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[Poll] Your favourite celebrity smiling eyes!


In Kpop world, there are many celebrities known for their smiling eyes. And it has been called one of their charms.

Netizens gathered photos of some of the celebrities representative of this smiling eye charm.

Go under the cut to vote for your favourite!

Some of the representative celebrity smiling eyes!

Tiffany, Han SeungYeon, Sulli, Nam JiHyun, Xiah JunSu, JaeBum, TaeYang


Lee Hyori, Nicole, Sunye, Rain, JunHo, KangIn, DaeSung


Poll for your favourite smiling eyes here! Multiple choices allowed!

My personal favourites – Tiffany Hyori, Nicole, SeungYeon, Rain and JunHo..  Almost all!

151 Responses

  1. fany all the way! even if im not a fan of her.lol
    the others smiling eyes doesn’t look natural. as if they are really trying to make their eyes smile. hehe

    for the boys..
    hmm. RAIN & TAEYANG!!!! wooh!

  2. Xiah baby, I love you like crazy, but you don’t have an eye-smile. You’re still amazingly adorable ❤

  3. I like Tiffany so much!!!!!!!!!
    Her smile makes me happy

  4. *cutest

  5. Def taeyang, daesung, and junho!! Cutesy smiling eyes ever <33

  6. […] Your favourite celebrity smiling eyes [Read] […]

  7. […] Your favourite celebrity smiling eyes [Read] […]

  8. kang in oppa hwating!!!! SARANGHAEYO

  9. fany fany tiffany ^^
    i love eyes-smile’s 4′ jihyun too ^^

  10. i voted for tiffany ^^
    but i love eyes-smile’s nicole n kangin too ^^


    ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. we like girl’s generation!(TIFFANY)

  14. vote for TIFFANY.
    i love TIFFANY.
    I Love SNSD.
    Forever Love

  15. I love TIFFANY so much!!!
    Her eyes-smile makes me happy!!!

  16. Tiffany… oh my god, her eyesmile make me love and make me happy
    She is my all

  17. Kang In 😡 😡 😡
    ~~~Only In~~~

  18. the srunchup look around Han Seungyeon smiling eyes is pretty!

    and Kangin is win. You’ll tend to smile along when his eye smiles appear 😀

  19. fany fany fany love


  21. TAEYANG ;D

  22. please vote for taeyang oppa ,
    he deserves it ! 🙂
    soo kyoot !

  23. Tiffany for sure…although this picture does not show all the beauty of her eyes smile…:X:X

  24. Tiffany No.1! I like Tiffany so much!! I love her smlie_eyes!!

  25. I like Tiffany. She has Smile_eyes very beautiful. I like her very much becausa her smlie_eyes!

  26. Taeyang!!!!!
    and Daesung. 🙂

  27. um, sookyeong? for the first set of pictures, you wrote: “Nicole, Han SeungYeon, Sulli, Nam JiHyun, Xiah JunSu, JaeBum, TaeYang”. Isn’t it supposed to be “Tiffany” in front, and not “Nicole” because Nicole is in the second set of pictures?

    Taeyang and Junho for me 😛

  28. taeyang, tiffany & hyori!

  29. vote for Fany,she ‘s a angel smile

  30. vote for tiffany…snsd forever

  31. I love her so much … it’s TIFFANY :* !~
    And i luv her eyes smile 4ever 🙂 !~

  32. I really really love Eyes smile of TIFFANY , since the first time i saw it
    just see her smile , i smile with her

  33. It’s too easy for me +,+
    Nobody’s eyes smiles can beat the shine of Fany’s in my heart =,=

  34. I voted for Tiffany!
    but i also love Daesung, Hyori & Nicole’s eye smiles ^^

  35. […] Kéo xuống uối cùng để vote nào mọi người. LINK VOTE : Here!!! […]

  36. tiffanny 😡 cute smile 😡

  37. jay,TY&Hyori
    even though i’m not a big hyori fan, her eyes are soooo cute when she laughs :3

  38. HAHA i was going to pick fany..
    but the last one made me fell out of the chair, ahah daesung’s eyes are like GONE xDD

    this is too cute to be true<3<3
    gonna choose fany,daesung, jae, taeyang, hyori unnie,….. ALL? …

  39. Tiffany!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. taeyang <333333
    his eyes are so seductive

  41. i like tae yang , daesung , tiffany and hyori’s smile

  42. Ahhhhhhhh Rain Oppaaaaa!

    J Kwon
    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  43. DaeSung, Tae Yang, JunSu, Nicole and Hyori unni :X

  44. Tiffany and Jaebum FTW! XD

  45. Fany Fany Tiffany

  46. no boa?

    i voted for YB

  47. Rain, the best

  48. Daesung 😀

  49. Definitely Rain and his kid Junho. And Sulli too

  50. all of them have really beautiful smiles but picked taeyang, hyori and dae… there eye smiles are contagious!

  51. taeyang, daesung and Junsu 😡

  52. I always love Onew’s eyes smile xD~
    But I vote for TaeYang xD~

  53. tiffany for sure

  54. i voted for tiffany, i love her eye smile<3

  55. i LOVEEEE taeyang’s smile eyes.
    They’re different from the others. kinda droopy like snoopy xD

    Kangin’s smile eyes and nicole’s makes me wanna smile too.

  56. so hard to choose!!!
    such bright smiles :))))

    i chose sunye and daesung!

  57. Tiffany jjang

  58. I love Taeyang’s smiling eyes ❤ and junsu too

  59. kangin…i always thought he had such adorable smiling eyes.
    as well as lee hyori and nicole, which rounds out my top 3. =]

  60. lol its basically who has the most chinkiest eyes haha

    nah i think either Fany or Taeyang has the best

  61. I think most of de celebs featured has gt nice smiling eyes esp my faves-nicole,jay n kangin..actually,i wld add AJ frm BEAST as well..His smile alone can mke me melt.. :p

  62. Daesung.. and Rain.. ~

  63. JaeBumie – His smile is not the best but it’s always in Hottest’s heart and i always like that

    Everyone have their own lovely smile
    I think have Lee Joon of MBLAQ , his smile like angel really cute

  64. taeyang and daesung:D

  65. Definitely Tiffany !
    Fanny Fanny jjang !

  66. @kay- omgosh! that pic is so adorable!

  67. vote tiff. hihi. love snsd

  68. taeyang hyori. no doubt

  69. Hyori, Daesung, and……..Jang Geun Suk!!! why isn’t he on the list D=

    ahh well… ~♥

  70. taeyang and tiffany…

  71. haha this is fun..for me it’s nicole for the girl…and kangin for the guy…

  72. Tiffany has a best smiling eyes!

  73. Junho, of course! His smile is adorable.
    And is it just me, or does Kangin look an awful lot like Seulong from 2am in his second picture?

  74. TIFFANY :X:X:X:X::X:Xsmiling eyes so cute :X:X:X
    SNSD No1 :X:X:X:X

  75. TIFFANY …….
    So kute !!!!1
    I love SNSD

  76. deffo junsu and nicole~!! awesome smiles:D

  77. Taeyang!!! he’s so cute when he’s smiling!!!

  78. taeyang smile..gorgeous

  79. For me Taeyang & Daesung

    Gdragon also has a cutie smile ^^

  80. TIFFANY has eyes smile is so awesome!!!

  81. not a fan of snsd but i really really like tiffany’s eye smile. for guys, it’s daesung and bi rain for me! 🙂

  82. taeyang ftw!! 😀

  83. jaebum, tiffany, hyori, junho hehe..
    but out of all i love jay’s smiling eyes the most ^^

  84. My favourite is Onew’s, but Tiffany, Hyori and Nicole have such cute eye smiles!!!

  85. Even though I am no big bang fan, Taeyang’s eyes are…..

    Too cute. too adorable. FTW! 😀

  86. Taeyang all the way……the most adorable moon eyes ever!!!
    If you are not convinced, just look at this:

    that smile just crinkles into his eyes the perfect way….~

  87. looks at all those smiling eyes! so hard to choose.

  88. Nicole for meeee!!!
    But all of them have beautiful smiling eyes!!! =)

  89. alll of them i can’t choose omg..lol

  90. Taeyang!!!

    But I also love Daesung and Hyori… hahahaha

  91. of course Taeyangie. That smile made me smile too and he look so approachable. And Daesungie… Can I vote two person? He he he

  92. DAESUNG!!! He is the sweetest!

  93. Junsu FTW

  94. I had to vote for a lot of ppl.. Daesung, Jay, Junho, Rain, Hyori …. and of course, TAEYANG!!! His smiling eyes is really wonderful~~ ^^

    The Taeyang pics used for this poll is super cute!! Shows off his eye smile so well. ♥

  95. ok be honest! who came in here voting mutiple times for the same person! (raise hand) I did…lol…run away now…

  96. taeyang, junsu, daesung and tiffany! i really like their smiley eyes. my entire world lits up whenever they smile haha

  97. I love taeyangs eyes and jaebom both of them there sooooo cute for the girls of course hyori and nicole there eyes are just gorgeous when they smile it is omg for me. I like minjis eyes as well but i guess they dint put it

  98. tiffany and sulli’s eyesmile is cute

  99. jay and sulli ❤

  100. Of course I pick TAEYANG! Lol he’s eyes and smile says innocence! Plus he’s so cute ^_^

  101. tae yang’s just adorable.. but i have to give it to dae sungiee ❤

  102. Hyori will always have the best smiling eyes to me =D

  103. wowww…Jaebum is going first ^^


  105. taeyang definitely has the cutest most adorable want to grab and kiss and hug and do all the baby stuff too kind of eyes. haha

    sorry he’s just so cute with his smile.

  106. Go Go TaeYang fighting! Daesung down down ^^ ~~

  107. Guess Taeyang is winning!!!! YEAH!!!!

  108. oh we are voting for *smiling* eyes. ok after another look, this time i’m sure of my vote: kangin. hehe. masculine but so cute. lee hyori’s eyes look naturally pretty when she smiles too.

  109. Jay is absolutely adorablee[: ♥

  110. There are alot of them that has really nice smiles, but somehow kangin’s smile stood out more. he has a handsome and charming smile. it’s very beautiful, hehe. anyway, rain’s is cute too.

  111. i like Fany’s seems her smile always make me want to smile too

  112. I’m so envious of Nicole’s eyes…so, I voted for her, jeje

  113. I have to chose Taeyang xD

  114. Taeyang. Hands down.
    Daesung was a runner-up for me. His smiling eyes are too cute to resist.
    For females, I picked Tiffany. She just looks adorable when she smiles with those eyes.

  115. OMG!!! They are so cute with their smiley eyes ^.^
    it SO HARD to Choose ><"

  116. I’m in the minority too. I voted for Nam Jihyun of 4Minute. Although she’s not the most predominant member, she is really pretty and always smiling. I love her eye smile.

    Since we can vote for more than one person, i also voted for Junho, SunYe, seungyeon and Rain kekeke multiple votes FTW.

    • i love her! she’s adorable!!<3 and she has that natural kind of beauty. i love her more when she's not wearing heavy stage make-up.

  117. lol. looks like i’m in the minority this time. voted for kangin. his whole face brightens up when he smiles and it just kills me with pleasure! i even dedicated a whole post in my blog for his smile. *creepy obsessed fan ALERT!* teehee^^ miss him.

    p/s: i wanted to vote for ALL of the girls. they all have very charming smiling eyes. i can’t choose!

  118. i picked jaebum and xiah junsu.
    when they smile, their eyes look really mesmerizing, veryyyyyy cute 😀

  119. if it’s smiling eyes it just has to be tiffany for me. but hyori and tae yang’s good too.

  120. TaeYang his smiling eyes are so adorable!

  121. taeyang ! ♥
    he’s soo cutee ..
    and hawt , weeew ,
    hehe .
    i ♥ his kyoot smiling eyes .
    🙂 ♥♥♥ ü

  122. I’m still glad Xiah Junsu is still there. Who could ever forget his cute angel Xiah smile.. ^_^

  123. TaeYang & Hyori for me they got the best smiling eyes.

  124. Cole unnie >0<

  125. why do you have to put Tae and Dae in there? I couldn’t choose between them! lol but in the end I went with TAEYANG!

  126. Hyori’s smilling eyes for sure… ^^

  127. i like chunpie’s

  128. please vote taeyang ♥♥♥
    ihart him !

  129. Rain (of course ),Junho ,Nicole (she has a very pretty smile when she is not photoshopped !) and Jaebum ’cause when he smile ,his eyes become very bright like when a person has hope (don’t know how to explain) and his whole body shines =)

  130. for me Taeyang all the way then hyori and nicole

  131. i loove Tae Yang & Hyori’s smiling eyes ❤

  132. OMG u dnt av Lee Joon!!

  133. i love the moon eyes, so for me hyori, taeyang, kangin, and nicole have the perfect moon shaped eyes that i am attracted to. =D

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