. I love the violin sounds here…

  52. Damn the mv was deep.
    It was so good.
    the moves were awesome.
    different and weird but amazing.

  53. I love 2PM but OMG WTH has JYP done to the 6 boys?!
    The choreography is just not 2PM. There’s like something missing (besides Jay). I think “Tired of Waiting” or “I was crazy for you” would’ve been a better title song -_-
    Aish..it’s going to be depressing seeing only 6 boys on stage this thursday T_T

  54. i thought it’s really cool. one of the better Kpop MVs i’ve watched in a while.

    missing Jay, still. but all the best to the boys! ❤

  55. actually to correct what i wrote before, taec’s hair was ok but juhno and nick mini pigtails didn’t really suit….

  56. I like this dance in the end of mv
    It’s not special because don’t have sth to make me feel ” So great or sth like amazing’
    6PM can not perfect like 2PM
    Like u said it’s so weird

  57. it was interesting…the start was actually really good but kinda’ got a little weird..and i didn’t really think the tired up hair suited it…
    but i’ll wait and see what else they put out first…

  58. I like the song and the MV but watching the MV kind made me feel sad

  59. I can’t say exactly what, but something’s off in this song and mv… The choreography was kind of weird and not very 2PM at all. Still think Tired of Waiting or Crazy Over You would have been better as the title song.

    the pyramid..awesome
    outfit… suite with the theme…
    their ponytails…nope! fr. situations like dat..
    but yeah..weird to c without jay~ =(
    song by itself without the MV seem un interesting~
    stil support them!!!! awesome!! maybe nex tyme with jay!!! HOPE!!!

  61. It’s so emo-ish. haha. But it seems like a lot of the boy groups debuting or coming back have a dark mysterious concept =) 2PM<33

  62. The MV was good, but what’s with the hair? 😮

    Heartbreaking to see them as not 7. 😦

  63. It’s just missing one touch 😦

  64. you are fast! ^^

    ya..i agree..it’s weird to see 6 of them..
    like the mv~
    the ending was cool~
    act as like no heartbeat

    can’t wait for their comeback
    *i still miss 7 of them together thought..*

  65. Not really nice but I still like it:)

  66. the intro made me sad. it looked like they’re crying over the loss of Jaebum but the last part was like so funny. They did a pyramid. Like a cheerleader. LOL

  67. it’s so sad..made me cry~

  68. I uh.. I don’t really know what to make of it.

  69. wth was that? that WAS officially weird.. the dance is.. different…. good luck on that comeback lol..

    • THANK YOU! honestly, i was just shocked by this! and not in a good way. i was watching and was just so disappointed. i do hope them good luck.

  70. Song is dull and boring. The dance lacks luster because of the song. Damn, I never knew the beastly idols could have gone from exciting to boring.

    • Why can’t kpop be more of a leader rather than a bunch of followers. There are barely any artists that keep one image over and over. 2PM should have stuck with what worked. They went to follow the current trend of the boy groups, dark clothes and channeling some kind of dark image overall (SS501, Shinee, UKiss, MBLAQ, e.t.c) BORING

      • what? those people that you listed have sounds that are similar to “again and again” and “i hate you”…

        if anything the song and style of dance is something that is VERY different

      • ^ Different? Really?

        MJ’s Thriller MV

      • what about it?

      • You said they followed the boy band trend…and i said very different….i dont see why your bringing mj into this

      • perhaps u nd 2 go back to ‘again & again’ MV before u post ur comment…
        2PM’s MVs has always had some kind dark thing going on…
        esp their ‘Again n Again’ MV…

      • I think Lol meant MJ’s thriller…. I honestly thought of that too when they did the dance.

      • i was thinking MJ when i seen this too 😀

      • @Lol

        its hard to satisfy everyone. the funny thing is, if they would’ve kept their concept, people might’ve ranted over how they didnt go for a new look and that keeping their old concept isnt good. (taeyang for example. some want him to change his clothing style and appearance, In example, his hair and cap). others, like you, apparently wanted them to keep their concept of the old and not “follow” a trend of dark image.

        idk about you, but i think its needed. we are in winter. if you knew fashion, you’d dress accordingly to the seasons as well, not just in terms of weather but colors. black has always been a winter color so promoting in lets say, bright and vibrant colors/clothing will be sorta strange.

        truthfully, people are too quick to judge. i will admit, again&again was an instant hit. heartbeat isnt quite as much, but it has grown on me over many listens. i wouldnt be so picky and just enjoy what theyre giving.

        the mood of the mv also fits. how would jaebum feel if they released an mv with everyone all happy and all smiles all of the time while dancing and what not? their concept this time around doesnt seem boring to me but thats probably because i didnt expect their latest songs to be sdjkada amazing and upbeat

    • This is just the ”zombie” dance concept who is similar to Thriller i think =)

      I like a lot the mv and the song !

  71. Wow, it’s been a while. I like the mv.

  72. You’re fast, thank you!!

  73. OMO

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