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Deadline of 12th November up! But no response from Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 members


Dong Bang Shin Ki trio Hero JaeJoong, Micky YooChun and Xiah JunSu did not respond to the deadline which SM Entertainment gave them on 2nd November.

SM Entertainment revealed on 12th November, “Until 6pm, they did not give us an answer.”

And about what will happen after this since the 3 have not given an answer, the SM representative said that they are not in the position to say anything yet. But they will be coming up with an official stand again.

During a press conference held on 2nd November, SM Entertainment gave the trio a deadline till 12th November to respond if they have plans for album release as part of Dong Bang Shin Ki early next year.

But the 3 have not given an answer by the deadline. And when asked if it will lead to disbanding of the group, the representative said, “It has not been mentioned to us yet the steps which will follow from here.”

It seems that this fight between the trio and the company will last longer than we have expected it to be.

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  1. im so scared…oh my!!im a fan pls dont disband…

  2. i’m scared…dont disband!! never!!
    always keep the faith!!

  3. even though i’m not a huge fan of DBSK, please don’t disband!

  4. ………hmm…..
    i should prepare myself for the what is to come…

  5. the deadline from SM Ent was a joke, they should realised that because the day the three filed the law suit the contracts were on pending. its temporarily ineffective until the court issue their verdict upon the case since the law suit IS about unfair contract.

    and SM Ent still hasn’t comply to court requirement too if I’m not mistaken. some documents hasn’t submitted yet.


    dunno why the 2 remain with SM Ent, are they some kind of insurance (?), like how SM Ent and AVEX joint contract for DBSK/THSK had been for them.

    either way both sides will be facing a great loss if this case not resolve well. Korean Entertainment scene so far had been splattered with fishy contracts.

    such a shame considering how fans tried their best to respect and support their idols’ talents and hardworks, gathering every penny to buy their album and expressing their love by spreading words of encouregement for others to buy it too.

    *sigh*, 6 years gone down the drain, *sigh*

    • I am wondering the same thing too. Why HoMin are staying with SM? The only thing that I can think of is that it is a trade off for their acting roles. Although I think Yoochun is the best at acting among TVXQ, his focus is on composing rather than acting. Junsu just wants to sing. JaeJoong is really close to Yoochun and he likes composing too. The contract with SM is horrible regarding their music activities, but may not be so bad for their acting activitites.

  6. im confused… what is going on wid dbsk?

  7. and they shouldn’t response.
    i’m MORE than glad they’re preserving.
    to SM : b**ch, please.

  8. I agree. It is all media play by SME. According to court order, SME should consult with YooJaeSu on the schedule for group activities. If SME had done it, I am sure that YooJaeSu would have been happy to become active as TVXQ members again. It was so stupid for SME to give a deadline when they don’t have any right to do so. All they achieved was to anatogize YooJaeSu more with this kind of tyrant behavior.

  9. […] Deadline of 12th November up! But no response from Dong Bang Shin Ki 3 members Ā« K Bites. […]

  10. sm empty deadline.

    they go around giving death threats and yet do nothing after

    we all know avex got equal rights to the boys and sm should not piss off avex.

  11. okay….I find SM cruel and ridiculous! DBSK breaking up is just too much, I mean they have been together for almost forever! Splitting the group now just because of some stupid contract is too pathetic. I really hate SM for that. I still can’t beleive SM is waiting for their response at 6pm. Soo cruel and freaking mest up! D:<

  12. sm is such a coward. Too much media play. They gave a deadline and yet no action after the trio did not show up. If there’s a deadline, there should be consequences.

    This is all media play by sm. The three are so willing to work with homin again but not under sm’s threats. The trio so brave.

  13. DBSK cannot disband due to ironically “contractual obligations” to Avex. Meaning, if SM were to disband the group they would have to pay huge heaping sum of money to AVEX. And if they replaced the others with three new members then they would not be DBSK, TOHOSHINKI, TVXQ, or TVfXQ. Either way SM loses. They just need to go ahead and get off the potty cause their just sitting on any empty toilet.

  14. sme is just trying to save face because the court sided w/ dbsk.

    they’re not even supposed to be messing w/ dbsk’s schedule until the lawsuit is over, but of course they never follow the rules or listen to the court.

  15. I’m scared for all DBSK fans. I hope everything gets better and that they do not break up – for fans sake.

    DBSK have worked hard in the past 6 years and this deadline kind of determines whether they still want to perform together or not. Even though 3 of the members have their reasons against SM and the 2 stick by SM, I kind of wonder what would happen in the future if they didn’t respond to this dealine and now, I’m worried for them.

    Imagine the 800,000 people along with unoffical and International fans crying their eyes out. I think if something bad does happen and even though most Cassiopeans aren’t crazy (I think), they may do the same thing like Hottest did for 2PM if the DBSK members if there is a risk of break-up.

    • Im also very scared but I’m trying to be positive and I think avex will not allow DBSK to disband b/c they are doing very well in Japan and with avex announcing the release of DBSK new single to me it shows that avex support DBSK and after all SM dont own DBSK

      NyNY always keep ur faith in DBSK ^_^

      • @121: I will keep faith in thembut that saying kind of reminds me of praising DBSK as gods hence their English name, Gods of the East. I don’t really like it. And I though SM does own DBSK or did the lawsuit change everything then?

        @christy: Yes, let’s hope. ^_^

    • i really can’t imagine what will happen to cassie… they have to worried of their fav band spliting any second…although i’m not a fan of DBSK but i really hope their hard work won’t erased off… i wished they will get back what they deserve.. well just pray for the boys that going thru hard time and also the 800,000 fans all over the world..

  16. I dont think they will disband b/c Avex announced that DBSK will release a new single called “breakout” in 2010/01/27 and they are already preparing for their Shanghai concert that I think will be in this month or in next month ..I think we always keep forgetting that SM is not the only one that have a contract with DBSK but also Avex and with avex announcing that dbsk will release a new single to me it means that avex support dbsk and dont want them to disband plus it shows that sm dont have a full control over dbsk activity or future

  17. please don’t split up šŸ˜¦

  18. sm is so Evil

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