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HyunA gives comfort for short ‘loser’ Korean men?


Amidst recent criticisms on one female college student who made the comment that ‘short guys are losers’, 4Minute member HyunA‘s recent comment has also received much attention from netizens.

On 12th November, there have been discussion threads posted up on discussion and noticeboards titled ‘HyunA ya! I’m yours!’ The discussion threads also included video of HyunA‘s appearance on MBC FM4U morning show on 6th July.

In the video, HyunA was asked about her ideal type and she said, “I like someone with a pretty smile. It would be good if that someone can take my aegyo and complaints. He should be short. He should not be over 173cm. It would be good if he is around 170cm tall”.

When asked about her height, HyunA said on the show, “I’m 164cm. It would be great if the height different between me and my boyfriend is not too big.”

This is some comforting news for short guys who have been angered by the comment of one female college student’s comment online calling short guys ‘losers’.

Netizens wrote, “From now I will be HyunA’s fan forever”, “I’m HyunA’s man now”, “HyunA thank you. I have no one else but you” etc.

More about the female college student’s ‘short guys are loser’ incident:

Previously on 9th November on KBS ‘Chitchat of the beautiful ladies’ aired, there was a female college student Miss Lee who appeared on the show. She made a comment about how short guys are ‘losers.

With that there has been an individual who has sued KBS for emotional hurt and is claiming for 10 million KRW compensation for that.

Meanwhile, the female college student who made the comment has posted up a post on her college HongIk Uni community site titled ‘Really sorry to everyone from HongIk university’.

In the post, she wrote “I don’t know how it is like to be on national TV at first. I just followed the instructions written on the scriptwriters’ sketchbook faithfully.”

“The comment on ‘loser’ on the show was written and given by the writers on the show. Yes it is wrong to have said the comment on TV, but under such unfamiliar situation, I just have to follow with the script I was given.”

On ‘Chitchat of the beautiful ladies’ aired on 9th November, there was a corner name ‘Beautiful lady, meets female college student’.

This Miss Lee had was asked ‘Do you date short guys?’ and she answered, “Of course not. Height is a form of competition now. I think that short guys are losers.”


After the incident, there was also a 'loser' teeshirt designed

31 Responses

  1. This is why I love HyunAh. I knew something was going on between her and JB. Sly devil.

  2. […] on the recent loser incident? Netizens have been using the English word Loser a lot more […]

  3. […] (Pun on the recent loser incident? Netizens have been using the English word Loser a lot more […]

  4. Well I’m short for my age, so as long as the boys are taller than me or the same height I’m fine =3

  5. Taeyang and Jay right there! man two of the hottest and sexiest man ever!

  6. when she say’s that, why am I thinking she’s referring to Taeyang or Jay – lol maybe Taeyang, he’s got the most adorable smile ever and god is he gorgeous…

    Man, has that college chick seen Taeyang or Jae, she must be living under a rock and she can remain there…..i don’t need more competition to fight through~

  7. JAY & TAEYANG! they’re not short in my eyes, but i guess they’re pretty small compared to their group members…
    anyways, jay & tae would make perfect boyfriends: talented & sexy & sweet & SEXXXXXY.

    • Agreed. Totally agreed. She could have said, “She has never dated men before but it would be interesting to date Jaebeom and Taeyang.”

  8. Even if it is scripted, don’t you think she could have said instead to change the script even if the writers told her to say that: “I’ve never dated a man who is shorter than me before but it might be interesting.”

    At least Hyunah put it right. ¬_¬

  9. i also prefer guys that are taller THAN ME! i am standing at 163cm lol…so i think ANY guy can beat that but 170cm IS NOT SHORT! ppl be trippin sayin 170cm is short pshhhh lol does that mean the rest of us are midgits??? hahaha
    liek our leadja would put it THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!
    kudos to huyna for sayin that

  10. either Beast KiKwang or Yo Seob

  11. i rather have a short, cute and nice guy (taeyang, jay) than a tall, sulky, not good looking ones

  12. Ah, whatever girl who thinks someone who is a few inches taller than her is SHORT makes me mad. I don’t know why so many when expect enormous Greek-god men. I wouldn’t even mind if my guy was my same height or even a little shorter, just as long as he was perfect otherwise lol.

  13. misuda is sooo heavily scripted, most of what those foreign ladies say is totally scripted, I thought that everyone knows that. Blame the script writer. And aww, Hyuna is so sweet.

  14. it’s jo kwon lol

  15. pfttttt another publicity stunt ! you guyz need to get over jay posers hes not even short the guy is tall for 170 cm i consider 150 short lol

    K Netizenz – Your beginning and Your End

  16. i like Hyunah now…

    Taeyang and Jay maybe short but their talents and hotness are larger than life. I will choose them over lame tall guys anytime.

  17. I remember her saying the same thing in Champagne??
    How she chose Jay over Khun n said that Khun is too big for her taste….hahaha….
    If Khun is big, what about Taec??
    Hyuna just likes reachable guy….

  18. JAEBEOMM!! hahah if you can be cute and sexy at the same time, u can be jay’s too hyuna. lol. makes me wanna watch their bora again

  19. is it the episode where shin dong, eun hyuk and ee teuk were on? i think i watched the cut.. maybe she shouldn’t say loser cause height is not sometihng u can decide for ur life… it’s not like weight..

    anyway when she said short Jay honestly come into my mind.. i think he’s ok.. not consider short..

  20. i dunno if the show is really scripted or its just a way for them to escape from their wrong doing. but this kind of cases happend long time ago like (as far as i remember) tiffany’s case? i dunno… but now im starting to believe them cuz what kind of show that is not scripted in korea? *no offense please*
    O_o last but not least, peace no bash.

  21. XD Go Hyunah! XDDD
    Short guys are always sizzling hot..

  22. There’s nothing wrong with being short! ^^ Why does some BEAST members come to mind from her description lol.

    Even though 99.9% of Korean shows are probably scripted, it’s disappointing that even such responses are scripted. I don’t think the girl is entirely free from blame, someone told you to say a controversial statement on TV and you simply complied? No offense, but she might have been too willing to be on TV.

  23. Oh LOL. Hyunah is cool. You’d think personality would be a factor in a relationship…

  24. kinda absurd.. is it really scripted?

    but hyunah is so sweet hehehe
    the first person i thought of is jay haha

  25. aww, HyunA is so nice! I prefer tall guys though >_<

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