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2PM comes back officially as 6 members with performance on Mnet ‘O Good Concert’


2PM had their comeback stage as 6 members after JaeBum left the group previously in September.

2PM performed as 6 members officially for their comeback on Mnet ‘O Good Concert’ on 12th November, performing 2 songs ‘I Hate You’ and ‘Heartbeat’. They showed their upgraded features through their powerful comeback performances.

The boys also said before their performance to reporters, “We really have confidence with this title song ‘Heartbeat’. We are not saying that we are confident the song will get #1 but we meant to show the performance with confidence on stage since we have worked hard to prepare for it.”

Go under the cut for the performance video!




What’s with Taec’s hair?

35 Responses

  1. sandara park hair!

  2. hawt. nuff said.

  3. Woow that was so kick a
    gahhh my youngie looks so cute…eventho im not diggin the bowl so much lol

  4. wooyoung is gettin hotter & hotter! i know he has an amazing talent! i really love this gu, tho’ i miss jaebeom, tnx to WY for taking his part (just for a moment) good job!! 2PM fighting!


  5. I feel that the concept is too dark for them since they’re mostly fun-loving guys.

  6. OMG! what is up with their hair?!?!?!

    i hope the stylists will change their hairstyle for their comeback on Inkigayo…

  7. i liked nichkhun’s hair at the on style interview. what happened?? ]: i dont like his hair. he’s still hot though xDD i love the performance and sonng but i miss Jay..

  8. I specifically love the choreography for “listen to my heartbeat”. I’m anticipating Inkigayo now. Go 2PM!

  9. lol…it’s like watching a zombie dance…

  10. it feels like jaebum is missing for a day and he’ll come back…

    it’s so wrong for the boys that way…im happy they’re back but personally (my opinion), it’s not a permanent thing and i can’t accept them to be 2pm.

    it just doesn’t feel complete as good as the performance was….still waiting for him to miraculously appear..is that stupid to think?

    • It’s not stupid to think that way, I guess everybody wants him to come back anyway =)

      The boys are working hard. With or without Jay, the least we could do is to support the remaining members.

  11. nickhun and junho’s hair remind me of my childhood… my mom used to put my hair up like that… ^^

  12. The boys did great but their hair, especially Taec TT_________TT looks really like a snake……. they’re really showing their “dark” side =.=”

  13. those suits are really gross.

  14. Well done to the 6 members, it must have been incredibly nerve wracking to go back on stage after what happen but they did it. We all miss our Leader but for now lets appreciate how hard the other 6 have been working.

    • Word! ^_^

      Even without their leader, the other members have worked hard so at least fans have to acknowledge their efforts.

  15. saw the MV before and I found their set of outfit with that circle pattern reminded me of The Joker character (?) and Elton John antique stage clothing (?)

    even if the MV concept and the song itself are sombre but some part of the choreo for this particular song is a bit off. especially that pyramid ending.

    anyhow, hwaiting 2PM!!

  16. wowww… what a great performance!
    the fans scream louder when the pyramid comes.. i guess it will be a hit in korea.. lol..xD

  17. What the hell did they do to NichKhun’s hair? Did they think he was TOO good looking or something? So they try and tone it down by messing with his hair?!

  18. wow!!!so good!

  19. wow, really really good performance
    i’m happy they’re back! =)
    but i really hoped that khun and junho didn’t promote with that weird ponytail lolll
    oh well…can’t hope for too much.
    good luck to the boys! =)

  20. nnnoooooooooooo!!!!!
    their hairrrrrr…????
    ok, still love them…ARGH..

  21. the boys did a great job!
    but khunnie didnt hold wooyoung properly…
    the pyramid looks hard and they seems to get hurt easily…
    hope they change it…

  22. LOL the cheerleader-esque pyramid LOL

  23. “We are not saying that we are confident the song will get #1 but we meant to show the performance with confidence on stage since we have worked hard to prepare for it.”

    This is why I’m against boycotters.

    Thank you for posting this news ^ ^

  24. WoW… ❤

  25. what happened to their hair?

  26. their hair is horrid. TT—TT

  27. omg omg!!!

  28. DID!!!! wow~!

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